Open Call Auditions for Spring Awakening in Boston


Boston Open Call '09 Flyer

HAVE A QUESTION? I'll try my best to answer them below. Be sure to read the comments from the Toronto audition first to make sure I haven't already answered them: http://totallytrucked.blogspot.com/2009/03/open-call-auditions-toronto.html#comments



Sadie said...

So this may be a weird question but I have really horrible stage fright & I was wondering if you had any tips for calming your nerves? I've heard bananas help a bit? I know there are no quick fixes, I just thought any little technique might help. :) Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

my advice is to just remind yourself that it's not a big deal. no one will be judging you or make fun of you and there will be thousands of other people auditioning too and going through the same thing, so you're not alone. just practice what you're going to sing and make sure you be yourself at the audition. don't try too hard and be friendly.

Anonymous said...

DUDE! Sadly I'm not anywhere near Boston on the 25th.
But will there be auditions in Washington D.C?
I'm going to be there over the summer and I'd love to audition! :D

Anonymous said...

Sadie,this is random and am not in plays or anything but seth rudetsky mentioned something in a vlog the other day: you have think of the audition as your chance to perform and not think about the pressure as much of making it so you can perform-the audition is your performance. Hope that makes sense and good luck to anyone auditioning!

Kellie said...

Is there any way of knowing what characters they are currently seeking replacements for? If they are not currently seeking a replacement for the character you are right for, do they keep your audition on file for future consideration?

Pun said...

I think it's awesome that so many other people answered Sadie's question. We're starting to be a real community!

Great thoughts. I will reiterate that 'fear' has a lot to do with feeling under prepared and anxiety over loss of control. To combat that, you should know your song backwards and forwards. Hire an accompanist to work with you--many people who have been practicing with their CD get thrown when they hear it on the piano for the first time. Sing the song in front of other people, have a trial run of the audition with your parents or friends. When you come into the room, what will you say? Is there an interesting or funny story you can share in the event a casting director wants to chat? Before you go to bed the night before,Visualize yourself walking into the room and wowing everyone. This will give you confidence. Believe that you have something no one else can bring.

Now that you're super prepared, throw it all away. It's all there, now you can have FUN. Pretend that you are REALLY excited to see the casting director--she's your best friend from childhood you havn't seen in years. Take a deep
breath before going in to center yourself. Be with yourself at all times, don't give your power away in the moment. Along the same lines as what Anonymous posted, auditioning is your chance to play the role, even if you don't get the part, your job is to show them how it SHOULD be played.

If you miss up (and you won't, cuz ur so prepared), keep right on going. The finish is worth 40%. Don't make a face that says,'eh, I could have done better.' Smile, and after the casting director says thank you, thank her, the pianist (so many people don't do that), and leav confidently.

Pun said...

Anonymous--We're having auditions at most places we are sitting down for more than a week, so highly likely we will have auditions in DC.

Kellie--No, there is no way of knowing. You are auditioning for all roles, which is a little tricky. The casting director will have an idea of which character(s) you are most suited for. Not based on race, weight, height, hair color or anything arbitrary like that, but based on your vocal range, vocal quality, and personality. This is really just to hear your singing voice mostly and to see if you know how to ACT the song, not just make pretty notes. They will tell you if you get a callback which role they are looking at you for. Yes, they will absolutely keep you on file for when the right role needs replacing.

Anonymous said...

when we get into the audition room? what are we expected to say? Is the casting director going to ask us questions or whatnot? What should we all prepare for?

Pun said...

You're not 'expected' to say anything, Nonny. Just be yourself. You come in, you say hi, the casting director will prolly ask you what ur singing, u tell her, introduce yourself to accompanist, give him/her sheet music. Point out anything they might need to know (should be marked clearly on sheet music), take center stage, nod to accompanist when ready. Afterwards, the CD may talk to you or just say, 'great, thank you very much for coming in.' Thank her, the accompanist, smile, and go out of the room.

I've learned that personality counts for a lot. If you can, find a way to start a conservation. Come in with something to say, even if 'Hi! I've been waiting for you guys to come to Boston for a almost two years!' You can ask questions, just don't take up so much time and don't just nod and say, 'wow. cool. Huh.' when the casting director answers. Rapport is created when there is a flow of conversation and exchange of ideas. Again, try to be relaxed, be normal, and be yourself. Sense of humor is good to show if you have one. I just read that sentence again and burst out laughing ha ha

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask again, but do you know when they'll have auditions in D.C?
Like sometime in the first week of July or something...?

Girl who wants to audition... said...

I have a really big problem. I would love to audition for Spring Awakening, but I'm only 15 and 1/2. Would I not be allowed to audition at all because of my age?

Pun said...

Nonny, I can't give you an exact date at this time for DC.

Girl, if the turnout is not overwhelming, truth be told, you will prolly get a chance to audition. Personally, I encourage you to, it's good experience. There have been talented people we've been tracking for years because they were too young to cast at the time. But if they ask you your age, please don't lie. There are legal and logistical reasons why we're asking for the ages that we are and even if we loved you, we could not cast you.

Anonymous said...

We are all very grateful for you help with our questions. But the thing that is really bugging me is Who are you? What's your real name? Can you reveal yourself?

Pun said...

Ha ha. That IS my real name, silly. As I say in the FAQ below, I am connected to the production. I'm an actor and producer and I am one of the people in charge of the social media outreach for the show: it's my job to create community! I also mod and maintain the official Myspace page. Reveal myself! This from someone posting as 'Anonymous!' sniff. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you guys sitting down in Chicago for enough time to have an audition there? I know you don't know for sure, but would you think there would be a Chicago audition?

Pun said...

Oh yeah, I think we'll def have one in Chicago.

Anonymous asked ( in the wrong thread) whether the fact that she is 5'10 will cause her to be typed out. Unequivocally: NO. Look at the beautiful, talented, graceful and statuesque Sarah Hunt as your inspiration. We're looking' for talent, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Is dancing apart of the Spring Awakening Audition process?

Anonymous said...

Are all of them being replaced or just select few?

Anonymous said...

I auditioned in Toronto, and was called back for a specific role the next day. I'm not expecting anything, but if i was lucky enough to have the casting team still considering me for a role, do you know how long they wait until they start contacting people? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Question: Should we only prepare a small section of our song (for example, 16 bars), or would it be best to prepare the whole thing just in case?

Pun said...

Dancing: No, not part of this audition. There will be a dance audition at the final callbacks in NYC.

Replacements: Just those who choose not to renew their contracts.

Callback Toronto: Congratulations! That's awesome! You should know the casting team is DEFINITElY still considering you. The length of time varies depending on when we need to replace the role you were called back for. There have been cast members cast who didn't hear anything for 6 months or more. You have the right attitude...don't wait by your phone, willing it to ring. Live your life, keep on focusing on your training, and if/when the call comes, it will be a pleasant surprise.

16 Bars: Most professional auditions only require 16 bars. They will be able to tell within that time whether they want to see more (so make sure those 16 bars COUNT and show off your entire range and what you can do..skip the second verse if it's basically a repeat of the first with different lyrics). No casting director will surprise you and ask you to sing more than what you've prepared. There was one instance where we were so overcrowded that casting directors asked people to cut their song to 8 bars.

Elizabeth janele said...

I've read spring awakenings play and watched clips of the show on you tube many times and absolutely have fell in love with it this last year. I also have downloaded the music and sing to it all the time. I am very interested in acting and have had little experience but i do love theater and acting very much =) Anyway I messaged you about the video auditions and hope to eventually send one of myself. Do you have any advice on how i should make my video audition? I don't have a resume and Head shots can I still audition? What are the Judges, producers (whatever you call them lol) looking for? Can i sing a song or a couple of songs? Can I sing the songs from Spring Awakening? So I'm going to be going to CSU Chico this coming fall and will be minoring in Theater, do you have any advice on how I can get the Theater department to do Spring Awakening? that would be soo great.
Thank you for your time =)

Anonymous said...

will there be auditions in NYC aside from the final call back? and is it advisable to sing a song from Spring Awakening or is it better to sing a different song, not from a show?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, I missed the the Toronto auditions a couple of weeks ago. Any chance there might be another open call some time soon or in the near future?

T.W.S said...

Hi Pun!
I have a kind of non-related/related question: I auditioned at the open call in Kansas City in July. I was wondering since no cast members have really needed to be replaced since that open call if there was still a chance that I could get a callback if some current cast members decide not to renew their contracts? ...or if the new open calls mean they didn't find anyone they were interested in in KC?

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pun,
I sent in a video in january and then recieved an email stating technical difficulties asking me to send in another one in march . I was wondering should i attend an open call if i get the chance or should i just wait to see if i hear anything back from my video ?

ccurtis12 said...

(Posted this on the Toronto page because I confused myself with too many open tabs--don't judge. :P)

I can't make it to these because of college juries, and being a musical theatre major, my GPA would be kinda sad if I peaced out on them--as much as I'd love to come out and audition for the show. :) I'm totally ready to take a chance and make an online submission, but do you know if there's any remote chance of you guys making an audition pit stop in Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

Even though the tour already passed through there, is there a possibility of an open call in Los Angeles still?

Thanks Pun!

Pun said...

Elizabeth--Instructions on creating a video audition. Take a moment to talk about yourself. How you heard about Spring Awakening, what you'll be singing, etc. This shouldn't be more than three sentences, but will give the casting directors a sense of your personality. Sing ONE song, NOT from SA. You can have an accompanist, accompan yourself (though not always recommended. We want to see your face, not u looking down at keyboard), or off a CD (make sure that we hear YOU and not the singers on the CD). Make sure sound and lighting quality is good. Say thank you and that's it! Send it in! On terms of convincing your school, that's up to you talking with the head of the theatre dept. Rights are available from MTI--www.mtishows.com

Pun said...

Anonymous--RE: NYC We posted an equity open call in NYC a few months ago. Likely there will be more in NYC, yes. Do NOT sing from the show.

Anonymous--Re: Toronto. I doubt we will have another one in Canada for a while at least. I highly recommend you do a video audition (see FAQ below)

T.W.S--our new open calls do NOT mean that you aren't still in the running. We're just trying to find the best and the brightest before inviting people for a callback. There have been people who auditioned and didn't hear for longer than you.

Anonymous--Re: Video. I'm sorry there were technical difficulties the first time around. Glad you re-submitted. If you have an opportunity to go to an open call that is close to you, do it. They will let you audition again. Take this as an opportunity to choose a different song so they see something different. It's also a chance for them to see more of your personality. Auditioning is a skill and I would always encourage people to go on as many auditions as possible.

CCurtis--I really have no idea if there will be an open call in Pittsburgh or Philly for that matter. They're both large cities, but we're only playing each for a week. Plus, even if we do have one, traveling from Boston to Pittsburgh takes a lot of money and effort that really isn't worth it, in my estimation. We get that you have commitments. Seriously, a video audition is perfectly acceptable. Plenty of people have been called back from the video auditions. Talent will rise to the top. G'luck on Juries!

Anonymous said...

Do they usually do callbacks the next day? If you can't make them (should you get one) would you be able to re-schedule it or would that just be the end?

Anonymous said...

How long to these generally last? And how early do we have to show up?

Anonymous said...

I am sixteen years old, and I would love the opportunity to audition in Boston! Would it be worthwhile to go and audition for the show, or should I wait for another year or two?

Anonymous said...

is showing up at 9am ok ? have these auditions had huge turnouts like the previous years ?

Shelly said...

if any of you auditioned, would you mibd sharing your audition story i always find it helpful !

Pun said...

Sushi--most times they have done callbacks the next day, not always. If you could not attend the next day, they would probably ask you to sing a song from the show that same day.

Nonny--the actual audition should last less than 5 minutes. You should get there about two hours before hand.

Nonny--Hope you went. It's always good audition experience, even if they can't end up using you. If they're not slammed, they will prolly allow you to audition.

Nonny---9 am should be fine. It hasn't been a huge turnout like in our first year..

Shelly--great idea! Please share your audition stories, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I was called back for the second day and sang (one of the songs in my packet). I was not stopped after 16 bars but was asked to sing the entire song. Is this a good thing? If I am cast and it happends to coincide with a lengthy stay of the tour in a particular city, do I rehearse in that city? Just curious what happens if one is cast - where do you learn blocking etc...?

hunter said...

when are the next open calls for spring awakening and what city?

tara said...

when are the final callbacks in nyc?

Damon Mctoy said...

Hello, My name is Damon Mctoy I was 15 when I went to my first open call in April of 2008 in NYC at the New Dance Company. I sang one of my songs and it was Stand by me And they were like it was very good then the they were like sing another song but they just picked one off of my resume and it was we beseech the from Godspell. And I sang it and they said that was good then they had me sing again! they were like that was amazing I was feeling good but then they asked me my age and I told them I was only 15 and they said thank you and that i was great and they also kept my Resume and head shot. Do you think there is a good chance for me for when I turn 17 this June that maybe I could be contacted or anything just wondering!!
Thank you for your Time!!

Anonymous said...

I went to the Boston auditions and was asked to read and come back the next day to sing. It was a fantastic experience and I encourage anyone who loves Spring Awakening to go for it next time auditions are in your area! The casting team was so nice and totally went by me and my emotions during my reading, matching my excitement or confusion while I read. I think one of the best things was the fact that they weren't afraid to look me in the eyes instead of avoiding them and looking around the room. For now, I'm waiting to see what happens with my fingers crossed.

Don't be nervous. Just go in with a smile and have fun!


Anonymous said...

hey all
this question is for anyone whenever i audition i dont know where to look it is actually a major issure for me , should i look at the casting people when i sing or should i look behind them when i sing ? any suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

if you look right above the casting team, almost right past their heads, it will almost look like you're looking right at them. It's easiest when you imagine that you are singing to someone in particular and put them right behind and a little above the actual person in the room. Just make sure you are not looking up to high and cocking your neck backwards. hope this helps! =]

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had a callback say, at the Boston 2009 call, and heard anything???

Anonymous said...

Is it normal not to hear anything after being called back the next day to read and sing from the script? How long to they keep your information and interest on file?

Anonymous said...

To the last two Anonymous people: I haven't heard anything, and I have a friend who also went to the callbacks who hasn't either. Don't worry about it. Just go on and live life, don't wait to hear something. There are cast members who waited six months before they got a call. For now, think of other things. =)

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if you thought an Idina Menzel song would be appropriate to audition with. It's not a musical song, it's off of one of her solo albums but I feel like it has the same essence as some of the Spring Awakeing songs.

Any tips on standing out via video-submission?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if there will be anymore open auditions in the future, because I, very unfortunatly, missed the first ones!

Anonymous said...

yeah ...likewise im praying for auditions in dc , from what ive noticed it seems like theyve only been giving 2 weeks notice bf the audition

tyna said...

has anyone who had a callback heard anything yet?

Anonymous said...

is it true final callbacks are this week?? no more open calls??

Annie said...

Hi, ever since spring awakening first came out i have been fascenated by it, i am finally old enough to audtion but i'm worried that i might not have quite had enough experience, i have only done 12 plays and two short films! nothing majorly professional, will they frown upon that? Also for the video audition should we also sing only 16 bars of a song or a whole song? i was on the site and was a tad confused!

Anonymous said...

I know that the auditions are already over; but, Pun do you know when they will plan on having more open calls?

I mean, we all know how AMAZING Ben Moss is; but maybe he needs another understudy for Ernst. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pun, Greetings from the uk! I had a friend in the British cast here, i was too young to audition at the time ( i was 15 and still at school), but ive left now, im nearly 17. Is this casting team considering English Actors/singers? If so, how would i go about being seen?

Hopefully hear from u soon dude.


Anonymous said...

To the last two Anonymous folks:

I'm not sure Pun has checked this posts comments in a while. I say the best way when they're not having open calls is to send them a video through the official site! Poke around and you'll find the submission form, and make a video with the things required and send it in! Break legs!


Pun said...

Thanks to all the folks who answered others questions. I love that we have a real community here.

Unfortunately, replacements have all been cast and it doesn't look as if there will be more open calls in the near future. Future replacements if needed will be culled from our files and from video submissions.

Annie--lack of experience not frowned on. Just include related stuff (school plays, choir, etc). You can sing the while song if you want, but it might be viewed all the way through unless they're absolutely wowed by you. Better to leave 'em wanting more. Just be sure that the 16 bars shows off what u can do.

Anonymous (J)--hiring British actors is a bit trickier than Canadian actors. It would require a trade with the unions where an American actor must be in a West End show, etc. Unfortunately right now we are not seeking actors from foreign countries, sorry. I'm so sad our UK production closed!

To the Anonymous who asked about an Idina Menzel song--I've said before that choosing your song is a personal thing. U might as well ask me to choose ur boyfriend for you. Choose the song that shows u off best and that you have a connection with and doesn't sound musical theatre-y (no vibratos!).

Tips on standing out in the video; be yourself. Show us your personality, your enthusiasm, that you're a positive person, not fake. Don't go on and on, just answer the questions asked (where are you from, how did you hear about SA?) and thank them at the end. Be professional. Practice what you're going to say before u record. Dress as you would at a real audition. Whatever you do, don't submit an accapella audition.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pun!

Hopefully I'm still on the list. =)


Damon Mctoy said...

Hello, My name is Damon Mctoy I was 15 when I went to my first open call in April of 2008 in NYC at the New Dance Company. I sang one of my songs and it was Stand by me And they were like it was very good then the they were like sing another song but they just picked one off of my resume and it was we beseech the from Godspell. And I sang it and they said that was good then they had me sing again! they were like that was amazing I was feeling good but then they asked me my age and I told them I was only 15 and they said thank you and that i was great and they also kept my Resume and head shot. Do you think there is a good chance for me now that I am 17 since June 21st that maybe I could be contacted or anything just wondering!!
Thank you for your Time!!

Pun said...

Damon, man, you have to learn better punctuation. It was really hard to read that. In a nutshell, there is always a possibility that you are in their files. Because it was so long ago, though, I highly suggest you send in a video. If you've been working and practicing, you're probably even better now!

Courtney said...

Hey Pun ,
I sent in a video in january but i feel that since january i have improved alot and im not really pleased with the last video i sent in. Are mutiple submissions frowned upon ?

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to audition but would it be okay if I just did it online.....or would I have a better chance doing it in boston? I am about to graduate from highschool and my sister and my cousin told me that I had to see this musical. IT'S AMAZING! I just finished doing a musical at my high school. We did Willy Wonka and I was Violet Bearegarde. I also was wondering if you had any suggestions for songs to try-out with. I just can't find anything to sing.

Pun (blog admin) said...

Anonymous, this audition was for April of LAST year. We don't have any more auditions coming up, the tour ends in May. It doesn't look like we will need any more upcoming replacements, so I would say it's too late to submit a video audition as well. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

That's alright...thanks for telling me. : )

Pun (blog admin) said...

I take that back!! It's not too late for video auditions!!! Keep sendin' em people!!

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the production company for this show?

Pun said...

Anonymous, what do you mean? what are you trying to find out?

Jules said...

Is it too late to send a video submission now? I hope it keeps touring after this! I don't want to ever see it end!

Anonymous said...

are there any auditions any where coming up this year? and are they accepting video auditions still?

Anonymous said...

Is this trough Round about or New Works presentation?

Pun (blog admin) said...

There will undoubtedly be auditions. Once we have the info, we will post. I cannot guarantee they will use the same casting director who gets the video submissions. I'd hold off for now.

Pun (blog admin) said...

No, it is not through Roundabout or New Works.

Anonymous said...

I'm 16 years old, and I've been in a workshop production of spring awakening before as wendla. i LOVE the show and i turn 17 in december. is there a point in me trecking all the way to boston for these auditions?

Pun said...

Sorry, these auditions were for last year. You must be 18 to tour.

penny lane said...

You may have already answered this, I saw the tour in Ft Wayne last night and I love in South Bend, IN. Will there be auditions in Chicago? If so, do you know a time frame when they will be? thank you!

Anonymous said...

How can I find out when an audition will be and in which city so that I can prepare? -Abby

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