Next Profile of the Month: Steffi D!

Please post your questions for Steffi D below.

Questions are due 5 pm Sunday, March 29th. You've got 5 days! Go!


Anonymous said...

Yay i'm the first person to post a question.
Here's my question:
Are you and Kyle Riabko dating?

Anonymous said...

Why did you move from Canada to the US and star in spring awakening?
How did it all happen for you?

Angelo (from Guam) said...

Yay, second person!

Here's my question:

If you would play another part in the musical other than Ilse, which character would you play?

What gave you the inspiration to have your hair uneven? I think it's really cool.

What felt different when you moved from Canadian Idol, to some television work and then Spring Awakening?

Finally: What's the best thing that you would take out from this experience of the tour and bring with you when you perform some other show?

Thank you and I hope to see the show (if I wasn't about thousands miles away)

Irene (from Guam) said...

Who or what is your inspiration?

What's your favorite musical and favorite role?

Favorite song and lyric from Spring Awakening?

Favorite song outside of Spring Awakening?

Greg said...

Hey Steffi!
What is the coolest or weirdest thing that's happeded to you or any other cast member at the stage door?

Jeff (from New Jersey) said...

what is it like constantly playing a new venue... each theatre you guys play in is so different in layout and size, is it a hard adjustment, especially with the first few performances making sure you hit each of your marks and don't get disoriented?

(Seen the show 7 times in NY, can't wait for Philly on June 27!)

Anonymous said...

have you ever watched a performance of the touring company with and understudy covering your role? what was that experience like? and if you didn't is it something you would like to do?

Anonymous said...

can you tell a few funny "blooper" stories from performances?

Anonymous said...

What do you plan on doing after Spring Awakening? Do you think you will continue to do musical theatre?

elizabeth j said...

Hey Steffi!
When I saw the show I was blown away by your voice because it has such a unique quality that is different from anything I have heard lately...I think that it is very relevant and current. On that note...

(1) Do you plan on or have you considered pursuing a music career in Canada and/or the United States other than musical theatre?
(2) If so, do you songwrite your own material?
If not, would write scripts/music for musicals or plays?

I hope to hear you around for a while!
elizabeth j

Lauren Noel said...

If you could only eat one food the rest of your life, what would it be? :)

Meg said...

Steffi, how did the experiance on Canadian Idol help prep you in your music career? Did it help you "get into character" more?

Tiffany said...

Do you feel any pressure to represent Canada when you are performing?

Does the cast ever make fun of you or tease you because you are Canadian?

Are there any big differences in performing in Canada rather than the US?

Being a Canadian in an almost all American cast, do you find that they approach certain aspects of performing differently?

yaemea said...

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? And do you still want to be it?

Hannah said...

Hey Steffi!
I saw Spring Awakening in Tampa and now am obsessively trying to figure out how I can see it again. I cannot express how much I loved it. Anyway, questions:

What is your favorite scene to perform in Spring Awakening?
What's your favorite movie?
What has been your favorite tour stop so far?


Chris said...

Hey Steffi!
I'm a huge fan of yours, what would your advice be for someone aspiring to be in spring awakening national tour?

and whats the weirdest thing to happen to you guys when on stage?

i live in new jersey and im hoping so hard that i can get tickets to see it in pittsburgh!!
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi we're brothers, Mark & Noel from L.A. (the guy who brought wine for the cast).

We each have a question:

1)Who are currently on your top 10 music artists/albums to listen to and/or have inspired your music career?


2) If you were a broadway producer, which musicals would you cast each cast member in and why?

Nous vous aimons, Steffi !

Mary (from Cleveland) said...

Hey Steffi,
Are any of your family members involved with musical theatre?

Yeoshina said...

Hey Steffi!
Just 3 Questions. :)
How did you get cast on Moitie Moitie?

What are your favorite TV shows/movies?
(If you don't have any, may I suggest Summer Heights High and Skins)

Have you ever encountered a last name longer than yours?
Love, Yeoshina (yo-she-na) <3

Bradley said...

Hey Steffi,
You rock :)

I can see that the whole cast is like a family and that you all are really close friends, but who are your favorite cast members to hang out with,sorta like best friends?

Ben and Elaine said...

Can a friend and I have a shoutout? We love you so much. You're our favorite!
-Ben and Elaine

Julia F said...

Who would win: a ninja or a pirate?

Stephi D. said...

What is your favorite song, and if you could ever record with anyone, who would it be with and why?

Cassie C. said...

Hey Steffi,
I'm just wondering, if Ilse lived in modern times, what kind of music would she listen to, and what kind of style would she have?

Cassie C. from Philly

Michelle F. said...

Hey Steffi,

When you were little, how long did it take you to learn how to spell your last name? :)

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a moment on stage when something has gone wrong (aka props breaking, etc) when the cast has had to ad lib? If so, tell us about it!

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Anonymous said...

If you make a video for profile of the month like kyle did, can you pronounce your last name for us again?

Anonymous said...

Do you still turn into caesar salad at night? :P

Samantha said...


If you could be a fortune cookie, what would you say?


- Samantha from NJ (see you on June 28th, i just bought tickets!)

Anonymous said...

Are you single? =)

Sara said...

Hey Steffi!
First of all you rock!

Second, if you could play any other role in Spring Awakening, what would it be and why?

And third, how do you actually pronounce your last name?!


Olivia Me. said...

first of all, i love you as ilse! your voice is so beautiful and your performance is wonderful!

these are some questions that you ask other cast members in your Hot Minutes:
What's your full name?
faves: color? animal? song to perform and/or to listen to?
And what quirks do you have?

And this isn't a question, but my friend sent me a link to this cute little French girl who sort of reminds me of you! I think the hair cut and the french has a lot to do with it and her bubbly, fun, adorable personality, too! :) her name is Capucine.



Julia said...

You've got the market cornered on this whole bow thing! Possible business venture in the future, riiiight? ;)

Tiffany said...

Got another question! Haha.

What is your dream role and favourite musical?

Anonymous said...

Are you and Kyle dating? And what's your favorite color?

demi said...

Is there anything special that you bring to each tour stop with you, like to deal with homesickness?

demi said...

oh and you're too awesome! lol

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Aubrey Marshall said...

In a life or death situation, what's plausibly the largest animal you could take down with your bare hands?

With big Texas love,

Greg said...

Hey Steffi,
Sorry, I had two more questions lol:

1.) What has been your favorite tour stop and why?

2.) Which cast member have you gotten the closest to while on tour with Spring Awakening?

Thanks!! :P

Katherine said...

I just read a comment that asked if you and Kyle were dating. Now that you are in the public eye, do you find it uncomfortable that people want to know a bunch of personal details about you? Has there been any rumours about you that are completely untrue/ made you laugh?

Lisa from Minneapolis said...

How difficult is it for you to be on tour with Spring Awakening?

What city has been your favorite so far on the tour?

What has been the...
- funniest
- scariest
- best
- worst
moment since starting the nation tour?

P.S. You are an amazing performer. I've actually thought that if I was somehow cast, I would play Ilse. :)

Sophie said...

Hey! What was the funnies onstage mishap you had doing Spring Awakening?

Sophie said...

Hey Steffi! Your hair is so fierce. Can you show us what your hair cut looks like from the back?

Anonymous said...

haha I like the last one! I always have wondered that as well :P

Smoothie Queens Laura & Mia said...

Hi Steffi. Does 'Steffi' stand for something, or is it your real name?

Smoothie Queens Laura & Mia said...

How do you relate to your character?

Smoothie Queens Laura & Mia said...

is there any drama, romance, frienships, etc...backstage?

Anonymous said...

How different is performing in Spring Awakening compared to when you were on Canadian Idol?

Lara said...

How do you pronounce your last name??

David from Harlingen, TX said...

Hey Steffi, saw the show in Houston and noticed that a lot of the time the audience wasn't really getting into the show. My question to you is - when you know an audience isn't really getting into or caring about the show, do you put a lot more into your performance to try to bring them in? Or do you save your energy for an audience that will appreciate it?

Ivan from So Cal said...


What is the most outrageous moment you have captured on your flip video camera? Also, having one myself how often do you get asked what it is or are you filming? Thanks, =]]

Glynis (from Guam) said...

If you could have any role you wanted (it doesn't have to be in Spring Awakening), what would it be?
Also, what do you like or dislike most about tour life?

Enid said...

Hi Steffi, my question is: when Moritz call Ilse before his suicide, do you want to come back on-stage sometimes?

Kisses from Poland

Smoothie Queens Laura & Mia said...

What was it like meeting the guy who invented the Flip camera at the airport (Flips are awesome!)?

Anonymous said...

Your hair is awesome; how do you get it to stay uneven?

Andie (from CANADA) said...

Hey Steffi D

First off Canada Rocks!!
Second, Where did your inspiration come from for your youtube move "The invasion" ??

Personally i think it should win an oscar :)

Nicole said...

If you could live in any other time period, what would it be?

What is your favorite childhood memory?

What do you do to pass time? Do you have any hobbies?

Ruel said...

How do you properly say your last name? And if you could live in any of the tour cities which would be in your top 3?

Emily said...

If you could spend time with anyone in the world (living or dead) who would it be and what would you talk about?

Anonymous said...

Hey Steffi, first of all let me say that I'm a huge fan. I saw the show three times in LA and was fortunate enough to meet you all three times, you probably don't remember me. Ok I have a few questions:

1) If Ilse was to live in our times, what high school clique would she be in or how would you describe her in high school?
2) How would you describe yourself in high school?
3) What country would you want to live in?
4) What's your favorite cartoon?
5) Meat or vegetables? Why?

BTW I just realized my name is in your last name lol.

Adam said...

What do you think about the recent cancellation of Canadian Idol?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get your hair cut straight? I already know... because it looks fantastic lopsided :D It really does.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of High School Musical?

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite city on the tour so far and why?

Anonymous said...

who is your best friend in the spring awakening cast?

Anonymous said...

What song do you like singing more "Blue Wind" or "The Dark I Know Well" ?

Anonymous said...

What is your dream role in a musical?

Anonymous said...

Do you prefer black or blue pens to write with?

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Anonymous said...

If you were a crayon what color would you be and why?

Anonymous said...

Do you like girl scout cookies?

Anonymous said...

What is your pre-performance ritual?

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite place to shop?

Anonymous said...

if you could change your name what would you change it to?

Anonymous said...

do you prefer pepsi or coke?

Anonymous said...

what was your biggest mistake you made during a performance of Spring Awakening?

Anonymous said...

What is you favorite juice flavor?

Anonymous said...

If you had to date one of the Spring Awakening cast members who would you choose and why?

Anonymous said...

who is your favorite character in spring awakening?

Anonymous said...

what kind of lotion do you use?

Anonymous said...

what motivated you to audition for Spring Awakening?

Anonymous said...

do you play any instruments?

Anonymous said...

what is your view on partial birth abortion?

Anonymous said...

You went to Cosi!?!? I went to Cosi!!!!

Anonymous said...

will you adopt me?

Anonymous said...

why don't you love me?

Cameron (from near Ottawa,Ontario) said...

Hey Steffi, you are really amazing! Here's my question for you. How would you compare being on stage in 'Spring Awakening', and being on stage on 'Canadian Idol'? And which one (if any) made/makes you more nervous?!

Anonymous said...

define malumprohibitum

Anonymous said...

were you ever in a spelling bee?

Anonymous said...

do you like spelling bees?

Anonymous said...

what size pants do you wear?

Anonymous said...

do you like pants?

Anonymous said...

why don't you like pants?

Anonymous said...

do you like green vegetables?

Anonymous said...

what do you miss most about home?

Anonymous said...

when you are on tour to you have "vacations" for christmas?

Anonymous said...

how many speeding tickets have you received in your lifetime?

Anonymous said...

how much do you weigh?

Anonymous said...

If you had to play one of the boy parts in Spring Awakening which one would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

will you guys give a shout out on TotallyTRUCKED to me on my birthday, May 8th?

Peter (from LA) said...

Have you guys ever played pirates with tomahawks and wigwams?

Rhianne (from Long Island) said...

hey steffi! i think you're amazingly talented and absolutely stunning!
here's my question:
if you were found in a refrigerator, what would you be and why?

Anonymous said...

Will you accept fan requests on facebook?

Goober said...

Do you ever check The Guilty Ones?

Sophie said...

Which song in Spring Awakening that you are not in do you wish you were?

Sophie said...

Which is your favorite song to watch every night?

Sophie said...

What did you dream about last night?

Anonymous said...

If you could trade roles with someone in Spring Awakening [boy or girl] who would it be?

Marianna Wheelan said...

What is your favorite:
a. Broadway Show?
b. Moment in Spring Awakening?
c. Brand of conditioner?
d. Candy?
e. Gift a fan has given you?
f. Youtube artist?

Bobby Mailer said...

Can you please ask Hanschen Rilow if he likes me?

Anonymous said...

d0o y0u lykk whenn peoplee tyYype lykk this*~?

Sophie said...

What was it like performing a dress rehearsal at the Eugene O'Neill for the Broadway cast members?

Irene said...

If you were a man, what would your name be?

What guy role would you play in spring awakening?

Nicole said...

In your opinion what are the 5 greatest songs in the world?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any pre or post-show rituals?

Which is your favorite costume: the sailor suit, the white shirt, or the green dress?

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Anonymous said...

when can we expect this wonderful video? (hopefully a video blog!)

Anonymous said...

Did you notice your hair is crocked!?

Do you ever get nervous before you go on?

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