Next Profile of the Month: JAKE EPSTEIN

Due to popular demand, our next Profile of the Month is the ever-popular, ever-sweet bad boy, Jake Epstein. Leave your question for Jake as a comment to this post. Deadline is Friday, October 23rd. The profile will be out in November.


Anonymous said...

Do a profile for Christy! The star of the show hasn't even been interviewed yet!

Pun said...

We're saving Christy for when we come to Cincinnatti since she went to school there. Plus, she has appeared in many videos. Jake is still a mystery to many.

Irene from Guam said...

Hey Jake,
Just want to say you're amazingly talented and nice, and it was so awesome getting to talk with you at the stagedoor in D.C :)
1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
2. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
3. What was it like performing as Melchior for the first time? How did you prepare for your big moment?
4. What is your life-long dream or ambition?

Laurel from Laurel, MD said...


Hiya, Jake!
You were my first (Melchior). ;) When I saw you in DC, I would have never guessed that you had just started so way to go, buddy. I hope to see y'all again in Hershey.

1) What was it like joining a cast that's been together for a while?

2) You were in Degrassi, which I heard has its rabid fans (sorry, never watched it) and now, you're in Spring Awakening, which also has its die hard fans. You must have had interesting encounters and fan gifts. Would you share some?

3) If you weren't an actor, you would be...? Why?

4) Even though, you've traveled to only a couple of cities so far, this leg of the tour looks to be very short stops in the different cities. How have you adjusted or will adjust to traveling so much? Also, which cities are you excited to visit/explore?

5) You're the 4th Melchior. Did you get any advice or stories from Jonathan, Kyle, or Hunter? Would you share?

Thanks, Jake! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

If you can add a location to the tour stops, what would it be?

Anonymous said...

would you ever date a fan?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Jake,

Like your Degrassi storyline, you now are in a role that deals with a great deal of teen angst and personal struggle. What have been the differences between playing such roles on stage vs. television? And what has been some challenges (if any) that you've faced in playing the role of Melchior?

*Bonus Question: If you were to describe your fellow cast members by using the typical high school yearbook terms, like Most Popular, etc., how would you describe them and why?

And if you have any

Sarah from Racine said...

Hey Jake! you are awesome as Melchior, and I'm in love with your singing voice! ok, my 2 questions are:
1. Do you think that because you have such loyal fans from Degrassi, that you are more used to the reaction you get from fans at the stage doors?

2. When did you realize you wanted to do stage acting? Was it before or after you broke into television?

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Craig Manning is more of a Moritz, or a Melchior?

Kelley Frances said...

heres a series of mini questions for you!
Oreos or chocolate chip cookies?
Pepsi or Coke?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
Broadway Musical or movie?
Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daaz?
Book or movie of the book?

Anonymous said...

Is there a role in a play or musical that you would like to do if the opporutnity arose?

What is your favorite and least favorite scene to perform in Spring Awakening and why?

Heather Knox said...

Hey Jake! Loved you as Melchior!
I have two questions...
1. If you had to play someone else in the show, who would it be? Why?

2. Essentially every character in the show has their fair share of struggles. If you could write a NEW character into the show, what would their character be like, and what would their struggle be?

Emily said...

1. what is the craziest thing a fan has ever done?
2. do you like acting on stage or on television better?
3. if you and the rest of the cast were animals, what animal would each cast member be and why?

Kara said...

Which character is more fun to play, Craig or Melchior?

Jessica said...

Why didn't you accept Cheyenne's friend request?

Shayla said...

hello Jake!

My question is this: I might be talking to you on facebook, do u have one!?

Anne Claire said...

If you could describe each of the cast members (including yourself) in only one word starting with the first letter in their name, what would you say?

Shayla said...

oh ya, I'm only asking this cuz u told me to tell u who I am when we meet at the stage door when u come to costa mesa! And I don't want to look silly when I do!

Grace from D.C. said...

Hi Jake!!! Just want to say you were AMAZING as Melchior, and you were my favorite character ever on Degrassi. I was just wondering what is the biggest difference between being on stage, and being on T.V., and what you think are the biggest differences and similarities between Craig and Melchior.

Devon from California said...

Hey Jake!
I've been a fan of yours for QUITE sometime now. Quints, anyone? Haha, oh yeah, I remember :) So, I'm very excited to see you when you come to San Jose!
Anyways, here's my question:
If you could have tea with any three famous people, past or present, who would it be?

Alyce said...

I saw you in DC and you were wonderful! How do you describe the way you portray Melchior's story? And what's your favorite song in the show?

Leah said...

first of all, just saw you on "Being Erica" - loved it!

here's my question:
what it was it like to come into the cast when the show was already in full swing? was it ever hard/stressful transition in?

Leah from Louisville

Mel from Toronto said...

Hi Jake!!!

What school for the Performing Arts did you go to, if you went to one, and would you recomend it to any aspiring musical actors?

Rozzie said...

What is the craziest fan reaction you, personally, have ever had during your run so far?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake! Soooo firstly, and most importantly, you are such a wonderful actor and a lovely addition to the Spring crew! Anyway!

1. Since you've "graduated" from Degrassi, have you kept in touch with your old cast mates? And if so, which?!
2. Have you watched the newer seasons at all? What do you think?
3. How did you hear about/get involved with Spring?
4. There seems to be a disproportionate representation of Jews in the Spring Awakening cast and I love it! Jews rule. Why do you think we rock so much?

Anonymous said...

What do you as an actor know about Melchior that as an audience we wouldn't? For example, do you have any additional backstory that you keep in mind while portraying his character?

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

do you get annoyed that people keep seeing you as Craig and not as Melchior or even just Jake Epstein?

Lily said...

Do you remember your first rejection in the the performing arts? Also, who has been your favorite Melchior (besides yourself)? You are amazing, and I'm so sorry that I'll never get to see you on the tour.

Anonymous said...

What is your pet peeve?

Angelo from Guam :) said...

Hey Jake,

First of all, I'm a big fan of your work both in Spring Awakening and your past works (DEGRASSI!!!) sorry :P

Anyway here are my questions

Which one do you prefer, working on television or working on stage?

You are the second Melchior of the Spring Awakening Tour Cast (third if you include Matt Doyle), was it nerve wrecking to take over the spot of Kyle Riabko, and did Kyle give you any advice?

Finally, as an actor, how do you prepare yourself before going on stage or on camera? Do you have any rituals or warm ups you would like to share? (not necessarily for Spring Awakening)

Thank you so much for your time Jake :)
Break a leg!

Catita said...
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Catita said...

Hi, Jake:
I'm a big fan of you! I'm from Chile (Latin America)... did you know you have fans in LatinAmerica? :)
I always watch every TV Show, movie or YouTube video in wich you appear, and I really wish I can see you in Spring Awakening, but for the distance I can't do it... anyway, here I have some questions for you:

1.- Do you prefer act in stage or act in television? why?
2.- Do you think you can appear in a new (or old) television show with a regular character?
3.- Will you start a music carrer someday?
4.- Why you don't have a Twitter profile? and what about Facebook?

And the last, but not the least important... will you marry me? LOL :)

I wish you the best, and the same for all the Spring Awakening cast =D
(I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong)

Mary Garrette said...

Hi Jake!

I saw you in spring awakening in Chicago when you came in August and you were wonderful in it and I just saw you in Being Erica and that was great too. I just want you to know you are my favorite actor on degrasi.

Here is my question:

1.) Which character is harder to play Craig from degrassi or Melchior from spring awakening ?

2.) When you first had to get naked on stage in front of people was you scary ?

3.) What would be a good way for a persons who want to become a singer how should they get started ?

4.) Do you have a twitter or a facebook account ?

5.) Are you going to one day recorded music album and have one in store ?

6.) How long are you going to be apart of the spring awakening play ?

7.) What was your most favorite time about been in chicago ?

8.) Which girl is your favorite to acted with Cassie Steele, Melissa McIntyre,
Christy Altomare,?

9.) Which scene in the spring awakening play is the most fun scene for you to acted in ?

I hope you answers some of my questions please.



Keri said...

Hi Jake!!

I first just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan of yours! I've been a fan since the Zack Files! I have two questions for you:

1. How long will you be staying with the Spring Awakening tour? (I'm hoping to see you in Ft. Meyers, Florida in January)

2. After Spring Awakening would you like to return to TV or keep doing theatre?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake!

I went and saw Spring Awakening twice when the tour came to Chicago. You are a remarkable singer as well as a very talent actor. My dream is make it to Broadway. What first got you interested in doing musical theatre, and do you plan on continuing with it?

Sarah said...

Hi Jake! First of all, it was amazing seeing you perform and meeting you in Chicago! I have a few questions...

1. Although your character on Degrassi has had some risque scenes, was it awkward or difficult to get in to your role as Melchior at first?

2. What do you look for in a girl?

3. "Rescue You" is already on my Itunes Top 25 most played songs. When will you release a CD?? And will your music be more like "Rescue You" or like your older music with more of a funk sound?

4. What have you learned about yourself, if anything, from being a part of Spring Awakening?

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you in Hartford!!

Amanda said...

If you could chose any Broadway production to be in what would it be and who you would you like to play?

Can't wait to see you in Costa Mesa!

Kelly said...

Hey Jake! I have a 2 part question:
1) Who are your musical influences?
2) What inspired your more "romantic" songs in Degrassi?

Carmen Rodriguez said...

Hey Jake.

First, I can't believe I missed it here in Chicago. GRRRRRR!!

1: I know people are dying to know
Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter ?

2: What's one of the most memorable moments you've had [in Spring Awakening]?

3: What or who inspired you to write "Rescue You" ?

4: Will you Marry Me [instead lol] =D or at least give me the opportunity to meet you??

Anonymous said...

What has been the hardest thing to do as an actor?


Have you had more musical or acting influences? (maybe you could name some)
I also just want to say that I love acting and everyone in this cast is such an inspiration to follow my dream of acting in musical theatre and you are all amazing role models as well as actors sharing a story that needs to be shared. <3

Missa said...

[When will Lucas get a POM??]

Hey Jake!

1. If you could be apart of any TV show [past or present] which would it be & what character would you play?

2. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be?

3. Do you remember the first time you heard about Spring Awakening?


Irene from Guam said...

I just thought of a few more questions:
1. When you first joined the Spring Awakening cast, did the other cast members play pranks on you as some sort of "initiation" into the cast?
2. How do you keep yourself healthy, with 8 shows a week?
3. What advice do you have for aspiring actors/actresses?
4. Which cast members did you find easiest to bond with when you first joined the SA family?
5. How long have you been singing and playing guitar?

Anonymous said...

any funny stagedoor stories yet?
have you ever messed up in a scene?
have you ever lost character while onstage in SA?

Anonymous said...

Will you please marry me? :D

Anonymous said...

1. Many Spring Awakening fans would say that this musical has changed our lives. Is there any show that has had a big impact on your life? in what way has it changed your life?

2. When did you decide that acting is what you wanted to do?

Anonymous said...

What's your favorite Melchior scene and why?

What do you think is the most challenging thing about being on tour?

Who are the people you get along most with in the cast? Why do you think you get along so well with them?

Kelley said...

Hi Jake, You're awesome, and I want to see you as Melchi so bad.

Which was more emotionally difficult for you: Degrassi or Spring Awakening?

Since doing Spring Awakening, have you considered a career on Broadway?

If you were to pick a lady from Degrassi to be your Wendla, who would you choose and why?

Young Adults For A Progressive Virginia said...

Hey Jake!
It was so awesome meeting you at the stage door, I started crying. You are so amazing.
I was just wondering if or how could bring any of you character Craig from degrassi to Melchior in Spring Awakening,and what it was like to join an already established cast later in the tour.And will you marry me? love you!

Shalayla said...

Hi, Jake I think you are a great preformer and I have loved you for so long. My question is: What Degrassi character would your Spring Awakening Cast mates be and Why?

Kevin From Boston said...


Degrassi used to be my favorite show and I love Craig's storylines, They were some of my favorite and now you are the lead in my favorite musical, my question is...Why do you keep appearing in my life?

Anonymous said...

What is it like performing amongst American castmates and touring America, while you come from Canada?
Are there any American customs you find weird? or notice any big differences between Canadians and Americans?

Anonymous said...

What is your dream role? either in film/tv or theater?

Rozzie said...

If you guys did another cabaret, what song would you want to sing, and what songs do you think your fellow cast members should sing?

Rozzie said...

TV or Broadway?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jake,
As a huge fan of Degrassi, I was thrilled to see that you joined the cast of my favourite musical. (I saw it 4 times in Toronto, and I wish you guys were all coming back, but I'll have to see it in the next closest place) The role of Melchior is such an intricate and powerful character. I was wondering if you've incorporated parts of any past roles you've played into Spring Awakening. When Spring Awakening came to Toronto, what was the process of you auditioning for the show? Did you meet the cast members first and then audition after seeing it in Toronto?

Have fun,

Keira said...

Hi Jake,

First of all, I just want to say that you are one of my favourite actors! I’ve been a fan since the first time I saw you on The Zack Files, as Cam Dunleavey. It was one of my favourite shows on YTV back then. So of course I was extremely excited when I found out you were joining the cast of Degrassi, because I was already a fan of the show from the first season. I would love to see you in Spring Awakening but the show isn’t coming anywhere near where I live.

So, on with the questions!

In television, usually (if you exclude soap operas lol) when someone joins the cast of a show after it has been on for a while, they're playing a new character, like you did as Craig in season 2 of Degrassi. But in large theatre productions, like Spring Awakening, it tends to be different, obviously. When you joined the cast of Spring Awakening you were taking over a character that had previously been played by some very talented actors. Even though most of the audience seeing you in the role may not have seen the previous actors’ take on the character of Melchior, was it intimidating for you in any way taking over the role? How did it affect your way of looking at and preparing for the role?

I was also wondering if you’re planning to do any more work in television or movies in the near future? Or are you just planning to stay focused on Spring Awakening for right now?

And one last question: Since you/Craig were a part of the Degrassi Movie, can you say whether or not Craig will return to Degrassi at all in season 9? Even just a small cameo?

Nicole said...

-What is your weirdest talent?
-What is the craziest thing you've ever done to get a girl's attention?
-How much of Beyonce's Single Ladies dance do you know? Can you show us your moves?
-What is the most bizarre dream you've ever had?

Lauren, Rachel, & Mimi said...

Hey! Question time.
What do you do in your spare (if you have any) time? From Lauren
What's your favorite episode of Degrassi? From Rachel
If you could have any hair color (i.e. blue, pink, green, etc...), what would it be? From Mimi

Keeley said...

Yes, this is totally in the form of Mrs. Gabor's letter to Moritz. ;]
Mr. Epstein...Jake,
I've spent the entire day thinking of this question.
Truly, I was excited...I was. That you, Craig from Degrassi, would be joining the cast of my favorite musical! Of course, I was sad to hear that Kyle Riabko would be leaving, but what an amazing replacement would be going on for the role of Melchior!
Okay, now that the fun's over, what does it feel like to go from TV to theatre? Also, what do you think is the best part of playing Melchior? How different is he from other characters you've played, like Craig?

Griffen from Boston said...

Hey Jake!

If you were to give your fellow cast members super powers, what would they be and why?
Love you and the show, can't wait to see the tour again when it comes to Connecticut :)

Griffen from Boston said...

Hi Jake :)

In "Dog Sees God", you played CB, and are currently playing Melchior in "Spring Awakening". Both of these characters lose someone, whether it be friend or lover, who they care about deeply. What has been the most difficult part about playing roles such as these onstage?

I love the show and you are an amazing Melchior, and I can't wait to see the tour again when it comes to Connecticut :)

kevin said...

Hi im a young actor (trying to get into college) and I alsways enjoy when this question comes up in acting classes.... Why do you act or what is the most fufilling part about being an actor for you?

griffen alexandra said...

Hey Jake!

Which city are you most excited to visit on tour? Why?
Love you and the show! Can't wait until you guys come to Connecticut so that I can see it again!!!!!!

griffen alexandra said...

Hi Jake!

The first project I ever saw you in was the Disney Channel original movie Quints. Since then, what has been your favorite role to play so far? Which one was your least favorite/most difficult?

Love you and the show!!!!!!!!!

Alex said...

Hey Jake!

Saw you in your second performance as Melchior and thought you did really well.

My question is:

If you could play any other character in the show, male or female, who would you play and why?

Jasmine said...

hey Jake! i just saw the musical and i have to say I LOVED IT!!!!! my question to u is how did you enjoy milwaukee wisconsin??? and what was you thing to do here???

Anonymous said...

what presents have the Spring Awakening fans given you thus far? Please show us some of them :D

Anonymous said...

What is you favorite song to perform in Spring Awakening?
Which song do you wish you could be in?

P.S: your added harmony in "Whispering" was so awesome. I wasn't paying much attention to christy cuz i was staring at you. How does your part go in that song?

Anonymous said...

If you were a girl, what would your name be?
What is your fondest memory in Spring Awakening this far?
What's your most embarrasing moment onstage? any screw-ups or funny stories?
what do you like to do in your free time?

Jessica and Rachelle said...

We were just thrilled (and fortunate!) to see the show twice in Milwaukee, and we've been wondering: what do YOU think happens to Melchior after the show ends?

-- Jessica of WI and Rachelle of VA

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake,

You have played many roles in the past and in the present that deal with controversial issues such as teen pregnancy, drug use, abortion, sex, personality disorders, death, and many others that affect teens today worldwide. How do you think portraying those roles have brought these issues out of the 'taboo' areas where teens and their parents or other adult figures can talk about it? Do you feel like you have accomplished some type of issue hurdle by playing Melchior, Craig, CB, and other characters?

From AMA- Amazingly Mysterious Anonymous ;)

Nicole and Maddy said...

Hello! Our friend Marlene is turning 18 soon and we want her birthday to be extra special so we were wondering if you could send a shoutout to her and personally tell her happy birthday. We're so excited to see you when you come to Costa Mesa. We've already got our tickets!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake,

My question is about how you got the role of Melchior on the tour? What do you think you are bringing to the role that makes the character new to those who have seen the show before?

What has been the most interesting thing that has happened on stage during your run as Melchior so far?

Thanks. P.S. Please stay on the tour til Hartford!

Sara said...

Hey Jakeee!
My questions are:
Are you still going to be Melchoir during the 2010 leg of the tour?
Was it hard to transition from being on tv, to doing plays in Canada, to joining a touring cast for a musical?
Do you see any of yourself in Melchoir? Have you learned anything from playing the character?
If you were to do a CD, who would you like to collaborate with and why?

AND will you not marry me? I have commitment issues. :"D

Laura said...

Jake, I've read that your grandparents are Holocaust survivors and your mom wrote the book, "The Secret of Gabi's Dresser."

Has this affected how you feel about playing such a radical character from pre-war Germany?

Did you have a chance to visit the USHMM in Washington DC or the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie (outside Chicago) while you were touring? What did you think?

Saw you in Chicago and Milwaukee - incredible job!

annette said...

HI JAKE!!! I must say you were amazing when i saw you in Chicago!!

On to the questions:

What has been your biggest screw-up so far onstage??

Since you were not on the Tottaly Trucked video Andy did on pre-show rituals would you care to tell us what you do before the show??

Much Love!
Annette from Chicago

anna said...

Hey Jake,

I would like a hot minute with you!

Full name
Where are you from?
Favorite color?
Whats your favorite animal?
Dream role on Broadway that you want to play?
Favorite song in the show?
Do you have a quirk or a fun fact about you that you would like to share with us?

Anna from Poland :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake-

I was just wondering, at the end of the show, do you think Melchior realizes that Wendla didn't die of anemia? Do you think, in that moment, that he knows what really happened?

Irene from Guam said...

What was your audition process like for Spring Awakening? What song did you audition with?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

What other shows would you like to perform in? and what characters would you like to play?

Anonymous said...

do your religious beliefs contradict Melchior's?

are you supersticious?

what's your take on the "the world's gonna end on Dec. 23 2012" claim?

Anonymous said...

what do you do in your spare time?
any favorite tv shows that you're hooked on?

how come you don't have a CD? (or if you do...i dont know how to find it....) are you planning on making one?

do you have an email where fans can reach you? or twitter?

Anonymous said...

i JUST found out what other movies you've been in in the past (like Quints) and i'm going nuts right now b/c i didnt know it was you. :D
you're amazing! :D <3

Anonymous said...

What was it like being in Dog Sees God?
Do you still keep in touch w/ past cast mates from shows like Dog Sees God and Degrassi?

Anonymous said...

if you could relive one moment in your entire life (either to change it or enjoy it again), what would it be?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU! sorry just had to point that out :P

Anonymous said...

Do you think that your Degrassi fanbase has pigeonholed you into the character of Craig and similar characters? Does your experience on Degrassi help or hinder your performance in Spring Awakening?

Megan said...

Hi Jake ! I met you at the SA cast party in Philadelphia this past summer. (friend of Kyle's,) I was too star struck to think of any words to say to you, but now I would like to know, was there anything specific that compelled you to go from tv shows to a traveling musical?

Also, what is your biggest pet peeve?

Kara Meli said...

This is not a question, I just really want him to know that I am both a rabid fan of Degrassi and Spring Awakening and after goint to see it last night everytime from now on I see him on re-runs of the show I will think "I was 10 feet away from Craig's bare ass, what an accomplishment."

I want to know his reaction to that haha.

Jordyn Berg said...

Hey Jake! Okay, so I have a lot of questions...(:

1. Did Kyle give you any advice before he left??
2. How did you get involved with SA?? Did you originally audition for Melchior??
3. How do SA fans compare to Degrassi fans??
4. How did you decide to make the jump from TV to Broadway??
5. How would you describe your cast members??
6. If you could duet with anybody in the world, who would it be??
7. If you could be any kind of fish, what kind would you be??
8. Finally...Will you marry me??(: Haha

Love you!

Layla :) said...

Hey Jake!!

I first want to say that you're amazing and i was a huge fan of you on Degrassi and can't wait to see you in San Jose!

I have a bunch of questions:

1. How did you get involved with Spring Awakening? What was your audition proccess like?
2. We already know you're a very talented singer, drummer, guitarist, and beatboxer. Do you have any other secret musical talents?
3. Do you have any non-musical secret talents/quirks?
4. What sort of music do you listen to before a show?
5. What was the most daunting/difficult thing you had to do/experience when you first joined the cast? Was there anything that you weren't really used to?
6. Is there any role in particular that you have already played that you think has better prepared you to play Melchior?

Anonymous said...

what was your family's reaction when they learned that you had to have a sex scene onstage?
assuming they've seen the show already, was it awkward for u to know that they were watching you do the hayloft scene?

Catita said...

Hi Jake!!! I have one more question:
Do you like Chile??? Because if you want come here, you'll be always wellcome in my home :)

Anonymous said...

HI Jake,
What other shows were you in before being on
'Degrassi; The Next Generation'? How did you get started in 'Degrassi'? :D :D
Cynthia Dran

Nicole of craig-ashley.com said...

Epstein's a popular fellow! Excuse any repeated questions. =)

-Are you strictly focused on theater or will you work in television or film again?

-What's a movie/television/theater role (any decade) do you fantasize about playing?

-What is your favorite memory so far while touring in Spring Awakening?

-What are 5 things you can't live without while on tour?

-Talk Crashley to me. The Craig & Ashley pairing is still your favorite right? ;) You've been the one to cheer us up with your appreciation for them when all the "Crash" fans are feeling down. Thank you for your loyalty to the power couple. We'll always remember what you brought to Craig Manning & "Crash." The Angsty Artists of Fan Forum (www.fanforum.com/f191) made a project for you, Melissa, and the executive producers recently. I'm sure Stephen Stohn will get it to you. Hope you enjoy it! You and all the creative forces behind "Crash" gave us so much to love and we won't forget them. Best wishes to you from all the "Crash" fans.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just saw you in Kansas city...and woah, can't even begin to describe how much the show and your performance has changed me. Anyway, I'm an aspiring ballet dancer, and from one artist to another, do you have any advice about traveling or the performance world?
Also, on a more interesting note...how about those on stage sex scenes...... were they awkward at all?

Anonymous said...

What is one thing you learned about yourself in the past year that you didn't realize before?

How far do you think you have grown since you first went into acting?

Anonymous said...

when i saw the nude scene the first thing that went through my mind was "lucky you do not have a tattoo on your lower back." When I saw the performance for the song "Totally Fucked" I realized that your choreography for your character is slower than in the German version. Q: Was it somewhat hard to learn the choreography for your character for that song? and do you think it would be harder/easier if you did it faster?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,

I grew up watching you on Degrassi and always enjoyed when they would incorporate your musical talents into your character. I was also thrilled when I found out that you were going to be Melchior in SA Tour.

My question: If you could meet your favorite musician (dead or alive), who would it be and what would be the one question you would ask them?

Can't wait to see you guys in Ft Myers!
Take care, A.

Niew (like Brand New) said...

Hi Jake!

I saw you in D.C and you were amazing!
I was wondering, why did you decide to try out for Spring Awakening?
What was your response when you got it?
If you could be an ice cream flavor what would you be?

Anonymous said...

Okay....I know this is super late but i just thought of it now and had to ask it.

Do you read the Jake Epstein threat on The Guilty Ones?

Stefany said...

First off, the entire cast did an amazing job in Kansas City. The entire show was so incredibly moving and powerful. Last year, I lost a family member and I remember listening to "Those You've Known" a lot after her passing, so being able to see it performed was really an amazing experience for me.

Okay, onto my question. Since I'm a bit of a bookworm, I have to ask: do you enjoy reading in your spare time? If so, what book are you currently reading and what is your favorite book of all time?

Layla :) said...

Hey just one more QUICK important question. it'd really help if you answered this cuz there's a lot of fakes out there but,

do you have twitter??

Anonymous said...

the 2nd thought that went through my mind upon seeing the nude scene was "if you did have a tattoo on your lower backside, they would have to write in the play that you have an unusual birthmark." I have a tattoo on my lower backside so thus explains my thought.
Q: Have you ever thought of going to the UK and doing musical theatre in London? I have a couple of friends in the business that have done that. you should check out the Hungarian version of the song "Totally Fucked." Go to YouTube and type "Tavaszébredés - B**tt Világ," and it will come up. The choreography is quite different.

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