We're Back!

We're Back! Thanks for your patience, everybody. Soon there will be more videos on our TotallyTrucked YouTube channel too! This will become a more interactive and more frequently updated blog, so please subscribe to it now so you can post comments and give us suggestions.


We are kicking things back into gear by introducing a new feature called "What Would You Do?" Here's how it works:

We all know the best way to get to know a city is with a local. So if you are from (or know anything about) St. Louis, East Lansing, Cleveland or Toronto, we want your recommendations for things that the cast should do in your city--restaurants, clubs, sights, places of interest, etc. The cast will create videos and blog posts based on some of their favorite suggestions!
The deadlines are:

February 4th for St. Louis, MO
February 18th for East Lansing, MI
February 25th for Cleveland, OH
March 11th for Toronto, Canada

(edited..we left off Cleveland originally by mistake! Sorry!)

Leave your suggestions as a blog comment below (remember to include the name of the city you are writing in about).


Secondly, we will be profiling a cast member, musician or company member each month. Andy Mientus, who plays Hanschen, will be the first profile in honor of our upcoming stops in Michigan and Pittsburgh. Andy, who is a native of Pittsburgh, was in the musical theatre program at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor ( about an hour from East Lansing) before we whisked him away. Many of you know that Andy actually created what has now become the official Facebook group for Spring Awakening. His passion for the show turned into a dream come true when he found out he booked the part. Nice to see that dreams really do come true!

Have a question for Andy? Leave your questions as a blog comment below. He will answer many of them in next month's profile. Deadline for questions is February 18th.

Thanks for being a fan. If you know friends and family in our upcoming cities who may not have heard the news, be sure to tell them not to miss us!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... Toronto, eh? (No pun intended, XD) I know that this is overdone, but how about the CN tower? The Roy Tompson Hall would be nice too, maybe the Hockey Hall of fame? Go to Yonge and Bloor for some shopping, all the really nice stores are around there. If you guys feel up to it, Canada's Paramount Wonderland has some pretty awesome rides (it's an amusement park). The distillery district is pretty cool too. Niagra falls would be a good place to go on a monday or something.

For places to eat, how about the old spaghetti factory? Medieval Times is a pretty cool pace too with live jousting.

Elizabeth said...

Okay, so what would you do?

St. Louis
Going up in the arch is a given. If you haven't done it before, you need to do it at least once. Once you get your ticket for the arch, you might have a while before your tram leaves so while you're inside, you need to see the Museum of Westward Expansion. It's pretty cool.

Also, you need to go to City Museum. Gabe Violett (from the broadway cast) will vouch for this place. He recommended it to me in the first place. It used to be the International Shoe Company and an artist bought out the space and turned it into a giant adult playground. I think it's like $13 a person to get in, but it's great fun.

And lastly, you need to see Laclede's Landing, specifically 2nd Street. It's a cobblestone street in a little area next to the Jefferson National Memorial (the arch) with a bunch of restaurants/sports bars/etc. Just a cool place in general to check out.

The Fox Theatre is also down the road from Saint Louis University. We have the country's most unusual college mascot: The Billiken. It's a nonexisten creature dreamed up by an art teacher in 1908 that was accepted by the world as a sign of good luck. Not really much of an attraction, but visitors seem to find it amusing.

And just a word to the wise, they shut down a large chunck of I-64/44 from Kingshighway Blvd out west to I-270 for quite a while so if you plan on taking that anywhere, I would find another way to go like I-44 or I-70.

You'll have a great time here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, I'm Greg and I'm originally from St. Louis. If you guys are looking for a really great time, I recommend the City Museum!


They have tons of really interesting things to do. I really love the enchanted caves. I could spend days treking my way through them.

Truly, this isn't an average museum. It's a very active place. There is lots of room to run and to explore. And, in fact, it is encouraged. If you are looking for a place you can just relax, this wouldn't be the best option. But, if you want to feel like a little kid again it may just be the perfect place to do so.

Also, I know you are very busy and such. An added bonus is that they are open until 1 AM on Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure of your performance schedule, but maybe that could be of some use to you.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy coming to St. Louis. It has always been and will always be one of my favorite places here in the USA.


Lex said...

First of all the closest place for the food near the Fox is the Best Steakhouse. Now just because it says it’s the best, doesn’t mean it is.
City Museum- open til 1am on Friday and Saturdays. Essentially an adult playground. Just do your SM favor and don’t get stuck in some hole you can’t get out of.
Tigin- a bar with imported beer. The Sweeney Todd cast approves of it. It’s for people who care what they’re drinking.
Imos- flat pizza, it’s a St. Louis thing. As is toasted ravioli.
Art Museum, Science Center, History Museum and the Zoo..all in the same location if you feel like taking a field trip.
The Hill- an area of amazing Italian restaurants
Lumiere Casino is pretty new, if you want something less flashy there’s the Casino Queen.

That’s what I got for now.


HarryPotterRENThead said...

Ideas of what to do in Toronto:
~The CN Tower
-It's the most obvious of tourist destinations but really neat to see.

~Bata Shoe Museum
-I'm fairly certain that this is the only shoe museum out there.

~Ontario Science Center
-It's a 15 minute drive but it is so cool! Website: http://www. ontariosciencecentre. ca/default. asp

~Art Gallery of Ontario
-Website: http://www. ago. net/

~toronto. com has a lot of really great stuff if you're looking for restaurants, clubs, and other cool stuff to see and do.

Can't wait to see you guys in March!

-Alison :)

Chris said...

Although I live nowhere near those cities...I've got some questions for Andy!

1.) How long do you plan on staying with the tour?
2.) What's your absolute favorite part of the tour so far?
3.) Any rituals you have before you get on stage each night?
4.) Are there any cities you wish the tour would have stopped in?
5.) What was your first stage kiss like...or was Ben your first?
6.) Any ideas for what you'll do after you leave the tour?

Sorry...I'm a journalist. I got carried away. Haha.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy, If you had to have one song stuck in your head for a year, what would it be? (doesn't have to be SA)

Also, If you were a potato, would you rather be mashed or boiled in a stew?

Love, Jaimie and Grant.

TheOtherMe said...

I live nowhere in those cities too, but I got some questions! If you were a TV Show, what would it be? And what kind of Dance (for example, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom) do you like to do when you had spare time. And one final question? Any Chicago Natives? 'Cause SA needs some Chi-Town Flavor!

Bryce A. Lister said...

Columbus, Ohio!
You guys will be here this week.
Check out UNION the bar on High Street has a SHOWTUNES NIGHT on Sunday evenings... perfect to relax after closing your show.
If you need things to do here.. I can suggest a few things... Email if you would like.

Anonymous said...

i've visited those cities before,
but i don't really have anything untouristy to suggest or that's not already been suggested. haha.

now if you were saying indianapolis or someplace in southern cali, i could overflow you will suggestions. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, while you were here in Oregon you should have stopped bye the coast and went to sea lion caves...Ugh, you guys should come to Florence, Or. Haha,probably not. but w/e

iyebako said...

Hey SA! You guys will be in Columbus Ohio this week! I definitely think you should check out the Wexner Center on the Ohio State campus they have an Andy Warhol exhibition right now. And if you are in the mood for Tapas you should try the Burgundy Room in the Short North.

Olivia M. said...

Andy Mientus! You are so amazing! My friends and I love you as Hanschen!

What is your favorite viral youtube video?
& your favorite language that you speak or wish to speak?

Thank you!
I can't wait to see you guys in St. Louis!

Catielyn said...



CN Tower/Sky Dome (Roger's Center) - http://www.cntower.ca/
Niagara Falls - http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/
Royal Ontario Museum - http://www.rom.on.ca/
Casa Loma - http://www.casaloma.org/
Chum City Building (You guys should go on Much on Demand as guests)


The Old Spaghetti Factory - http://www.oldspaghettifactory.ca/
Aunties and Uncles - 74 Lippincott St. (Great bruch/lunch food)
Pickle Barrel - http://www.picklebarrel.ca/

While in Toronto you must try a Quebec traditional dish called Poutine. It's Fries with Gravy and Cheese Curds. This blog has some of the best places to get it in Toronto: http://www.blogto.com/toronto/the_best_poutine_in_toronto/

Eaton's Center - http://www.torontoeatoncentre.com
Vaughan Mills - http://vaughanmills.shopping.ca
Square One - http://www.shopsquareone.com
Kensignton Market
St. Lawrence Market
The Distillery District (A lot of movies are filmed here and some great places to shop and eat at)

Anonymous said...

Hey can you put up some of the old videos from san francisco and other places we didn't get to see? that would be totally neat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, to add on, I completely agree with Catielyn, poutine is the best! You should also try beaver tails if you get the chance, but I'm not sure where you can find them in the city. I know that there's a place at blue mountain, which you should go to if you get the chance. It's really pretty there and there's a ton of stuff to do there. Also, the African Lion Safari is a pretty cool place too, XD

Anonymous said...

In Toronto you need to go to,

Eaton Centre (shopping)
Queen Street (shopping)
Mr. Greenjeans (Food)
Kensington Market
St Lawrence Market
Distillery District

Anonymous said...

I go to school in East Lansing (MSU, baby!) and I have a couple suggestions.

-Beggar's Banquet (http://www.beggarsbanquet.com/aboutus.htm) is a really good restaurant that I love going to, especially before shows.

-El Azteco is a really good place to eat if you're looking for really good Mexican food, I highly recommend it :)

-Just walking down Grand River, you find a bunch of good restaurants and things to do.

-The campus itself is really pretty, even if it's a tad freezing, so if you're feeling adventurous, a walk around campus is fun, just bundle up!

-Eastwood Towne Center is a nice outdoor mall and it's a nice place to shop or find a good restaurant. There's also a nice movie theater there :) http://www.shopeastwoodtownecenter.com/

-If you're looking to go to a club, Club Xcel is a good one (http://www.xcelloungedancebar.com/index.php), as well as Spiral (http://www.spiraldancebar.com/).

Well, I'm drawing a blank for more right now but if I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post it!

Ray said...

Cleveland OH
-Rock and Roll hall of fame (of course!)
- Union Station/Bounce is the main gay bar in cleveland (it's not the best but you know you just have to deal with it). View is also a cool club (21 & up... i've never been though since i still have 8 months >.<
-Tommy's in Coventry is a cute vegan restaurant, also civilization in tremont is my favorite coffee shop.
-Legacy Village (quite a lot of nice restaurants here) and Beachwood malls are very nice and great places to go.
- Subway on E 18th and Euclid (just because that's where this broke college kid makes his money... and hey if you let me know you're in the cast you'll totally get discounted-free)
- Of course parties at CSU... Case... and John Carrol (if the whole college party thing is your scene!)
Enjoy our ghetto city! It's great here!

Mimi said...

Who do you share a dressing room with? Any funny/unusual things that you have?
What do you like to do after the show?

Anonymous said...

St. Louis:

1. Go to The Magic House (http://www.magichouse.org/index.htm). I mean it. This is a MUST-SEE. Bonus: It's all indoors, so it's very February-friendly.

2. Take a tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery (http://www.budweisertours.com/). The tour is free and super interesting and, if you're 21+, you get free samples of tasty beer!

3. Forest Park has several fun attractions.(http://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/parks/forestpark/). The Art Museum (http://www.slam.org/) and Science Center (http://www.slsc.org/) are both free and very fun. Unless they've swapped out installations, the Art Museum has an amazing Egyptian collection. Very cool.

4. If it's not TOO freezing cold while you're there, St. Louis has a world-class zoo that offers free admission (http://www.stlzoo.org/). Highly recommended.

5. Grant's Farm (http://www.grantsfarm.com/) is a combination zoo / historical park / beer garden that is SO much fun. (Again, though, almost everything is outside, so skip it if it's too cold.) If you're 21+, free beer tastings await you. God bless Anheuser Busch.

6. If it snows while you're in STL, buy a cheap sled and go sledding at "Art Hill." It's in Forest Park, right in front of the Art Museum, and it's some of the best sledding you'll ever experience.

7. How can you visit STL and NOT go to the top of the arch (http://www.gatewayarch.com/Arch/index.aspx)? It's relatively inexpensive, and there's a free museum under the arch that's fairly interesting. Plus, the views from the top of the arch are pretty unbelievable, so be sure to go on a clear day.

8. For cool shopping and bars, check out the Central West End (http://www.thecwe.com/) and the Delmar Loop (http://www.ucityloop.com/).

9. If you're 21+, there are several riverboat casinos around town. My pick for best casino is Lumiere Place (http://www.lumiereplace.com/casino.aspx).

10. If you're looking for amazing food, DO NOT MISS The Hill. It's the old Italian section of STL, and the restaurants are top-notch. Go to Cunetto's (http://www.cunetto.com/). You will thank me. (Keep in mind, however, that they do not take reservations, so your best bet is to get there about 20 minutes before they open and wait in line. I promise it's worth it.)

11. If you get a chance, go see the St. Louis Blues play (http://blues.nhl.com/). STL is an amazing sports town, and the energy at any sporting event there cannot be beat. Plus, the newish sporting arena is pretty awesome.

12. I haven't had the pleasure of checking out the City museum, but I've heard nothing but good things.

Have a great time in St. Louis!

Greg said...

Hey TotallyTrucked!
Living near Cleveland, I would recommend Malley's Chocolates. It is a famliy owned chocolate shop, and it is AMAZING!

I would also recommend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. :) Also a very nice place to visit!


Dylan M said...

As far as Cleveland goes, we have some great restaurants, museums, and clubs.

There is:
Fat Fish Blue
Blue Pointe Grill
Tommy's (try their famous milkshakes) and Mongolian Barbeque (both in Coventry which is a bit of a drive away)
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (a MUST)
Mama Santa's in Little Italy
Great Lake Science Center

Anonymous said...

Questions for Andy:
What is your favorite snack?
How long have you been a vegetarian?
Do you ever wish YOU could play Melchior... or Wendla?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're (the almighty, anonymous blogger, hehe) looking for serious questions or not, but just for funsies...

Andy, if you were found in a refrigerator/freezer, what would you be and why? :)

On a more serious note: What's the stage door experience like in your eyes? What's it like seeing throngs of people lined up each night and are there any particularly memorable moments that have stuck with you?

Anonymous said...

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ...OF COURSE
and The Coventry area is really cool too and maybe check out a concert at the grog shop

Anonymous said...

in cleveland !

passionatepitome said...

city museum in STL has flashlight nights (no lights, only flashlights) so that should be fun for a totally trucked vblog...

Q for A:

1. Has tour life lived up to all of your expectations? Has anything about it surprised you?

2. Do you feel like you have a bigger connection with SA fans since you started out as a pivotal fan?

3. What celebrity would you love to see in the audience?

4. If SA were ever turned into a movie, would you be interested in playing Hanschen?

5. What are some things that always travel with you on the road?

6. Has the hectic tour life stifled your creativity? Are you still able to write/compose/be inspired between the constant changing of cities and climates and hotel rooms?

7. Are you sick of being blond?

8. What has been your strangest on stage audience moment?

9. What's more exciting: opening night or closing night?

10. What's your hands down favorite drink?

passionatepitome said...

last one!!

write your memoir in six words. Use six words - exactly six words - to tell who you are, where you've been, what you're thinking, etc.

karenie said...

so toronto! all very good suggestions above, so i figured i'd slip in some less touristy ones for you, since you'll be here a little while.

if you're looking for good live music of the local indie variety, queen street west is the direction to head, i recommend picking up a copy of NOW (free every thursday) and myspace stalking the listings until you find something you like - good venues are the horseshoe tavern, tattoo rock parlor, el mocambo, bovine sex club, (and many others) for the rock aficionados. there's good jazz at the rex hotel, also on queen west.
if you're looking for somewhere to chill and have a few drinks and something to eat, try little italy, on the college street strip - i like mini, but the whole neighbourhood has good resto-lounges.
there's also kensington market, which has a little of everything - vintage shops and vegetarian restaurants, (my favourite yarn shop if anyone's a knitter), cute places to eat, live music at night (the boat is a good spot) and dancing at supermarket.

NOW is actually a good resource in general, to tell you what is going on in the city. (it's the one in the green box) if you're navigating public transit, i find http://myttc.ca/ one of the best sites to figure out a route.

see you at the show, opening night in toronto!

Anonymous said...

A question for Andy:

Who is your favorite Fraggle from Fraggle Rock? Mines Boober, he's pretty much awesome.

Stephani Meredith said...

Hello from East Lansing!

I am a student here at Michigan State University and I have some recommendations for you.

If you want to go shopping, there is Meridian Mall nearby right down Grand River Ave. Grand River itself also has a lot of shops down by campus.

For food, there are a lot of good restaurants on Grand River. Among some of the restaurants are Old Chicago, Bennigans, the Peanut Barrel, Denny's, numerous mexican and fast food restaurants.

Also, Snyder Hall, which is right down the street from the Wharton Center where you will be performing, has THE BEST cafeteria on campus. Its called the gallery and the food is anything but what you would think of as 'typical dorm food'. There are a lot of different food options and a lot of delicious desserts. I HIGHLY recomend it.

MSU campus is one of the most beautiful campuses around. It is definitly worth walking around and enjoying the sites.

If you need any more suggestions or if you would like a tour, you can email me at meredi39@msu.edu and me and my friends are more than happy to show you around campus and the Gallery.

I will see you all on stage soon! Happy Touring!


Anonymous said...

In St. Louis there are a million things to do.

Obviously the City museum. It's this giant place that's like an adult play ground, but it's made out of all these recycled materials. It's amazingly fun.
The Arch is a given.

I would go to Ted Drew's. It's weird to eat ice cream during the winter, but if you like any form of ice cream, Ted Drew's has the best.

The Loop has the most amazing clothing shops, and has the best food places. Fitz's is amazing, as is Blueberry Hill.

There are a lot of bar/restaurants that are locally owned, and just randomly pick them can be fun.

Can't wait until you guys get here!
Another St. Louis food place is Gus's pretzels.

We're really big on food, Panera started here for a reason.

Rachel said...

Yay! Andy! Me and my friends wrote (sorta) a song about you! We're huge fans LOL. Anyway, hmmmmmm, questions.....

1. How many times had you seen Spring Awakening on Broadway/Off-Broadway before you were cast?
2. Do you prefer your hair blonde?
3. Is Ben a good kisser? (you've probably been asked that like, a million times.....)
4. Who was the first person in the cast that you met? (like at the audition or something)
5. Now that you're in the show, do you think Rosie O'Donnell was psychic (when you did the Degrassi/SA thing)? LOL
6. What's it like to have fans stagedoor every night? Do you ever get tired of it?

Okay, sorta random but whatever....:P

svr said...

so like everyone else has already said, you cannot come to STL without going to the city museum. trust me, your inner child will LOVE it. just make sure you wear comfy clothes and tennis shoes! and bring your camera - that would be a great idea for a video or blog

the magic house is really fun too, but i think it tends to cater to a much younger audience...i dont think that you would have nearly as much fun there than at the city museum.

the zoo here really is world class, so if its not too cold you should definately go, but like other people have said, make sure you plan directions carefully because the whole I-64 shutdown is a real bummer.

from what ive heard, you guys like sushi, so you should check out Drunken Fish - it has the best sushi EVER, and really good california rolls for krystina :] there are a few locations...one is in the central west end (which is almost downtown and probably the closest to the theater)

i also second fitz's and/or blueberry hill, both are in the loop, and both are st. louis traditions. ted drews IS a st. louis staple, but it might be a little cold for ice cream in february...

again with the whole february thing, i know it will probably be cold, but forest park is really beautiful - its like our mini central park, so if you get a fairly warm day you should check it out.

Anonymous said...

Toronto Recc's!!!!

Touristy things worth doing:
1) The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) - super awesome.
2) The Toronto Zoo (in April this would be better weather wise but it's open year-round). They have a really wonderful variety of animals. I love it.
3) The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) - Recently re-opened after extensive renos.
4) Take a wander along the Harbourfront area (Queen's Quay west) and swing by the Music Garden (near Bathurst). Very cool. I took a ton of pictures last time I went.

Note - City Pass offers a deal to do a bunch of attractions for cheaper than usual - I think you have to hit them all in a week. Google it up. The deal for Toronto is decent.

Places To Eat:
1) Spring Rolls - Chain joint but really fantastic service and food.
2) Get your late night food fix at Fran's, which is RIGHT by the Canon. All night diner.
3) Everest - on Queen near John - does decent Tibetan food.
4) Little India - Queen street west of Yonge - All you can eat Lunch buffet. Amazing butter chicken.
5) Smoke's Poutinerie: Since you're not hitting Montreal at this time, you MUST try poutine! This place offers 11 varieties, and features vegetarian options. Hooray! If you're not veggie, try the pulled pork variety. But try the traditional first - get the classic flavour.
6) The Central - located near Bathurst station, this little cafe is fantastic fun and has the best sweet potato fries ever.

For those 19+ (our legal age is lower here), clubs to check out:
1) The Phoenix - Head in Saturday night and rock out to alt rock/retro.
2) The Mod Club - you can guess at the decor. My fave concert venue, they also do clubbing.

For more tips and advice and also to find out about local events that come up...

1) blogto.com has a great restaurant finder and I have yet to be steered wrong
2) Now Magazine is a weekly freebie paper and also online - comes out on Thursdays

Really, just wander all the neighbourhoods. Grab day passes for the TTC and subway to your heart's content all day and check places out like Chinatown, the Annex, the Beaches...

Looking forward to your arrival! Have four sets of tickets itching for use!

Lauren said...

Hey Andy,

Who in the cast do you think has the best fashion sense (off stage)??

Katie said...

How does it feel going to East Lansing to preform SA as a Michigan Alum?

Katie said...

In East Lansing:

You guys should definitely stop by Insomnia Cookie. Nothing beats one of their White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies. Sounding like I'm being paid to do this. Location: 603 East Grand River Ave.
They're true to their name, by the way.

Anonymous said...

How does the cast pick rooms with each other in the hotels? do you get assigned people or do you just choose who you want to room with?

Anonymous said...

Question for Andy:
Is it you who is talking on the "please turn off your cell phones" recording?

Anonymous said...

When you're in East Lansing, you should definitely check out campus (even if it is cold)... it's a beautiful and big campus!

Downtown East Lansing has tons of restaurants and stores just down Grand River. A few non-chain restaurants you should check out in downtown EL are Harrison Roadhouse, Beggar's Banquet, and El Azteco... If you have time, you should also check out downtown Lansing (10 minutes away from EL), there are many great bars and a few great restaurants there as well (Troppo has awesome food and atmosphere for drinks, the Exchange and the Harem are great bars as well)...

For shopping, there are lots of stores along Grand River (American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Noble) as well as the Meridian Mall and Eastwood Town Centre (both like 10 minutes from East Lansing). At the two malls, there are also a ton of restaurants (PF Chang's, Outback, Champps, Bravo) and movie theatres!

Also, there are a couple cool museums in the area - Kregse Art Museum in East Lansing, Impressions 5 in Downtown Lansing, Michigan Historical Museum (right by the capitol building)... The capitol building itself is beautiful as well!

Hope you enjoy East Lansing! I'll be seeing you guys Saturday when you're in EL!

Have fun!

Ben said...

Hey guys! I'm from Okemos, Michigan which is like 2 minutes away from East Lansing. I literally live right down the street from the Wharton Center. Actually I'm sitting on stage opening night and I am a member of the East Lansing Guilty Ones!
So here are some suggestions for the Lansing area:
There are two really nice malls. There is Eastwood Towne Center, which is actually an outdoor mall, but there is also the Meridian Mall, which is indoors.

From one of your videos, it seems like you guys like Mexican. There are few mexican restaurants: El Azteco, Qdoba, and of course Taco Bell (sarcasm). There are other non-mexican restaurants like Old Chicago (Pizza), Ukai (Japanese - one of those places where they make the food in front of you), Bennigans, and a lot of other stuff.

I don't know if you're gonna want more or want something more specific, if you do, you can contact me at bcassidy0@gmail.com

Can't wait to see you onstage!

Anonymous said...

Hey there guys! I have a few questions for Andy!

1) What was your most embarassing moment on stage?
2) If you could spend an hour with any one in history who would it be and why?
3) Obviously your life is prety hectic with the SA tour, but what do you like to do in your spare time?
4) what is the wierdest thing a fan has done for you?
5) are there any similarities between you and Hanschen?
6) what character do you most relate to?

Truely can't wait till you come to Colorado!
Lots of love,

Raquel D.

Anonymous said...

hey andy i just have a few questions for you and it would totally make my day if you'd answer

1)Whats your middle name?
2)How long have you been performing and whats your favorite part?
3)Will you go with me to my junior prom?

ahaha i know those are kinda random questions...especially the one about prom but i'm an actress and singer too and you were my favorite one in the show so i thought it can't hurt to ask. lol
anyways hope the rest of the tour goes well for you and the rest of the cast
Love your biggest fan,

Anonymous said...

Andy: I have already posted some other questions on other posts under anonymous but thanks to Brigid, who(m?) I know, I have another question for you. Do you think either Christy or Steffi would go to prom with me? (the same prom Brigid would be going to) I kind of know the answer already, but I was just curious to see what you would say, although it would be amazing if either one could actually go with me.

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Denver Performing Arts Complex
14th and Curtis Streets Denver, CO 80204
Non-subscription tickets on sale: Mon, Oct 19, 2009 (web only Oct 18)
Ticketing Number: (800) 641-1222
Groups: 303-446-4829

Jan 5-10, 2010
Hershey Theatre
15 E. Caracas Ave, PO Box 395 Hershey, PA 17033
Non-Subscription Tickets on sale: Mon Aug 17, 2009
Groups: 717-534-3412

Jan 12-24, 2010
Aronoff Center
650 Walnut Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Non-subscription Tickets go on sale: Nov 2009
Ticketing (not avail until 11/9) 800.982.2787

Jan 26-31, 2010
Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
8099 College Parkway, SW Fort Myers, FL 33919
Non-subscription Tickets on sale: Sept 1, 2009 (Tentative)
Ticketing number: 800-440-7469
Groups: 239-489-3033, x 3122

Feb 2-Feb 7, 2010
Belk Theatre, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
130 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC
Group Tickets: (704) 379-1380
Ticketing number: (704) 372-1000

Feb 9-14, 2010
Auditorium Theatre, Rochester Broadway League
885 E. Main Street Rochester, NY 14605
Ticketing Number: 800-745-3000

February 23-28, 2010
Bushnell Performing Arts Center

MARCH 2-7, 2009
DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center
Ticketing: 919-680-2787
Groups: 919-281-0587

March 9-14, 2010
Fabulous Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Call Ticketmaster at (404) 817-8700

March 16-21, 2010
The Peace Center
300 S. Main Street Greenville, SC 29601
Ticketing Number: 800-888-7768
Groups: 864-679-9201

March 23 - April 4, 2010
Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
2100 Ross Avenue, Suite 650 Dallas, Texas 75201
Box Office: 214.880.0202

April 20-May 9, 2010
3011 W. Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202
Ticketing number: 800-982-2787
Group Tickets: 313-871-1132

May 11-16, 2010
Arsht Center
Box Office: 305.949.6722

May 18-23, 2010
Carr Performing Arts Center
401 West Livingston Street Orlando, FL 32801

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you just want to send a quick note to all the cast members telling them you appreciate their work, you can email us here at totallytruckedblog (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be happy to forward your email to the cast, but to preserve their privacy, it is unlikely they will email you back (I will, though).

You can also send individual performers fan mail and care packages care of the theatre at which we are currently performing or will be performing. Go to the theatre's website (listed above), find their mailing address, write the actor's name as well as "Spring Awakening" and send c/o the theatre. Remember, we are often at these theatres for only a week so make sure to allow for delivery times. It's a better bet to send it to the theatre we will be going to next as they can always hold packages for us until we arrive. Letters received late will not be forwarded to our next location.

2. How Can I Audition for Spring Awakening?
From time to time, we have open calls in larger cities across the US. We will post any additional open calls here. Subscribe if you havn't already to keep informed. In the meantime, we've made it easy for you to submit yourself singing a folk/alternative rock song on video. Go to: http://www.springawakening.com/videoauditionsubmission/ Make sure your submission is less than 500 MB and is one of the accepted formats. Your screen should change and you should get a confirmation that says your submission has been received. Trust us, people are called in this way. Lucas Wells was cast because of an online submission!

3. How Do I Score On Stage Seats?
That is really up to the individual theatres. Most of them won't release the seats until just before performances because they want to make sure the house is sold first. Some do so online, although the ticketing systems they have in place often can't accommodate our unique seats onstage. Most of them are available only at the box office (though you can purchase them for a performance in the future). The Guilty Ones Street Team members have the rights to purchase these seats before the general public. Any seats left over will be released to the box office and may also be purchased as part of rush tickets (discounted, day-of tickets).

4. How Do I Join The Guilty Ones?

The National Guilty Ones Street Team is a way for fans of the show in each of our tour stops to help us spread the word. You will get access to parties, meet and greets, and other special events while meeting new friends who share your passion for the show, all while gaining some valuable marketing experience. You must be at least 15 yrs old. Email your contact info to nationalguiltyones (at) gmail (dot) com.

5. Can I Get Discounts?

From time to time, a theatre may offer us discounts to send out to our fans. We will post any here on the blog. Subscribe now!

6. Who runs this site? This site was created for fans to stay connected with our touring cast and follow their adventures around North America. Ideally, it would be in the voice of the cast members. Unfortunately, our cast members are often too tired or busy to post lengthy blog posts on a regular basis. Company members will contribute a post from time to time and every month we will have a compiled blog post that most every company member will participate in. The other stuff like updates, etc, will be posted by me. My name is Pun. I work for the production, love this show, its cast, and our fans, and I'm so very glad you're here!

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