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Below are the reviews for Spring Awakening in East Lansing.

Lansing State Journal

Edgy 'Spring' musical is courageous and inspired

Ken Glickman

February 26, 2009

All you lovers of Broadway musicals: Watch out, you've never seen anything like this.

"Spring Awakening," the national touring company onstage at Michigan State's Wharton Center until Sunday, breaks all the musical stereotypes by dealing with issues such as teen suicide, masturbation, abortion, sex, child abuse, and homosexuality - and does so with sensitivity and beauty.

This Tony award-winning show takes place in Germany in 1891. The costumes are dour for the girls and dorky for boys. The set consists of 40-foot high brick walls - signifying the repressive world the characters live in and the interior of a German school for boys.

Everyone is on stage - the entire cast, portions of the audience and the band. Another name for this show could be "Raging Hormones." The boys (age 14 or so) are discovering their sexuality, and the girls are trying to figure out it how all works. The parents won't breathe a word of the truth to them.

The sensitive subject matter is handled with honesty and humor, but not like the goofy sexual movies that have been popular lately. The music is lyrical and interesting and not nearly as rock-oriented as advertised - and it's fun to watch the musicians on stage interacting with the entire production. The voices are beautiful, and the ensemble singing, especially at the end, is spectacular.

Last year, some local theatergoers were worried about potty- mouthed puppets and puppets having sex in "Avenue Q." For this show, there is quite an explicit sex scene on stage (with real people!) and the F-word is used very liberally in one song. Yes, it's a bit shocking, but the production is so well done (with stunning use of lighting), and the direction (Michael Mayer) is so brilliant, that it all makes sense to the story.

Everything about "Spring Awakening" is fresh and creative. Bill T. Jones's choreography is jaw- dropping. The jerky movements and high-intensity style wonderfully telegraph the anxieties of young men and women. The stars (Blake Bashoff, Kyle Riabko, Christy Altomare and more) are all excellent, but it's the ensemble and the production that really counts here.

"Spring Awakening" is not for everyone, but it is courageous and inspired. Give it a try.


City Pulse

Pleasant 'Awakening'

Bold story, Sheik songs drive daring musical

by Paul Wozniak

Wednesday, February 25,2009

Most contemporary Broadway musicals play to their niche audience, but that audience may finally have a chance to grow with “Spring Awakening,” a musical that bridges the great divide between indie rock and Broadway. There are still enough melodramatic moments and big numbers to keep Broadway fans in their seats, but the music has changed dramatically, and it is good.

Based on the still-controversial late 19th-century German play of the same name by Frank Wedekind, the show features music by Duncan Sheik and book and lyrics by Steven Sater, which blend harmoniously with the themes of forbidden fruit, sexual education and oppressive parenting. “Spring Awakening” feels perfectly tailored for the teens who loved “Twilight” in a decade that has simultaneously stretched progressive policies while breeding a new generation of strict conservatism. Despite the ongoing battle to keep sex sinful and taboo for conversation, the adolescents of this play sing out, dreaming of a future where parents understand and educate young ones about their budding hormones instead of punishing them for feeling.

Christy Altomare stars as Wendla, a na├»ve girl raised on stories of storks. She falls in love with Melchior (Kyle Riabko), a lad with superior intellect and a willingness to question authority. Melchior is also influential to Moritz (Blake Bashoff), a burnout whose wet dreams sponge his concentration away from school. The sexual tension between Wendla and Melchior is plucked and bowed like a well-tuned string, driving the show’s pulse as much as the first act’s rock songs. Altomare, Riabko and Bashoff all have great solo voices that blend with the ensemble just as well.

The rest of the cast members also do well developing their characters, even when they play more than one.

Bill T. Jones’ choreography is creative and sensual, cracking sparks as the friction heats up between the young pupils and their adult guardians. The lighting design by Kevin Adams goes far beyond spotlights, and Christine Jones’ set keeps the cast onstage at all times, while creating movable layers for key emotional scenes.

Only the final song, a full ensemble piece that works to lighten the mood after a dark but hopeful scene, reminds the audience that the musical formula is still in place. Everything else is funny and stirring and moves quickly, even for the more than two-hour running time. While Broadway may seem an unusual place for relevant, classic dramas to meet indie-rock songsters, hopefully “Spring Awakening” is the start of a trend and not the height of the genre."


Understudies Perform! or Swing Out, Sister!

Being a swing or an understudy is hard work. Not only must they often cover multiple roles and be ready to go on at a moment's notice (sometimes even in the middle of the show), but it's also difficult on the days when you are not performing and cannot be part of all the excitement. We are so blessed to have such a talented group of understudies and swings on this show that it's a joy to root for them on the occasions when they have a chance to really strut their stuff. Here, for your enjoyment, are some videos and pictures of some of our swings going on for their first time! I get excited for them just watching it!

Actor: Lucas Wells
(First swing to perform in the tour ever. He's a Michigan native, people! Michigan, come out to the Wharton Center this week and show some support!)
Role Performed: Georg
City: San Francisco

Here he is basking, drained, exhausted, and exhilarated Post Show. Don't you love how supportive our cast members are to each other? Shouldn't Steffi D be the next Oprah?

Lucas wasn't the only swing to be able to perform in San Francisco. Julie Benko was the first female swing to go on last October. And her family was able to see it! How cool is that?

Actor: Julie Benko
Role Performed: Martha
City: San Francisco

As Andy mentioned in our last blog post, this is a really healthy cast (knocking on ma wooden head). Krystina Alabado didn't get a chance to go on for the first time until just recently in St. Louis. Steffi D captured her moment of elation before stepping out on stage:

Krystina was nice enough to upload a few of her personal pictures to our Flickr group.

Krystin'a first time on as Martha.

Krystina and Kimiko backstage

Martha and Ilse in green!

More, go to http://www.flickr.com/groups/springawakeninggallery

Post your reactions to the videos below. Also, if you've been lucky enough to see one of our swings/understudies go on, please tell us all about the performance!


Profile of the Month: Andy Mientus plus In Town Press, E. Lansing

Profile of the Month: Andy Mientus

1. Have you ever gotten sick of performing the same show night after night?

This is a show I could never be sick of. It is such an intense piece with music that I connect to so personally. Of course, there are the nights when I'm really pumped up and can't wait for each new scene, and then the quieter nights where I just feel very lucky to be part of something so beautiful, but truly I am still on the honeymoon.

2. Who/what do you miss the most while away on tour?

I miss my mom a lot and all of my friends back home and at Michigan. My old life, really. On the nights when I get emotional in Left Behind, it's from thinking about all of those things that I had to leave behind for now.

3. What is it like when an understudy goes on in a role? Does it make the performance more difficult? Does it change your character?

Our company is pretty healthy on the whole, so understudies going on is still a relatively rare thing. For example, I've never done the Vineyard with anyone other than Ben, except for in rehearsal. When it does happen, we're all just so thrilled to see the understudy get to shine and to see what new discoveries they make in the role. Hanschen doesn't really interact with anyone other than Ernst, so I think I stay pretty constant despite who's on, though there have been times when I've forgotten to sing in Touch Me because I was listening to a Georg cover's riffs!

4. How do you deal with critique? Do you ever work outsiders' suggestions into your performance or do you prefer to perform completely by your own ideas/previous direction?

It is my job to perform my role as directed, so I just try my hardest to do that and not listen to any outside critique. As with all art, no two people will see my performance the same way, and I certainly can't please everyone, but as long as my bosses and my scene parter are happy, I'm happy. The rest is really none of my business.

5. After being so active with "I Believe..." on Facebook, what is it like to be on the other side and actually IN the show? Most fans say things and have opinions about what goes on with cast members and in the show. Do you ahve anything you once said or thought when you were a fan that has completely changed when actually living the life you used to talk about?

Transitioning from a fan to a cast member was beyond surreal and I still pinch myself occasionally. I feel very lucky to have been a fan first, because I think I could never become jaded about the show, no matter how many performances or rehearsals we reach. It could never just be a job for me, given my history. Also, I totally understand what it's like to be on the other side of the stagedoor line. I hope everyone out there knows that if ever a cast member doesn't come out, can't stay long, or seems distant or unfriendly, it is for some bizarre reason that has nothing to do with the fans. We all really do enjoy meeting fans at the stagedoor, because often it is their stories that inspire us to perform to our fullest the next time. But sometimes, you eat a bad burrito and just can't make it out, you know?
Being on the "inside" now, I can say it is really funny how much some fans think they know about the show, the future of the show, our personal lives, etc. So often, people will come up to us after the show and say something like, "So I know so and so is leaving on X date and will be replaced by blank. Is that going to be weird considering what happened with such and such?" and we just have to laugh. It's always like, well, that's news to me!

6. What has been your best/most memorable moment on the tour so far?

There have been so many incredible, hilarious, moving, and surprising moments on tour so far. A short list would include:
-Doing the show on Election Night and finding out the results right before Touch Me
-Kate Fugeli (our original Adult Women u/s) throwing us a party in LA with In and Out and Superbad
-Bowing a record 4th curtain call at our official opening in San Fran
-The rowdy student show at 10am in LA
-Our last rehearsal in New York, doing the whole show on the O'Neill stage for the Broadway cast, old and new
-Sending Kate off the same night that the Broadway production closed

7. What do you think you would want to do if you weren't an actor?

I always enjoyed English and creative writing classes in High School and college. Though my brother was an English major, so I couldn't copy him. When I was little, I really wanted to be a backup singer, like you see on SNL or Letterman. You know how there's always like two girls and one guy and they're usually in black turtlenecks? Or at least they were in the 90s. Like that!

8. At this point in the tour, how many times do you think you've had to bleach the roots of your hair? Is it a pain or do you prefer your hair blond?

Oh my gosh, dozens. We do it every two weeks. Half the time we do just the roots, and the other half we do the full bleach, which is much more involved and painful. It is a total pain in the ass, but I couldn't imagine my character without the shocking blonde hair, so it's all worth it! Our hair guy, Kevin, is a total genius too, and I owe the fact that I have any hair left after so many processes to him.

9. What was your first stage kiss like...or was Ben your first?

Ben was my first boy kiss (we were called back together, way back when!) and he's a dreamboat, so I can't complain, but my first stage kiss was in my 8th grade production of The Music Man. There was music, and there were wonderful roses (they tell me).

10. What's it like seeing throngs of people lined up each night and are there any particularly memorable moments that have stuck with you?

It is always great to see lots of fans afterward- I think it shows that we connected with them so much that night that they'd like to meet us personally. Just the other night I had some fan's mother mess my hair, like REALLY hard as soon as I walked out of the door. I was thinking, "Lady, I know you totally just watched me jerk off and all, but do you always touch strangers so aggressively?!"

11. What's your favorite...

a) City on the tour?

Seattle and Minneapolis are tied. Both had such amazing culture and REALLY great audiences. If actors didn't have to live in New York or LA, I would totally live in one of those places.

b) Broadway show?

Rent was my favorite Broadway show, and Hedwig is my favorite Off-Broadway show.

c) Movie?

Probably Superbad. I swear, someone had me on hidden camera my whole High School experience. I relate to that movie in a big way!

d) TV show?

Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure (Wouldn't Ed Westwick make a SICK Hanschen?!) and Summer Heights High is my current favorite.

e) snack?

Something healthy, like nuts or cheese

f) Fraggle from Fraggle Rock?

I'm not THAT old, dude! I can't even remember when that was on.

g) Viral YouTube video?

Until they took it down, there was this AMAZING video called "Joe's Models for WEB." I hope some of you out there were lucky enough to see it. I can always watch "Washington"- let me lay it on the line, he had two on the vine.

12. How does the cast pick rooms with each other in the hotels? Do you get assigned people or do you just choose who you want to room with?
We can room with whoever we want, or alone. If you room with someone, you save money. I try to switch it up, but I've lived the most with Lucas.

13. Has the hectic tour life stifled your creativity? Are you still able to write/compose/be inspired between the constant changing of cities and climates and hotel rooms?

It totally jolted my creative life, actually. True, I don't have so much free time to write, but I probably have just as much as I did at school and travel is the BEST inspiration possible.

14. Write your memoir in six words. Use six words - exactly six words - to tell who you are, where you've been, what you're thinking, etc.

I believe all will be forgiven.

15. What made you want to do theatre for a living?

It is honestly just what I have always done, and I'm actually pretty skill-less otherwise. I mean, there was a summer a few years back when I couldn't even get a job at H&M! I tried a lot of things growing up- academics, sports, music- but theater was the one thing that stuck and I ever seemed to get any positive feedback in. More than anything, I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.

16. What is your favorite thing to do when you have the day off?

Usually, I explore whatever city we're in my friends and eat some comfort food. Sleep in, call my Mom, read. Basically, the things I would always do on my days off, at any point in my life.


Cleveland natives:
We need suggestions for things the cast should do and video blog about while in Cleveland, OH. Include off the beaten path things that can't be found anywhere else. Is there a food item that is specific to Cleveland? Your favorite restaurant? Post them as a comment below. Deadline: Feb 26th.

We need Guilty Ones Street Team Members in Philadelphia!
Email your full name to phillyguiltyones@gmail.com. We will contact you with more information as soon as possible. Our 1st meeting is on March 8th at 6pm in Center City, Philadelphia. Details will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page! JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.tinyurl.com/SAPGO/


Tue 2/24:
TV Interview with Kyle Riabko WXMI Fox Evening News

Wed 2/25: Radio Interviews with Chase Davidson and Lucas Wells (a Michigan native!)

7:20 am LIVE In-studio Radio Interview – WQTX 92.1 FM

Live radio interview with Tim Barron of the “Tim Barron in the Morning” show. WQTX is an oldies station.

8:00 am LIVE In-studio Radio Interview – WFMK 99.1 FM

Live radio interview with Danny Stewart and Monica Harris on the “Danny and Monica in the Morning” show. WFMK is an adult contemporary station.

8:15 am LIVE In-studio Radio Interview – WJIM-AM 1240

Live radio interview with Michael Patrick Sheils on his morning show. WJIM is a state-wide public radio station.

8:35 am LIVE In-studio Radio Interview – WMMQ 94.9 FM

Live radio interview with Rich Michaels and Debra Hart on their morning show. WMMQ is a classic rock station.

9:25 am LIVE In-studio Radio Interview – WLNZ 89.7 FM (with TV taping)

Live radio interview with Jack Robbins for his morning show. WLNZ is a talk radio station. TV cameras for LCC-TV (their affiliate TV station) will also be taping the interview for later airing.

More YouTube Videos! Lastly, we've just released four more videos that were found in camera footage. These are from San Francisco:

# 1 San Francisco Fan Gift Bags

#2 Last Day in San Francisco Stage Door Fans # 1

#3 Stage Door Fans # 2

#4 Stage Door Fans # 3 What's Your Favorite Part of the Show?


More Totally Trucked Videos Added!

New videos from St. Louis are on their way. In the meantime, we found some old footage in our cameras from the official opening in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. We've compiled "best of" videos from this footage and will be rolling them out over the next several weeks so you can view all the fun and shanigans the cast had on the road.

This first set comes from the SF stop and includes a meeting of Steffi D's parents, Blake's surprise from above (and a surprising, hilarious comment from Chase at the end), and a fav cast dessert. Enjoy and leave a comment below!

Steffi D Preps to Meet Her Parents

Steffi D's Parents Embrace

Blake Gets Bird Pooped

Yumm - Lava Cake


What Was The Best Valentine's Gift You Ever Received?

We asked some of our cast members:
What Was The Best Valentine's Day Gift You Ever Received?

Ben Moss
Probably the HUGE box of chocolates I got from my parents when I was in middle school. I devoured it.
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

Gabrielle Garza The best Valentine's day gift I got was this year actually! Blake
bought me this cute candle that's named after its scent. It's called "Oh Snap,"
it smells like a ginger snap!! Isn't he just the sweetest???
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

Matt Shingledecker Well, I don't remember past Valentines very well, but I got a fantastic present this year. I got a digital photo frame filled with pictures. It's a perfect gift for the road, and something I'll be able to use forever.
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

Andy Mientus When I was in school at UofM, my girlfriend gave me a whole package of my favorite things. They were lots of little things that showed she really knew me, which meant so much more than giving something big, expensive, and impersonal. Another dateless year, I took my roommate out for a fancy dinner, and she and I had the best time eating away our sorrows amongst the real couples.
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

Anthony Lee Medina I don't think I've ever recieved anything too special on Valentines day... I think this may actually be the first year I'm in a relationship with someone during this holiday since like kindergarden but, that girl did get me a lollipop and my mom filmed it and played it for my father a dozen times... So a lollipop hahaha.
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

Krystina Alabado When I was in 1st grade, I was at recess on Valentine's Day and this boy named Eric who I never even talked to gave me a bracelet and asked if I would be his Valentine. I said no and took the bracelet. haha. I still have it to this day.

But in all seriousness, this past Valentine's Day was a very special one to me. He took me to a really great breakfast where this cute jazz band was playing (that is my favorite kind of music). Then we ate some yummy chocolate later and he gave me these seriously awesome Bose headphones that are the bet ever! It was such a wonderful day, and was definitely the greatest Valentine's Day I've ever had!!
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

Christy Altomare Gerard came and visited me in Columbus so that we could celebrate valentines day a week early together. He got me Chocolates and a big white stuffed bear.
SA: Cabaret for a Cause 2/16/09

All pictures taken from the Broadway Cares benefit cabaret , which was the best Valentine's gift that the city of St. Louis ever got! More pictures at our Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/springawakeninggallery/

Leave a comment! Share your own gifts (given or received) if you want. We'd love to know!


Guilty Ones St. Louis In Action PLUS Valentine's Cabaret tonight

***Updated with Vids from the concert! Katie and Kermit, what would we do without you??***

For those who are in the St. Louis area, don't miss our Valentine's Cabaret tonight featuring love songs arranged by some of our company members (21+, unfortunately)!

Here's all the info:

WHAT: Benefit for Broadway Cares and Saint Louis Efforts for AIDS

WHERE: Jive & Wail, 7376 Manchester Road, Maplewood, MO

WHEN: Monday, February 16th 2009

The national touring cast of the Tony winning Spring Awakening will offer an intimate concert Monday, February 16th at be held at The Jive & Wail on the Maplewood strip. The performance benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Saint Louis Effort for AIDS.

The Broadway touring cast of Spring Awakening will perform love songs arranged by members of their ensemble, ranging from show tunes to pop singles. The electrifying vocals of the Spring Awakening cast will be accompanied by two dueling grand pianos. Julie Danielson will be the musical director for the one-night-only event. Cabaret may never be the same!

The Jive & Wail is located at 7376 Manchester Road in Maplewood, Missouri. Doors will open at 7 pm. The show begins at 8 pm. All tickets for the performance will include admission to a meet-and-greet after the show. Tickets are $25 and are only available now at the door, first come first served. You must be 21. More info: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/55825


Many of you have been or will be part of a Guilty Ones team. We thought it would be cool for you to meet some of your fellow Guilty Ones who have been working tirelessly to spread the word in St. Louis. We asked some of them to share their experiences about being part of the street team and what they learned. Here, in their own words, is what they said.

“When I was approached to head the Guilty Ones program here at the Fox Theatre, I was really excited, but I had no idea just how much fun and how rewarding the program could be. It was really inspiring to see how special this musical has become to so many young people and how it has touched their lives. It is such a powerful show and I am really glad that the Fox was able to adopt this program here in St. Louis. I highly recommend it!”

“Being a Guilty One in St. Louis has been an incredible experience for me. My parents have always been very strict, so I didn't think they would approve of Spring Awakening. Our first meeting took place while my parents were out of town, so when they got home and saw my excitement, they allowed me to keep going to the meetings. Two friends joined me in being a Guilty One and the three of us earned our 1,000 points and got to go to opening night together. Seeing the bits and pieces of the show on YouTube and through commercials is nothing compared to actually seeing it live. I couldn't wait for opening night and to get to meet the cast who I had watched in all of the Totally Trucked videos. I really felt comfortable meeting them and I couldn't believe how nice and friendly they all were. The entire experience was something very special for me and helped me to realize through writing Facebook notes and talking to people while handing out fliers what I really believe about the show and how much it speaks to me. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity and to get to share my love of this show with others. I wouldn't have had that opportunity without The St. Louis Guilty Ones.”

“Being a Guilty One has been one of the best experiences of my life. I'm able to just get away from reality for a while and talk about this amazing show. My favorite part was booking a group of kids in my dorm. Many of them didn't know much about the show, but wanted to check it out. Seeing their excitement afterward was the most rewarding part. They loved it! They were so happy to get to meet the cast and now they want to see it again. And the best part is, the kids that didn't go as part of the group are asking about it now because it's all they're talking about! College can get stressful, but when you get to just go out and have fun and be excited for something like this, it has a way of bringing everyone back together.”

“After learning about all the amazing things the Guilty Ones were going to do, I knew I needed to join. Going around town and talking to people about the show was a great experience. Some people didn’t know anything about the show and were happy to hear some details and hang a poster in their window. I really enjoyed seeing people’s reaction to hearing about the show. Having people from St. Louis explaining the show to the public makes it easy to get the word out. We speak the language and can get the message out. And that is what Spring Awakening is all about. Talking and communicating with people, not holding back. It is an amazing feeling, being a source for Spring Awakening. Not many people get it, but we do, and we love it.”
-Erin K.



Craig handing out flyers on the Delmar Loop


Katie and Erin B. at the Arch


SA Cookies courtesy of Tamila, Katie and Erin B.

On Stage at the Fox after exclusive tour

On the Fox stage after an exclusive Guilty Ones tour

Preparing a Valentine's Gift Basket for cast and crew

Putting together a Valentine's Gift Basket for Cast and Crew.

Amber and Jared at the cast party

Amber and Jared, our music director, at the cast party.

Tamila, Kyle and Erin B at the cast party

Tamila, Kyle and Erin B at the cast party.

Katie with Krystina and Steffi D

Katie with Krystina and Steffi D.


Erin K with Blake at party.

The Guilty Ones St. Louis at Opening Night Party

St. Louis Guilty Ones at the Opening Night Party!

Thank you, St. Louis Guilty Ones, for all you do! Were people receptive on the streets? Any challenges? Comment below.

Would you like to share your own stories about being part of a Guilty Ones group? I'm sure others would love to read about the things that you did. Share them as a blog comment below. Future Guilty Ones street team members can learn from your experiences.

If you would like to sign up for Guilty Ones street teams in an upcoming tour stop, email your contact info to nationalguiltyones@gmail.com (those in Toronto email directly to torontoguiltyones@gmail.com).


Spring Awakening Comes to St. Louis!

***UPDATED: Thanks to all the Guilty Ones who recorded these and those who found the links to these appearances. I've included them below.


MATT SHINGLEDECKER --Live radio interview on KMOX-AM (News Talk) at 8:40am CT on their morning show. Hosts are Doug McElvein & Debbie Monterey.


BLAKE BASHOFF AND STEFFI D--Live TV interview & performance on Great Day St. Louis, KMOV-TV (CBS-affiliate) at 10am CT. Hosts are Stephanie Simmons & Carol Daniel.

This is fabulous!


--Live TV interview on Show Me St. Louis, KSDK-TV (NBC-affiliate) between 3-3:30pm CT. Host is Wendy Erikson.

Thanks to Katie for uploading to YouTube:

Live radio interview on KMOX-AM at 4:20pm CT.



Live radio interview & performance of "Word Of Your Body" on KYKY-FM at 9:15am CT on their morning show. Hosts are Guy Phillips, Courtney Landrum, Jenn Myers & Kevin Burghoff.


--Live radio interview on KTRS-AM at 10:10am CT on the McGraw show. Host is McGraw Milhaven

*** Updated****Here are the fabulous reviews we received from the great city of St. Louis! Post your thoughts on our performance at the Fox below.

St. Louis


Smart, imaginative and emotionally explosive, it’s no surprise that the Tony-winning "Spring Awakening" has turned into an international hit.


The entire ensemble cast is superb.


Vital Voice

Tears and Cheers for "Spring Awakening." Much like “Rent,” the last rock musical to reenergized Broadway, “Spring
Awakening” grabs you by the collar with anger and urgency.

Ladue News Review

Spring Awakening is a delicious treat prepared from most
unexpected and delightful ingredients.
Rating: A 5 on a scale of 1-to-5.



Nothing short of wonderful.


97.1 FM Talk
(Fox News Radio)

Saint Louis is lucky to have such a strong cast
present Spring Awakening, which features a stage reminiscent of
Rent and overall abandon not seen since Hair.



This gutsy show, running through Feb. 22, has enough electrical
current to power Ameren UE's headquarters nearby, and like it did on
Broadway, lit a fire among young-at-heart patrons witnessing a new

Alton Telegraph Blog

I believe this is a must-see musical.


“Kristen in the City” Blog on KMOV-TV (CBS) Website

Spring Awakening

This is a musical unlike anything
you've ever seen.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions on what to do in your great city! The cast will decide which suggestions they like best and there should be more TotallyTrucked vids soon!

A couple of looming deadlines:

If you would like to submit a question for Andy Mientus, our Profile of the Month, please leave a blog comment below by Feb 18th.

Suggestions for things the cast should do in East Lansing, MI are also due by Feb 18th. Leave a comment below.

More to come!


AEA Open Call Audition in New York City Feb 11, 2009

There will be an Actor's Equity Association open call for Chorus members in
New York City on February 11, 2009 for actors 18+ only.

I have included a FAQ below. If you have any additional questions on the audition process, I will be happy to answer them. Please leave a comment below.

New York, NY

Call Type
Equity Chorus

Date of Audition

Ripley-Grier Studios, (NY Spaces)
520 Eighth Avenue (36th/37th St.)
New York, NY
16th Floor

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
10 AM — Equity female singers
2 PM — Equity male singers
Chorus rules are in effect.
A monitor will be provided.

Book and Lyrics: Steven Sater
Based on the play by Frank Wedekind
Music: Duncan Sheik
Director: Michael Mayer
Musical Director: Kimberly Grigsby
Casting Directors: Jim Carnahan & Carrie Gardner

Production (League)
Tour, Tier D.

Equity Singers: Characters'
age 14 – 16. Teenagers exploring a variety of issues including sex,
relationships, abuse and independence. Must all have extremely strong
pop/rock voices


This notice does not have a breakdown.


Please prepare a short alt-rock or folk-rock song.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.


IMPORTANT CASTING NOTE for these roles: Seeking actors 18+ who can believably
play the ages described below. All roles are young teenagers.

Seeking all ethnicities.

Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


1. If I'm not 18, can I still audition?
You must be 18 to travel on the tour. Only audition if you will be 18 in the next few months.

2. Will there be additional Open Calls in the future? Undoubtedly. We just don't have any more dates or cities yet at this time. This open call is a required one by Equity.

3. What does Equity mean? Actor's Equity Association, or AEA, is the professional union for actors and stage managers. You must be an AEA member to work on Broadway, though not all national tours are AEA (ours is).

4. I am Non-Equity. Does that mean I can't audition? You do not have to be Equity to audition; the production can make you Equity if you are hired. Non-Eqs will only be seen if time permits. If you are planning on coming, you should get there early to secure your place on the waiting list and plan on staying for a while. Non-equity members are seen only if slots are available or if an AEA actor fails to come back during the day for his/her slot.

5. Really? Like How Early? At least 2 or 3 hours before the scheduled start time.

6. I can't make it. Am I SOL? Not at all. Actors who cannot attend are
encouraged to submit an audition reel via the official website. Read more about it: http://www.springawakening...com/land/audition/

7 . Have Any Audition Advice? Yes.
1) Walk in confident and smiling. Be ready to engage in conversation before singing. They want to see your personality. Be present.
2) Nerves are to be expected, but take a moment to ground yourself before you start. Take your time. Then signal to the accompanist that you're ready.
3) Many people have a too rigid and too controlled idea of how their performance should go. Be flexible and spontaneous. Trust the work you put in will be there and allow yourself to play in your audition..they need to see if you can be directed and take adjustments. Having an idea of how things "should" go makes you less able to do that. 4) Biggest note. Be prepared...many people practice with their CD player or iPod and get thrown when they hear it from the piano for the first time. Know the song backwards and forwards.
5) The finish is worth 30%. Even if you think you messed up, never let 'em see you sweat. Don't make excuses. Your last impression is as important as your first impression. Always thank the accompanist.
6) It is my experience that AEA open calls tend to be a little more curt. Don't take things personally. It's very likely you will go in, do your song, and leave. You won't get feedback or hear back right away. Trust that you made an impression.

8) Can you recommend a folk/indie rock song for me? Er, no. That's a very personal choice. Pick a song that shows off your voice well. The genre doesn't matter that much. It's true we have a preference for hearing something that is not traditional Broadway music, at the same time, the spectrum of what is acceptable is large. Lauren Pritchard sang "Over the Rainbow" at her audition. We want interesting voices. We want singers who can "act" their song and give meaning to the words, not just make beautiful sounds. Pick a song that means something to you and that you know well. When you're nervous, the words to a new song you just learnt have a tendency to go out the window!

9) Can we sing a capella? No. They not only need to see whether you have the voice, but they also need to know if you can follow music. You will look unprepared if you don't have the sheet music. You can find sheet music at www.musicnotes.com.

Break legs!


Spring Awakening comes to Columbus, OH!

Minneapolis was cold, but we gave the twin cities some heat! The audiences were amazing, as Andy Mientus writes in his blog: "The audience tonight...was absolutely raucous from the first gag and so with us all night. In turn, our energy amped so much, and everyone was having a blast. We were all wearing these silly grins backstage, it was so joyful. What a special night!" Thank you, Minneapolis!

Claire Sparks went to The Mall of America and picked up sweet T-shirts for her fellow swings. Thanks to Steffi D for this vid:

We start performances in Columbus, OH tomorrow!

We have some connections to Ohio in this company.

Cleveland is the hometown of our music director Jared Stein. Jared previously conducted and was the music director for the tour of RENT. He is interviewed (along with Blake Bashoff) in this great feature in the Columbus Dispatch which came out yesterday: http://dispatch.com/live/content/life/stories/2009/02/01/1_SPRING_AWAKENING_ART_02-01-09_E1_66CMU02.html?sid=101

Some of you saw the episode of The Price is Right which aired last week which featured Jared as one of the players. It was taped when we were in LA. The entire cast was there cheering him on and performed during a commercial break. Well, the website Hunks Du Jour has featured Jared in a Price Is Right Hunkiest Hunk Showdown! Go here and vote for him if you havn't already (this was posted on Andy's blog as well). He's # 10:


Continnuing with our Ohio connection--Christy Altomare went to school in Ohio, at the Cincinnatti College Conservatory of Music. She wrote the score of Naomi Iizuka's play, Anon[ymous], which won the Cincinnatti ACCLAIM award for best play of the season!

Lastly, Lucas Wells wrote in his blog that he has family in Columbus, who will come out to support. He is the seventh of NINE children (!!), so we're all hoping that his extended family alone will fill up the Palace theatre for at least a night. :)

There are still some on-stage seats available for this week's performance. You can purchase them directly by signing up for the Palace's E-Club at this link: https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/home.htmI?l=EN
(select your desired date and then select "on stage seating" option).

Guilty Ones in Columbus--write a comment and tell us all that you're doing this week in preparation for the show!


1. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR FIRST TOURING AWARD! Broadway/San Diego was given a local Noel Award for Best Touring Production: Spring Awakening! Woo-Hoo!
Congrats to Broadway/San Diego and all the amazing people at the Balboa and congrats to the entire company of Spring Awakening. Much deserved.

2. Deadline for cast video blogging suggestions for St. Louis is midnight tomorrow. Leave your suggestions for the cast as a comment in the previous blog.

It will take about two weeks before your suggestions can be implemented into videos and our TotallyTrucked Youtube Channel becomes active again. So in the meanwhile, I wanted to post some of Steffi D's awesome Hot Minute interviews with some of our cast members. Visit her Youtube channel (link in our Links section) if you havn't already. There are some really hilarious vids. Don't miss "The Invasion"!

Come see us, Columbus!!



10/06/09 - 10/11/09
Uihlein Hall Marcus Center For The Performing Arts
929 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI

10/13/09 - 10/18/09
Music Hall
301 West 13th Street, Kansas City, MO
Non-subscription tickets on sale Sept 5, 2009 (subj to change)

10/20/09 - 10/25/09
Bass Hall
23rd St & Robert Dedman Drive, Austin, TX
(512) 477-6060

10/28/09 - 11/01/09
San Jose Center for the Performing Arts/BroadwaySanJose

Nov 4-15, 2009
Sacramento Community Center,
1301 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Nov 17-29, 2009
Orange County Performing Arts Center
600 Town Center Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ticketing number: 714.556.2787

Dec 1-13, 2009
The Buell Theatre
Denver Performing Arts Complex
14th and Curtis Streets Denver, CO 80204
Non-subscription tickets on sale: Mon, Oct 19, 2009 (web only Oct 18)
Ticketing Number: (800) 641-1222
Groups: 303-446-4829

Jan 5-10, 2010
Hershey Theatre
15 E. Caracas Ave, PO Box 395 Hershey, PA 17033
Non-Subscription Tickets on sale: Mon Aug 17, 2009
Groups: 717-534-3412

Jan 12-24, 2010
Aronoff Center
650 Walnut Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Non-subscription Tickets go on sale: Nov 2009
Ticketing (not avail until 11/9) 800.982.2787

Jan 26-31, 2010
Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
8099 College Parkway, SW Fort Myers, FL 33919
Non-subscription Tickets on sale: Sept 1, 2009 (Tentative)
Ticketing number: 800-440-7469
Groups: 239-489-3033, x 3122

Feb 2-Feb 7, 2010
Belk Theatre, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
130 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC
Group Tickets: (704) 379-1380
Ticketing number: (704) 372-1000

Feb 9-14, 2010
Auditorium Theatre, Rochester Broadway League
885 E. Main Street Rochester, NY 14605
Ticketing Number: 800-745-3000

February 23-28, 2010
Bushnell Performing Arts Center

MARCH 2-7, 2009
DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center
Ticketing: 919-680-2787
Groups: 919-281-0587

March 9-14, 2010
Fabulous Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Call Ticketmaster at (404) 817-8700

March 16-21, 2010
The Peace Center
300 S. Main Street Greenville, SC 29601
Ticketing Number: 800-888-7768
Groups: 864-679-9201

March 23 - April 4, 2010
Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
2100 Ross Avenue, Suite 650 Dallas, Texas 75201
Box Office: 214.880.0202

April 20-May 9, 2010
3011 W. Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202
Ticketing number: 800-982-2787
Group Tickets: 313-871-1132

May 11-16, 2010
Arsht Center
Box Office: 305.949.6722

May 18-23, 2010
Carr Performing Arts Center
401 West Livingston Street Orlando, FL 32801

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you just want to send a quick note to all the cast members telling them you appreciate their work, you can email us here at totallytruckedblog (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be happy to forward your email to the cast, but to preserve their privacy, it is unlikely they will email you back (I will, though).

You can also send individual performers fan mail and care packages care of the theatre at which we are currently performing or will be performing. Go to the theatre's website (listed above), find their mailing address, write the actor's name as well as "Spring Awakening" and send c/o the theatre. Remember, we are often at these theatres for only a week so make sure to allow for delivery times. It's a better bet to send it to the theatre we will be going to next as they can always hold packages for us until we arrive. Letters received late will not be forwarded to our next location.

2. How Can I Audition for Spring Awakening?
From time to time, we have open calls in larger cities across the US. We will post any additional open calls here. Subscribe if you havn't already to keep informed. In the meantime, we've made it easy for you to submit yourself singing a folk/alternative rock song on video. Go to: http://www.springawakening.com/videoauditionsubmission/ Make sure your submission is less than 500 MB and is one of the accepted formats. Your screen should change and you should get a confirmation that says your submission has been received. Trust us, people are called in this way. Lucas Wells was cast because of an online submission!

3. How Do I Score On Stage Seats?
That is really up to the individual theatres. Most of them won't release the seats until just before performances because they want to make sure the house is sold first. Some do so online, although the ticketing systems they have in place often can't accommodate our unique seats onstage. Most of them are available only at the box office (though you can purchase them for a performance in the future). The Guilty Ones Street Team members have the rights to purchase these seats before the general public. Any seats left over will be released to the box office and may also be purchased as part of rush tickets (discounted, day-of tickets).

4. How Do I Join The Guilty Ones?

The National Guilty Ones Street Team is a way for fans of the show in each of our tour stops to help us spread the word. You will get access to parties, meet and greets, and other special events while meeting new friends who share your passion for the show, all while gaining some valuable marketing experience. You must be at least 15 yrs old. Email your contact info to nationalguiltyones (at) gmail (dot) com.

5. Can I Get Discounts?

From time to time, a theatre may offer us discounts to send out to our fans. We will post any here on the blog. Subscribe now!

6. Who runs this site? This site was created for fans to stay connected with our touring cast and follow their adventures around North America. Ideally, it would be in the voice of the cast members. Unfortunately, our cast members are often too tired or busy to post lengthy blog posts on a regular basis. Company members will contribute a post from time to time and every month we will have a compiled blog post that most every company member will participate in. The other stuff like updates, etc, will be posted by me. My name is Pun. I work for the production, love this show, its cast, and our fans, and I'm so very glad you're here!

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