Project Cleveland Part 1: New Videos!

Cleveland Rocks! Masterclasses, Swings, and Rock Legends

The cast had an awesome time in Cleveland and found out why everyone says "Cleveland Rocks!" Playhouse Square theatre had a lot of great ways to engage their audiences, including a masterclass for high school students led by our music director, Jared Stein, along with other members of the company. We visited the infamous Rock and Rock Hall of Fame (number ONE on our fan's suggested things to do in Cleveland--thanks to all who submitted suggestions) and our Swing Boys got multiple chances to shine! Krystina Alabado was behind the camera for this tour stop (and did all the editing). We think she did a great job, don't you? Check it out.

Swing Boys Take Over Cleveland!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Cleveland SA Masterclass


Press Update. Set your DVRs!

Some of you have asked what time the live performance will be tomorrow on BREAKFAST TELEVISION. For those of you in the States, this is the highest rated morning show in Toronto, akin to the Today Show.

Here are all the details. Please let us know if you plan on taping this...we'd love this on Youtube!

DATE: Thursday March 26
TIME: 7:10 AM

The girls will be performing "Mama Who Bore Me."

In addition, Matt Doyle and Christy Altomare will either be singing "Word of Your Body" or a two person arrangement of "Touch Me." Tune in!


Big congrats to Steffi D, who has been asked to meet with MPP Phil McNeely, a member of the Provincial Parliament. She and her mom will attend a luncheon tomorrow at the Legislative Assembly's dining room where MPP McNeely will make a statement commending her on her successes. I just got goose pimples, y'all...

Next Profile of the Month: Steffi D!

Please post your questions for Steffi D below.

Questions are due 5 pm Sunday, March 29th. You've got 5 days! Go!


Here it is, guys! Thanks for your questions. Kyle didn't have time to answer any more than 10 of them as he was in a rush to get on the set of his new pilot, Limelight.
Enjoy! Leave a comment below!

Here are the questions Kyle answered.

1. Anonymous said...

It is said that you are dropping out of the Toronto run of the tour.
Is it a permanent dropout or will you come back to the tour?
Please clarify the situation. Thanks.
love you Kyle. Please don't leave.

2. Mei-ling said...

How would you compare touring with Spring Awakening to touring as a musician?

3. Anonymous said...

Who were some of your favorite people you toured with for your music career?

4. Anonymous said...

What was it like on Instant Star?

5. Irene (from Guam) said...

What advice do you have for someone like me who wants to be on Broadway?
What was your audition process for Spring Awakening like?

6. Nicole (from Long Island) said...

What has changed with your portrayal of Melchior from being on tour rather than Broadway?

7. Anonymous said...

If the Spring Awakening tour cast was back in High School, who would be voted...

1. Class clown
2. Biggest flirt
3. Most athletic
4. Best dressed
5. Best smile
6. Most intellectual

8. Olivia and Mads said...

Kyle, you're absolutely amazing :)
What’s your favorite memory so far on tour? Thanks!

9. Symantha from NJ said...

Hey Kyle!

Who is your role model/idol (in or out of the business) and what was the most important thing they've taught you? Love Always!

10. Anonymous said...

Will you marry me? Or write me a song?


Spring Awakening in Toronto: Press, Reviews, Events UPDATED

Spring has awakened in Toronto!


Lunchtime concert at Eaton Centre, Friday March 27th: The cast will perform with the casts of We Will Rock You, The Sound of Music, and Dirty Dancing at 12:15 pm and again at 1:15 pm. We are expecting a lot of people so get there early to get a good seat!

more Live Events to come. Stay tuned!


The Hills After Show on Monday, March 23rd (TODAY!), host Dan Levy shares his review of Spring Awakening on the “What Did You Do This Weekend?” segment, 2:30 pm, MTV

Much News did a taped interview with us. Not sure when it will air, but will most probably be tonight. Much News airs on Much Music on Mondays at 10PM ET and it is often repeated on MOD which airs M-F 5PM ET."

E-Talk hosts Ben Mulroney and Heather Lin will conduct a backstage interview with Steffi D on Tue March 24th. Airdate TBA (E-Talk airs weeknights at 7 pm on CTV).

Performance on Breakfast Television morning show on Thursday March 26th, starts at 6:00 am on CityTV.

*****UPDATED***** Entertainment Tonight(ET) Canada--interviews will air on Wed, March 25th, 7 pm.


TORONTO SUN-- "In engineering a theatrical head-on collision between the past and the future, Sater, Sheik and Mayer have come up with something that is emphatically and gloriously today. Anyone who has ever been a youth, known a youth or, perhaps more importantly, is still a youth, is almost certain to respond".

**UPDATED** GLOBE AND MAIL --"the overall effect is more jarring, more provocative and more intelligent than Rent" 3 out of 4 stars

NOW MAGAZINE--"Once the story of the teens starts throbbing, there’s no holding it back: not its tragedy, not its abuse and violence, not its anger and certainly not its exuberance...[a] uniformly talented company." 4 out of 5 stars

"It deserved the armful of Tonys it took home on Broadway. this is a beautiful musical that reminds you what it means to be young and in love."
(read entire review for a hilarious account of a senior couple who wandered in thinking it was "Sound of Music" hee hee):

"In a compelling story where nothing goes right for the characters, this is a musical staging where nothing goes wrong. Sharp vocals combined with stunning choreography gives the production vast audience appeal."

They also had an interview with Christy and Blake. The interviewer is kinda hilarious:

"Spring Awakening is one of the most exciting new musicals I've seen in years"

"Spring Awakening is a refreshing piece of musical theatre for our time" (They also mention a couple who was offended. Guess Toronto isn't as liberal as I thought!)

Not all the reviews were raves, although all had fantastic things to say about the production. A few wanted more nihilism, akin to the original Wedekind play and argued that we pulled our punches in our adaptation. Robert Cushman at the NATIONAL POST, for instance, wanted us to preserve the unsentimentality of the Wedekind's adults and didn't like that we gave Moritz' father a human moment where he is sobbing silently for the death of his son. This same reviewer also says, "Christy Altomare is a sweet Wendla, though one who looks better able to take care of herself than her story requires." It seems as if Cushman is wedded to the original source material and is not able to see Sater's adaptation as a different take on the material. He seems to think that Wendla should be the passive, innocent girl that Wedekind wrote. Our production team was hell bent on creating more of an arc for Wendla than Wedekind allows and making her a stronger character that young women today would be able to relate to, which I think ultimately makes her story all the more tragic (http://www.nationalpost.com/arts/story.html?id=1406840).

Cushman also wanted us to keep Melchoir as a rapist, and he is not alone in this. Christopher Hoile from EYE WEEKLY agrees, saying that by not making Melchoir a rapist, his character is "significantly less complex." (!!) And argued that "the score is too gorgeous for the material. It’s as if Sheik and Sater, contrary to the source, intentionally want to tone down the volatility of the themes." Canada wants us to be more violent! LOL. I think we need a moment to talk about this. We took great pains to create a more cohesive storyline for our three main characters. We did not believe that a play without a hero could succeed on Broadway. We didn't think the audience would root for Melchoir if he was a rapist. There's a reason this show was banned for 100 years! Thankfully, Hoile ends his review on a good note: "What impresses more than the once-shocking subject matter and Sheik’s languorous score is Mayer’s inexhaustible invention and the white-hot talent of the young performers who make it work (http://www.eyeweekly.com/arts/theatre/article/55230--spring-awakening)."

What do you think about these reviewer's views? We'd love to hear your comments below!


E-Talk Interview with Steffi D on CTV

Toronto Star: feature on Steffi D

Canadian Press feature on Steffi D

Toronto Sun: Interview with Tom Hulce, “Musical Awakens New Career”


Perhaps the biggest exposure we've had in Canada was the airing of the brilliant documentary "Kyle Riabko: The Lead" on Bravo Canada (rumored to be re-airing on April 1st). We're so happy we gave them open access when they were filming.

What was remarkable about this doc was not only how it captured Kyle's journey to Broadway and beyond, but that they interviewed some of our fans-- and what emerges is an eye popping testimonial of how our show has helped these brave, young teens such as Chris from Houston, who had tried to commit suicide until our show gave him renewed strength to fight on, and Frances from Canada who was shy and withdrawn until she found a community of Guilty Ones where she belonged. It brought tears to my eyes. A fan posted clips from the documentary on Youtube. So cool to see the Broadway Guilty Ones being interviewed! Miss you guys! Enjoy!




Seeking Male and Female Singers ages 17-21 for future replacements for the US National Tour of Tony Award Winning Musical, SPRING AWAKENING.


Access via Artists' Entrance, South of Roy Thomson Hall at Wellington.

Bring a recent picture and resume and prepare a short folk/alt rock song.
Bring sheet music. An accompanist will be provided.

Call 212-719-9393 x540 for more info.

Visit www.springawakening.com

Last Archived Videos: Portland!

Spring Awakening Tour: Archive Finale! Portland Taco Parties, Smores, & GTOs
In our final video archive of past tour cities, we end with Portland, Oregon. Check out director Michael Mayer munching on some yummy tacos during the ultimate Taco Party, Smore creation at a backyard bonfire party at Chase's family's "crib", and an amazing fan rendition of Mamma Who Bore Me acapella style. That one's a "don't miss"!

New videos of current and future cities coming your way!

Spring Awakening Tour: Portland Opening Night - Taco Party, GTOs

Spring Awakening Tour: Portland @ Chase's House Makin' Smores

Amazing Accapella group at Stagedoor - Portland: Mamma Reprise


Hello, Toronto! Interview with Matt Doyle

We start performances in Toronto tonight and we're so excited!

As you know, Matt Doyle, from our Broadway company, will be taking over the lead role of Melchoir for much of the Toronto run. There has been many a request for video coverage of Matt's arrival and we are proud to present a video taken of him in the last days of Cleveland when he first arrived on the scene with the touring cast. Take a look at this interview (conducted by our very own Krystina Alabado) and enjoy!

Spring Awakening Tour: New Cast Member Matt Doyle


More Archived Video Footage: PORTLAND!

Portland, Oregon - Keller Auditorium Tour

We have more archived video footage to share with you, this time from our tour stop in beautiful Portland, OR. Portland is definitely a theatre town and the audiences at the Keller made us feel so welcome! Today we bring a 2 video series that has Andy Mientus guiding us backstage through the Keller Auditorium.

Spring Awakening Tour: First look at Portland Theatre with Andy #1

Spring Awakening Tour: First look at Portland Theatre with Andy #2

Couldn't quite find the scene where they're walking up 20 flights of stairs, but since Andy called it out, I think it's time for a Ghostbuster's tribute:

More videos from Portland in an upcoming blog post!


More Archived Video Footage: SEATTLE!

Seattle's Best - Awaken Grunge with The Bobby Mailers
Hitting up our video archive, we visit the land of Kurt Cobain and other angst ridden artists - including the Bobby Mailers! Who, you ask, are the Bobby Mailers? Well our very our Spring Awakening cast have formed a band and performed at the infamous Experience Music Project (EMP for short).

Also, we would like to give a shout out to YouTube user bloodredink who has put together an amazing tribute video to our wonderful touring cast. Thank you, Bloodredink! It's beautiful! Video is below and can also be found as our "favorite" on our Youtube Totally Trucked Channel. Enjoy!

Spring Awakening Tour: Bobby Mailers @ EMP

Spring Awakening Tour: Experience Music Project

Spring Awakening Tour: Space Needle

Spring Awakening Tour: Top of Space Needle @ Revolving Restaurant

and all shall know the wonder.


Mattchoir Part Deux

Hi guys. There has been some confusion as to whether Kyle is leaving permanently from the tour or not. Hope this clears things up:

Broadway Cast Member Matt Doyle Returns to Play Melchior for Limited Engagement in Toronto.

The Spring Awakening family would like to welcome Broadway's Matt Doyle back to the production with his superb portrayal of Melchior for the Toronto engagement of the tour. On Friday, we received the news that Kyle had to withdraw from Toronto due to booking the male lead on the ABC pilot Limelight (huge congrats Kyle!). On Monday, Matt and the folks at CW graciously rearranged his Gossip Girl shooting schedule while Kyle takes a temporary leave. We are extremely proud of our cast, past and present, and all their professional accomplishments and support their efforts wholeheartedly. Although we are sad for Kyle to miss his hometown,we are excited for his return come our next tour stop.

In the meantime, Matt joins the family once again and we will be there to capture the moments with exclusive blogs, videos, and Q&A while in Toronto. Be on the look-out for upcoming posts on Totally Truck, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and the Fan Forum.

Has anyone out there seen Matt on Broadway? Leave a comment below and let fans in Toronto know how amazing he is!

Keeping you in the loop,


Reviews, Events and Press in Cleveland, Palace Theatre


***MUST SEE!***
Perry Sherman and Christy Altomare perform "Word of Your Body" on Fox Morning Show.

Blake Bashoff and Steffi D perform "Blue Wind/Don't Do Sadness" on the show "Good Company."
(this video was slow to load on my Firefox browser. Anyone else having problems?)

Blake and Steffi also performed the same song on an afternoon news program; their segment was repeated again for the evening news.

90.3 NPR
Live Radio interview with Andy Mientus and Ben Moss now online:

They were also interviewed by Jen Toohey and asked to guest DJ on Q 104, WQAL (I can't find it on their confusing site. A little help?)


WGAR 99.5 FM
TUE MARCH 10TH 8:15 am In-studio Radio Interview with Jared Stein with hosts Jim Mantel, Laurie Hovater and Captain Tony.

Playhouse Square is doing some really great events around our show. Don't miss:

BROADWAY BUZZ PRE-SHOW TALKS--One hour before all KeyBank Broadway Series performances, audiences are invited to the Idea Center at Playhouse Square to join in a free 30-minute show presentation. Get the inside scoop on the show before the curtain rises.

POST SHOW CHATS WITH THE CAST March 5 and 12--The cast answers your questions immediately following the Thursday night performances.

TEEN NIGHT March 14--Teens can enjoy a DJ, Karaoke, Pizza, and hang with the cast after the Saturday, March 14th show. Just show your ticket stub from that night's performance. Your Teen Magazine will also host a panel for parents of teens that night to discuss the issues raised in Spring Awakening. More info:

Music Director Jared Stein and four members of the cast will lead a vocal master class on Wednesday, March 11, 3-4:30 PM. You will be taught Purple Summer. Ages 14 and up only, please. Participation is FREE but registration is required. Please call 216-348-7909 or email reeds@playhousesquare.org to register.

Playhouse Square has arranged a Q&A for Tuesday, March 10th at 1:00pm at The Idea Center for high school students interested in a career in theatre. This is part of their Distance Learning Program – participants will be video conferencing from high schools all over Ohio. Additionally, there will be 20-30 students from a local high school physically present for the Q&A with the cast. Very Cool and forward thinking! Kudos to Playhouse Square!

If you havn't seen us yet in Cleveland, what are you waiting for? We leave March 15th! Don't take our word for it:


Cleveland Plain Dealer
'Spring Awakening,' a timeless, iconoclastic look at adolescence
"Spring Awakening" is no Broadway musical. Which is why it's a Broadway musical for today.

Not much has changed in over 100 years. Parents still struggle to talk about sex with their kids, and kids still have sex cluelessly, get pregnant and have abortions. Some kids are still committing suicide because it's all too much, and we still don't understand why. But finally, there's a show that tells the truth. A very entertaining show with great music and intensely emotional songs by Duncan Sheik, and a totally, devastatingly real story. We've been waiting a long time for Spring Awakening.

Though it seems almost sacrilegious to admit, this very well might be the strongest ensemble in "Spring Awakening's" history. As a whole, the cast is not only energetic and frighteningly talented, but they also embody a sense of innocence mixed with early maturity that has never been evident before. Sure, the original cast (almost all of which have become stars in their own right) might have had more individual stand-outs, but they never seemed even close to innocent: They were adults playing children. And the final Broadway cast was very innocent-perhaps too innocent for the material. The touring cast is a perfect mix of both, and interprets the material in new and interesting ways that remain true to the original book and score. More than that, they function best as an ensemble, not just a group of performers who happen to be acting together on the same stage.

Spangle Magazine
With its difficult subject matter, Spring Awakening is a show that plays best in its intimate moments — something that might be missed by those in the back of the large Palace. Among the players, the standout is Blake Bashoff, playing the tormented Moritz with grace as his distress quietly grows more pronounced. Other notables include Steffi D and Sarah Hunt (Ilse and Martha), especially in the first-act scene in which they reveal the home torture by their fathers. Christy Altomare is well-cast as the innocent Wendla, and Angela Reed and Henry Stram show dexterity in their semi-monolithic roles playing all of the adults.

(On opening night, understudy Perry Sherman tackled the vital role of intellectual Melchior with an engaging passion.)

Former Top-40 heartthrob Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater’s score remains a pulse-quickening ride, and the production design is stellar.


**MUST READ**Tribune Chronicle--Spring Awakening Cast Gets An Education On The Road (interview with Ben Moss and Gabrielle Garza) http://www.tribtoday.com/page/content.detail/id/518499.html?nav=5026

The Plain Dealer

Canton Rep (includes interviews with Kyle Riabko and Christy Altomare)

Cleveland Playhouse Square Examiner
“The theatrical event of the year. Promises to be one of the most exciting entertainment experiences of a lifetime.”

Project: East Lansing (Blog Post by Andy Mientus)

Hey Bloggers!

So we've just finished our East Lansing engagement of the tour, which was busy and rewarding. While in East Lansing, we had a major rehearsal with our Production Stage Manager, Eric, who had been away from us for a time working with Michael Mayer on the Vienna production of SPRING. He reunited with us in St. Louis and scheduled a big rehearsal for this stop to freshen a few scenes and implement some minor staging changes and new ideas Michael discovered while working on the London and Vienna productions. See if you can spot them next time you catch our show! Anyway, it was a fabulously productive rehearsal, and I've been so proud of everyone's work this week. It was a great experience to get back to basics and explore things we hadn't since Michael's last visit some time ago, or even since rehearsal in New York. For example, to rediscover the blend and ensemble unity in Touch Me, Eric had us all sit on the floor in a circle and just sing the song to each other and really listen. It was so beautiful! The icing on the cake was having such invested audiences to explore things with in East Lansing. They were so with us, and made all of our hard work in rehearsal worth it.

East Lansing was also a huge personal joy, because it is just 45 minutes away from Ann Arbor, where I go to school, and so my week was full of visits from friends and faculty. I was also able to order Pizza House whenever I wanted it- those who are in the know should know how amazing that is!

After our last performance, which my best friend from school attended, I actually got to go back to Ann Arbor for the night and see even more old friends. It was beyond trippy to see all of my old haunts peppered with new buildings that didn't exist when I lived there, but so nice at the same time. When you're on the road, familiarity is a rare luxury. I was so glad to enjoy that luxury while I played to the wonderful audiences of East Lansing. Thanks for coming along for the ride- maybe I'll see you again when I'm back at school!


[BlogMaster Note: Here are a couple of videos created by Andy and Gabby, now live on our Youtube channel. Perry's parents come to E. Lansing to give the tour cast a proper meal. And we held a concert to drum up excitement on MSU's campus]

[The Guilty Ones in E. Lansing came to the concert and we have one in particular to thank for taking this footage]:

The Guilty Ones also painted this awesome rock on MSU campus!

Thanks too for everyone who submitted suggestions for things the cast should do in E. Lansing. In the suggestions, one fan also warned Andy not to wear U of M wear while he was on MSU's campus (you can see from the audience's reaction in the Q&A above that that was a very wise and appropriate heads up LOL)! While they chose not to blog about them (most of the suggestions were for bars, etc), they were used as an insider's tour guide and helped make it an amazing week in E. Lansing!


More videos released from our Totally Trucked Video Archives!

We've just released four new videos from our Spring Awakening Tour Video Archives, this time from the home of indie grunge rock, Seattle! Both Lucas and Chase also had birthdays while we were in Seattle and partied in Penthouse style. Enjoy!

Seattle=Act 2 of Spring Awakening

Renting a Suite for Lucas' 21st Bday. Watch till the end...Ben is hilarious!
[Disclaimer: Kids, no drinking until you're 21!]

What Kyle and Christy do during Intermission:

How old is Chase really??


Coming Home To Cleveland by Jared Stein

[Blogmaster Note: Our music director, Jared Stein, is a native of Cleveland. We asked Jared to share a little bit about how he came to be a music director, his experience on the tour thus far, what it was like to be on The Price is Right in Los Angeles, and how good it feels to come home. Here is what he shares with you.]

Hey Everyone!
It's very exciting to be returning to my home town of Cleveland with the Spring Awakening Tour. I was born and raised here, (in Orange Village) and it's where I first discovered my love of theater and music. So it's very nice to bring these gifts back here to share.
I first started playing piano somewhere around age 8. I was following in the footsteps of my older sister. Once we started taking lessons, we had to keep on playing until we left the house for college. At times I was not happy about that rule, but I'm obviously happy now that I'm making my living doing exactly that. I didn't set out to be a Musical Director. I actually went to NYU to study musical theater, but have a heavy vocal background and my piano skills, my career took a turn to the music side of things, and I would never look back.
I'm very honored to be working on Spring Awakening, and lucky to have been able to musical direct and conduct the National Tour of RENT prior to this. Both shows have broken a lot of ground in terms of the Broadway musical, and both truly have something to say. It's nice to be a part of something that has a real impact on its audiences. I can't pick a favorite between the two because I love them both, but I must say the SA touring schedule is a bit more luxurious than the RENT schedule. Not bad to sit down in cities like San Francisco and LA for 6 weeks!
The touring life is great because you get to see the country and meet some amazing people along the way. But its not all glitz and glamour. We make a lot of sacrifices to do what we love, but obviously would never trade it. Plus, we get to do cool things like be on The Price is Right.
That whole experience is a bit of a blur.....very surreal. Watch the videos online if you haven't. [Blogmaster Note: The videos are no longer on CBS.COM. They only feature two months worth of episodes. Does anyone happen to have it?]
I had a blast and I know have the Tail Gating gear to prove it!
As for my personal musical tastes, I listen to everything. Classic Rock, old school R & B, singer/songwriter, folk, gospell and jazz. Lately I've been listening to Ray LaMontagne, Sara Bareilles, Mark Brousard, Damien Rice, and always Ben Folds. For those who don't know, I continue to play with an amazing writer, Declan Bennett. If you don't know his music, check it out!
Getting ready to play the weekend shows in East Lansing, MI, then off to Cleveland. Look forward to playing to the home crowd. Enjoy the show....see you there!

Our Music Director on Price is Right!

Our Music Director on Price is Right!

Our Music Director on Price is Right!

[Blogmaster Note: More photos at our Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/springawakeninggallery


Next Profile of the Month: Kyle Riabko!

Our next Profile of the Month will be Kyle Riabko, just in time for our stop in Toronto!

If you have a question for Kyle, please post them below. Questions are due Wednesday, March 11th.

Also, a reminder: Suggestions for things the cast should do while in Toronto are also due Wednesday, March 11th. Please post your ideas below.


More Video Archives Released!

SA Cast Videos: Gerard Visits SF/JetPlane Antics
What - is that Broadway's very own Gerard Canonico visiting our stellar touring cast in SF? Today's video archive brings you gems from early tour footage. The cast packs it up and travels from the Golden Gate to the Space Needle. Check out their last SF vocal warm-up, a security line OMG, and a view from 35,000 feet above SF and Seattle.

Spring Awakening Tour: Gerard Visits the Tour in SF

Spring Awakening Tour: Last Day in SF - Warm Ups

Spring Awakening Tour: Flip Cam, Meet Ur Maker--Airport Style

Spring Awakening Tour: On The Plane btw SF and Seattle


What Would You Do? ST. LOUIS

Our Two Weeks in St. Louis By Ben Moss
PhotobucketWell, we're all done in St. Louis! Here's a recap of our two weeks at The Fabulous Fox and in the Gateway to the West!

First of all, we could not believe how massive, ornate, and beautiful the Fox Theater was! At somewhere around 4100 seats, it was a bit intimidating the first few nights, but we finally got used to it. One day, the house manager took us on a tour of the entire building - we got to walk around practically on the CEILING and look down into the house... not really for you guys who are afraid of heights! But if you are interested, I'm pretty sure that they offer tours a few times a week.

One day we took a visit up to the arch, which was a great view, and also a weird sensation... we were literally standing on top of NOTHING. But that's how arches work. So it wasn't so unsafe... just a little different!

[Blogmaster Note: Here's a video of the experience produced and shot by Christy Altomare. It was the second most popular suggestion from our fans]:

[Blogmaster Note cont: Christy also took and produced some hilare backstage videos at the Fox Theatre as well. Try not to bust a gut laughing]:

Kyle Has a Dream:

The Dance of the Wendla:

Then, we went to the City Museum. Let me just say that this is probably the most fun night I've ever had. The city museum is like a big discovery zone... you crawl around through tubes, there's a 7-story slide, and the enchanted caves, where it's dark and dusty and you have to crawl towards the light to make your way through! If you live anywhere in the St. Louis area, I think you're obligated to go and enjoy. If you don't live in the St. Louis area... it's almost worth it just to make the trip for that.

[Blogmaster Note: City Museum was the number ONE most popular suggestion from our fans. Thank you, guys! You really know our cast! Everyone had a blast. Here are personal pictures taken by Anthony Lee Medina along with his captions of the experience. Go to our Flickr Group to see them all. Anthony's running commentary makes you feel like you're right there with them! http://www.flickr.com/groups/springawakeninggallery]

Anthony's File: City Museum, St. Louis
Krystina and Steffi being birds in their birdcage

Anthony's File: City Museum, St. Louis
Me and Julie are sooooo scared!!

Anthony's File: City Museum, St. Louis
Another tunnell!!

But now, we're in East Lansing, MI. So come check us out when you can! Hope all is well.

On behalf of the entire Spring Awakening company,

Ben Moss


10/06/09 - 10/11/09
Uihlein Hall Marcus Center For The Performing Arts
929 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI

10/13/09 - 10/18/09
Music Hall
301 West 13th Street, Kansas City, MO
Non-subscription tickets on sale Sept 5, 2009 (subj to change)

10/20/09 - 10/25/09
Bass Hall
23rd St & Robert Dedman Drive, Austin, TX
(512) 477-6060

10/28/09 - 11/01/09
San Jose Center for the Performing Arts/BroadwaySanJose

Nov 4-15, 2009
Sacramento Community Center,
1301 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Nov 17-29, 2009
Orange County Performing Arts Center
600 Town Center Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ticketing number: 714.556.2787

Dec 1-13, 2009
The Buell Theatre
Denver Performing Arts Complex
14th and Curtis Streets Denver, CO 80204
Non-subscription tickets on sale: Mon, Oct 19, 2009 (web only Oct 18)
Ticketing Number: (800) 641-1222
Groups: 303-446-4829

Jan 5-10, 2010
Hershey Theatre
15 E. Caracas Ave, PO Box 395 Hershey, PA 17033
Non-Subscription Tickets on sale: Mon Aug 17, 2009
Groups: 717-534-3412

Jan 12-24, 2010
Aronoff Center
650 Walnut Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Non-subscription Tickets go on sale: Nov 2009
Ticketing (not avail until 11/9) 800.982.2787

Jan 26-31, 2010
Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
8099 College Parkway, SW Fort Myers, FL 33919
Non-subscription Tickets on sale: Sept 1, 2009 (Tentative)
Ticketing number: 800-440-7469
Groups: 239-489-3033, x 3122

Feb 2-Feb 7, 2010
Belk Theatre, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
130 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC
Group Tickets: (704) 379-1380
Ticketing number: (704) 372-1000

Feb 9-14, 2010
Auditorium Theatre, Rochester Broadway League
885 E. Main Street Rochester, NY 14605
Ticketing Number: 800-745-3000

February 23-28, 2010
Bushnell Performing Arts Center

MARCH 2-7, 2009
DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center
Ticketing: 919-680-2787
Groups: 919-281-0587

March 9-14, 2010
Fabulous Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Call Ticketmaster at (404) 817-8700

March 16-21, 2010
The Peace Center
300 S. Main Street Greenville, SC 29601
Ticketing Number: 800-888-7768
Groups: 864-679-9201

March 23 - April 4, 2010
Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
2100 Ross Avenue, Suite 650 Dallas, Texas 75201
Box Office: 214.880.0202

April 20-May 9, 2010
3011 W. Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202
Ticketing number: 800-982-2787
Group Tickets: 313-871-1132

May 11-16, 2010
Arsht Center
Box Office: 305.949.6722

May 18-23, 2010
Carr Performing Arts Center
401 West Livingston Street Orlando, FL 32801

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you just want to send a quick note to all the cast members telling them you appreciate their work, you can email us here at totallytruckedblog (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be happy to forward your email to the cast, but to preserve their privacy, it is unlikely they will email you back (I will, though).

You can also send individual performers fan mail and care packages care of the theatre at which we are currently performing or will be performing. Go to the theatre's website (listed above), find their mailing address, write the actor's name as well as "Spring Awakening" and send c/o the theatre. Remember, we are often at these theatres for only a week so make sure to allow for delivery times. It's a better bet to send it to the theatre we will be going to next as they can always hold packages for us until we arrive. Letters received late will not be forwarded to our next location.

2. How Can I Audition for Spring Awakening?
From time to time, we have open calls in larger cities across the US. We will post any additional open calls here. Subscribe if you havn't already to keep informed. In the meantime, we've made it easy for you to submit yourself singing a folk/alternative rock song on video. Go to: http://www.springawakening.com/videoauditionsubmission/ Make sure your submission is less than 500 MB and is one of the accepted formats. Your screen should change and you should get a confirmation that says your submission has been received. Trust us, people are called in this way. Lucas Wells was cast because of an online submission!

3. How Do I Score On Stage Seats?
That is really up to the individual theatres. Most of them won't release the seats until just before performances because they want to make sure the house is sold first. Some do so online, although the ticketing systems they have in place often can't accommodate our unique seats onstage. Most of them are available only at the box office (though you can purchase them for a performance in the future). The Guilty Ones Street Team members have the rights to purchase these seats before the general public. Any seats left over will be released to the box office and may also be purchased as part of rush tickets (discounted, day-of tickets).

4. How Do I Join The Guilty Ones?

The National Guilty Ones Street Team is a way for fans of the show in each of our tour stops to help us spread the word. You will get access to parties, meet and greets, and other special events while meeting new friends who share your passion for the show, all while gaining some valuable marketing experience. You must be at least 15 yrs old. Email your contact info to nationalguiltyones (at) gmail (dot) com.

5. Can I Get Discounts?

From time to time, a theatre may offer us discounts to send out to our fans. We will post any here on the blog. Subscribe now!

6. Who runs this site? This site was created for fans to stay connected with our touring cast and follow their adventures around North America. Ideally, it would be in the voice of the cast members. Unfortunately, our cast members are often too tired or busy to post lengthy blog posts on a regular basis. Company members will contribute a post from time to time and every month we will have a compiled blog post that most every company member will participate in. The other stuff like updates, etc, will be posted by me. My name is Pun. I work for the production, love this show, its cast, and our fans, and I'm so very glad you're here!

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