Fan Friday

Meet Frances Koncan. Frances is a huge Spring Awakening fan. Hear what she had to say about her experience with the show below.

SA: How long have you been a fan of Spring Awakening?
FK: I have been a fan of Spring Awakening just over a year now. I am unfortunately neither 'old school' nor 'new school', and thus have been suffering for an identity crisis for quite some time now.

When and where have you seen the show? (More than once?)
FK: Like age, it's nothing but a number. It doesn't really mean anything. For anyone that's interested, we'll make it fun! Solve for X: [4^((2x - 132)^(1/3))]/8 + 467 = 469. Major props to anyone who bothers to figure that out. If you seriously did, holler and I will take you out for coffee so I can bow down to your mathematical skill in person. To get all needlessly specific, I saw the show 5 times in San Francisco, and the rest in New York. In retrospect, I had way too much free time in early 2008.

What is your favorite part of the show?
FK: I have many favourite parts of the show. My enjoyment of different songs and scenes depends greatly on who I am with, where I am sitting, who's in the cast, and how much coffee I've had to drink. I really like 'Left Behind' if I am up onstage with some friends, because we like to put sad faces on and see which one of us can get the fake tears going first. My absolute favorite part of the show, though, is 'Song of Purple Summer'. I am told I look very bored when I watch the show, but that I always seem very happy during Purple Summer. This is true. It melts my frozen, apathetic little heart and I usually end up spending a good 20 minutes hugging everyone and telling them how much I love them afterwards. I like that. There is never a bad time to tell your friends you love them. Can I tell them right now? Dear friends, I love you! Also, Robert Downey Jr., I love you as well. (Facebook me!)

SA: What's your favorite song from the soundtrack?
FK: Several people asked me to take this time to relay a public service announcement: it's not a soundtrack, it's a cast recording. Personally, I don't care or see why it matters and I understand the question so I'm not going to dwell on a technicality (but I felt like I should throw that out there since I have commandeered this soapbox for a hot minute!) I am in the camp of nitpickers who think the cast recording is kind of sub-par; based on that recording, I would say my favourite song is 'The Dark I Know Well', because not a whole lot is lost in translation from stage to cd/ipod. Based on other audios I prefer to listen to... I would still go with 'The Dark I Know Well'. I know this song is not exactly uplifting and I feel like a tool tapping my foot and bopping my head to a song where girls are singing about how their fathers sexually abuse them, but that drum beat is too much contagious. It's like the flu, or lice.

Any other music, shows, or bands that you particularly love?
FK: I love all music! I love it more than anything or anyone else in the world. Much to the chargrin of my parents, I am under the impression that I do not need food, clothing, or money, just music, to survive. Music is the best of mathematics and the best of art and I adore it. I listen to and appreciate a wide variety of genres and styles, but when it comes down to it, I am very loyal to classical music (I studied classical horn and classical piano for my first few years in college before deciding I wanted to become a journalist at work for CNN instead). Fact: there is an awful lot of Gregorian Chant on my iPod.


geezlouise said...

Let me first say that I'm glad that Fan Friday is back on, even though it's 4 days late (or 3 days early?).

Second, I want to commend Totally Trucked,and Lilly Summers for recognizing Frances Koncan. She (more than) deserves being featured, and not only because she represents the international fanbase, but because she's probably one of the coolest people you'd ever meet on the rush line.

Call me, crazy, or just call me a Frances Fan.

Azuah; said...

I'm going to say a ditto on what Louise said, I've been waiting since birth for her to be featured on this. Not my birth, but the birth of Wendla and Melchior's baby...which never happened.

Which is why this is long over due.

Frances Fan fo life!

Anonymous said...

Ditto with the two above commentors.
I met Frances a long long time ago (the late hours of August 1st to be exact) and it's been a pleasure to know her since then.
She is one of the best fans this show could ask for, and is full of laughs and stories.
Yes, I am a true Frances Fan :)

And Frances, you ARE('NT) lame!

Anonymous said...


lovely answers

Love, Patti

Anonymous said...

FRANCES! I'm SOOO happy you're finally fan friday! Your answers are fab. <3 <3

little miss didn't do right... said...

Frances I am so glad you got this. You are such a worthy fan and you rock my world. Keep on representing Spring Awakening and can't wait to see you next month!

mandee said...

finally! the long-awaited frances fan friday! i knew it was going to be great just from the alliteration, and i was not disappointed. bravo!

Anonymous said...

When I think of Frances Koncan many things come to mind. I would say your a pitbull with lipstick and a maverick.And you betcha that your a FUEGO. Your SA's BIGGEST fan! I shall take a sitck and beat myself a la the beating scene because I am not worthy!


Anonymous said...

It makes me so happy that Frances Koncan is fan friday! Her answers are oh so entertaining and she is one of the coolest people I know :-) even though i don't know her personally. snaps for frances!!
lol. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i soo enjoyed reading this--these are wonderful answers! frances koncan is truly one of the smartest, wittiest, funniest people i have ever met. yayyy frances!!

-megan :)

Elizabeth said...

made me laugh! YAY Frances! I agree with everything other people who have commented. Love reading your answers!

rowlinvale said...

I couldn't have picked a more worthy fan for Fan Friday. Frances, I will strive to bring more of your philosophy on life into my own. Your answers made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Frances, you're hilarious! Congrats on being so special :D Next time you come to my place we can drink that tasty alcoholic beverage you left here (i saved it for you!) and toast to your success!

Juliana said...

Haha Frances, good to read your fantastically humorous take on things :) Definitely brightened my SA-free day in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Frances is one of the most loved fans of the show. I am also a Frances fan. I believe her answers were humorous and well thought out.



laura said...

Frances, will you have my babies?

Rob said...

that is all.

Alexa (Fraulein Grossebloggenhalter) said...

HA. Enjoyed this one. Refreshingly ballsy answers for Favorite Part of Show/"Soundtrack," and entertaining all around. A tough act - or, rather, a formidable Fan Friday to follow! ....FFFFF.

Anonymous said...

Frances first off should not have an identity crisis. She should know all us 'old school' fans like her and have adopted her as an honorary 'old school' fan. Also I am sad at the fact that there was no mention of countless hours at Starbucks and all the wonderful art that came of it. I am still working on the equation and will most definatly be posting the answer as soon as I figure it out.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Liz

Tamra said...

LOL! seriously the greatest answers... i love fan fridays... and frances too!

Josh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
esmith12 said...

Frances is one of the greatest Spring Awakening fans ever. It's about time she was recognized for being so awesome!

sarah said...

First it's incredible that someone is so enthusiastic, and I haven't seen it yet but I truly hope to be!
And I'm sure my math is wrong but I got:
and 4^6=4096
therefore: 2x-132=6

So either I'm wrong or I'm right but any number anywhere near there is very impressive and I wish to say I've seen it anywhere close to that much.

Andrew said...

So happy that Frances got chosen to be on Fan Friday. No one deserves it more than she. I mean, who is dedicated enough to travel across the country to see the show? Only Frances. And I always love hearing her lovely insight on everything.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, your math is correct.


log(4096)/log(4) = 2x-132
6 = 2x-132
x = 69

Anonymous said...

Also (if you want to do it w/o a calculator)

[4^((2x-132)^(1/3))]/8 = 2
4^((2x-132)^(1/3)) = 16
4^((2x/3)-44) = 4^2

(2x/3) - 44 = 2
2x/3 = 46
x = 69

Anonymous said...


I solved the problem initially making an exponent mistake. I solved the problem as if it were:



[4^((2x-132)^(1/3))] = 16
[4^((2x-132)^(1/3))] = 4^2

Both in base 4, set exponents equal

(2x-132)^(1/3) = 2
2x-132 = 8
2x = 140
x = 70

I'm sorry for the mistakes I made before. Parentheses are very important!

sarah said...

sambres8, Thank you for showing me the correction. I have very limited math knowledge extending to Geometry. I learned to do what I did in Algebra 1. I've never worked with quite so many parenthesis but at least I was off by just 1!

Melissa B. said...

Fan Friday's are always a blast!!!!-particularly when the person being recognized is such an avid Spring Awakening Junkie and an all around awesome person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I say this from not much experience, having learned more about Frances from reading the blog just now than I've been privy to as of yet. She knows her SA factoids and makes it really easy to bond with her over anything Spring Awakening related! From Blake Bashoff and the FIERCE touring cast (uh-huh!) to the greatest songs on the Cast Recording! (Yes, the OCR!) She has traveled near and far and found a way to wherever her *favorite!* Broadway musical is playing.. as made evident by the crazy mathematicians above me (KEEP ROCKIN' THOSE NUMBERS, YALL!) I’m so glad that she was chosen!—and that she listens to Gregorian Chant as well!

Andrew said...

Frances as this week's Fan Friday = amazing! I am so happy that I randomly decided to rush on Sunday, the 21st, in SF...little did I know I would get to meet the amazingly funny and modest Frances, whom I had the pleasure of sitting next to onstage and chilling with for the day! Loved the smart and funny answers - keep on being amazing Frances!


Katherine said...

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Frances onstage at Groff and Lea's last (mainly because I student rushed and got her the ticket for her birthday.) I have to say that her dedication to the show (and it's fans) is amazing. I was shocked when she told me she hadn't see the show until a rather awkward time in it's run and agree that she really isn't "old school" or "new school." What makes that great is that she has her own school. The school of Frances, where we should all be educated. Her ability to live out of the country, have seen the show her first time many months after me and yet to have been able to see the show so many times more than me is amazing. I can confirm she does look bored during the show although I've only seen her cry during SOPS so I can not confirm that watching this show brings her any joy, but it would be an awful waste of money if she didn't enjoy it. I appreciate anyone who can hate the soundtrack and yet recognize that rocking out to TDIKW is overly acceptable because the drum beat is much more noticeable and addicting than the other aspects of it. I'd also like to add that on top of her love of music Frances is an avid yoga fanatic. Keep up the good work and thanks for being Frances!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Frances is so cool. And her answers are hysterical. :D

Wuv for Frances! ^___^

~ Gabby

Anonymous said...



inee said...

the lack of updates is depressing.

Bradley said...

Wow, hope the tour is going great, I'm dying to see spring awakening, though I don't live in NYC. Hopefully I can manipulate somehow to see it when you come to houston.
I'd love to see you guys perform there.
Texas is like the farthest thing from broadway :(
Well Good luck guys, I'm gonna keep up with this blog now :D

heavenlikethis said...

Frances caused the end of the Tour blog and Totally Trucked videos...oh Frances.

ATUgirl said...

I'm very disaponted that we haven't seen a video or entry for months

Anonymous said...

hi - not sure if you all read this any more - but wanted to say i saw the mat. on the last day in LA and it was soooo wonderful. you all did an awesome job! - Laura

frances said...

"Frances caused the end of the Tour blog and Totally Trucked videos...oh Frances."

it's not like i did it on purpose. and it's embarrassing being #1 on this page for such a long time. someone else just post something so i'm not the first name that shows up. it makes me seem like...a... fan. gross.

Anonymous said...

great post

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