Last Profile of the Month: Taylor Trensch

You guys voted, and Taylor Trensch, our lovable, tortured Moritz, will be the last profile of the month for this leg of the tour.
We plucked Taylor out of his tenure at Elon University in North Carolina (where he went with his 'mentor' Matt Shingledecker) after Taylor submitted a video audition. Almost every single review since he joined the tour has singled out his heartbreaking performance and this young star received the 'Best Supporting Actor in a Musical' Ovation Award given by the Denver Post after our stint at the Denver Theatre Center. Leave your questions for Taylor as a comment below. If you don't have an accepted sign in, you can leave your post as 'anonymous,' but make sure you include your name in your post! Questions can be submitted until Friday, April 16th.

Taylor Trensch with fans


heytheremeranda said...

What was is like coming into the tour knowing that you were replacing Blake, who had embodied the character of Moritz for so long? Were you nervous at how people would accept or not accept your portrayal of Moritz?

Anonymous said...


What was your audition process like? What song did you sing/ What happened when you got the call back/ Advice for other aspiring actors who are video auditioning for the show?

Keep being brilliant,


Maddy said...

Taylor! You truly are 'remarkable!'

Looking back on every role you've ever played, which one was your:
1. Favorite
2. Hardest
3. Easiest

Anonymous said...


I have three questions!

What was it like attending Elon, and did you ever feel like you had a "leg up" knowing and working with ShiShi? You are absolutely adorable, and your performance as Moritz melted my heart. What's one of the most memorable things a fan has said to or done for you?


Maddy said...

Taylor, you're amazing. Such a rock star!

What's been your most favorite and most cringe-worthy memory so far on the tour?

Elaine from California said...

Taylor, you're so amazing! Love you!

If you could choose a role to play in ANYTHING, past or present, what would it be and why?

Erica said...


How did you feel when you found out you were playing the role of Moritz? You are absolutely my favorite actor ever!!!!!

Jules said...

You are amazing!!

What are you going to miss most about the tour? What are you looking forward to doing now that the tour is over.....as in, what other gigs do you have set up?

Moritz is my favorite character in the show and you are by far, my favorite Moritz I have ever seen. I've seen 3 others and you really stand out. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Taylor, you're SO awesome as Moritz!
My question for you has 2 parts:
1. When you found out you got the role of Moritz, how many times had you seen the show?
2. Have the other Moritz's (John, Blake, Gerard etc) influenced how you played the role? Or did you want to completely re-imagine it for yourself?
Sarah from Wisconsin

Meg said...

Taylor! Let me start by saying that even though I didn't see you in Spring Awakening as Moritz, I love seeing you in the TotallyTrucked videos.

You're obviously following in some pretty big footsteps in the role of Moritz (John Gallagher, Jr., Blake Bashoff, Gerard Canonico). 1) Do you think people who have seen the aforementioned actors compare you too much to them, or see you as a totally new Moritz? 2. It is known by followers of the TotallyTRUCKED! blog that you are gay. Have you used any of the struggles you may have encountered there in your portrayal of Moritz?

Have a great rest of the tour & future career!

Anonymous said...

you're amazing!

if you could be any breakfast cereal, what would you be and why? :)

and what is your dream role in any show?

- Sarah

Rozzie said...

Hi Taylor! Okay, so first I want to commend you on your great memory! (When I sat onstage in San Jose, you remembered me at the stage door, and then in SAcramento, you remembered me from San Jose!) Alright, I have like a billion questions for you-

1. If you could marry any fictional character, who would you marry, and why?
2. Are there any musicals that you think everyone (regardless of age, gender, race, etc.) should see?
3. Pretend today is your birthday. What 5 celebrities (or Broadway performers) would make you feel happiest if they wished you a happy birthday?
4. What has been your favorite stop on tour? Why?
5. If you could go anywhere in the world for ONE day, with an unlimited budget, where would you go, and what would you do there?
6. Favorite Broadway performer/show/song/cast album?
7. What are the 25 most played songs on your ipod or itunes?
8. Cast the musical version of your favorite TV show or movie, and cast the movie or TV show version of your favorite musical.
9. Favorite Disney movie(s)/character(s)/song(s)?
10. Do you have any dream roles? If so, what are they?
11. Where do you wish you could go or could have gone on tour? What would you have done there?
12. You were on FIRE both times I saw you in the show. How do you maintain that SICK amount of energy every performance?
13. Are you planning for auditioning for anything after the tour?
Last one-
14. You have AWESOME style. Where are you favorite places to shop?

Of course you don't have to use all of those, but I'd be greatly appreciative if you used one! :)

Have an AMAZING time on the rest of the tour! Hope to see you in something again soon! :)

Joanna said...

First of all, I saw you in Hartford and you were incredible!

1. What is your favorite memory of this tour, and what is one thing you will take away from it?

2. Did you ever have a moment where you realized theater was what you wanted to do with your life?

3. Do you have a dream role?

4. What is your favorite moment in the show?

5. What song do you think describes your life?

6. If you could be friends with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose to befriend?

That's all I have, break a leg for the rest of the tour! =]

Claire said...

How long have you been a fan of musicals?

Maddy said...

Taylor, you certainly are QUITE the performer. Keep up the amazing work!

Who/what was your inspiration to start doing what you're doing?

Edward said...

Hi Taylor! I have seen the show twice (both times with you) and I am profoundly deaf. I read Spring Awakening before I came to see it and your character of Moritz really stuck out to me and I felt I could relate to you completely.

My question is, how do you prepare yourself to play such an emotional role every single night? Do you do anything special before you go on stage to get into the mindset of Moritz?

Bradey said...

Hi Taylor!
You're awesome and I love you.
It was fun sitting by you onstage and dallas.
You play such a different moritz than any others I've seen. Your Moritz really connects to me. I wanted to run onstage and give you a hug. (I was able to restrain myself)
Now for the question!
A lot of us look up to and idolize you and the other SA people. What people do you idolize and look up to?
Who would you want to meet if you could meet anyone in the world?
P.S. You're great.

Anna said...

TAYLOR you are amazing and my favorite actor in the whole world.

What are you planning on doing after the tour?

Victoria said...

Hey Taylor,
you're a brilliant Moritz. I've seen you 3 out of my 4 times and I've loved your portrayal every time.

if you had one last meal on earth, what would be featured in it and why?

much love, Victoria from Ohio

Jordan from Kentucky (That's Northern Kentucky, Not "Keentucky" Kentucky) said...

Right away, I wanna say that you are amazing. By far my favorite Moritz. I am also proud to hear that you are gay because you inspire me (A gay man) so much. I really hope to see more of you in the future.

But my question is, What is one of your proudest moments in the theatre world that you have accomplished? Is there anything you hope to accomplish in the future?

Anonymous said...

Hot minute with Spring Awakening cast member Taylor Trensch!!!

1. Full name
2. Favorite color
3. Favorite animal
4. Favorite song/line/moment of the show
5. Dream role
6. Favorite musical
7. Quirk?

My dad is a professor at Elon, and it makes me so happy to have that connection with you and Shishi. Your Moritz is the one that I have truly connected with and felt his pain. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

First, you are amazing and Spring Awakening is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen.
My question is:
When did you decide you wanted to become an actor? and What is the funniest thing that has happened backstage during a show?

mariah carrillo said...

Hello loved you in the show
so my friend and i saw you in SA at the orange county performing art center in Costa Mesa, CA and we went onthe day they had a talk back after the show and we could not help but notice the way you moved and sat reminded us all of our high school theater days so my question is how long have you been involved in theater and what got you in to it?-mariah carrillo

mariah carrillo said...

what has been the greatest stage moment you have ever had?
mariah carrillo

Anonymous said...

Hey, Taylor!
You were great when I saw you last month. I enjoyed your rocking out during DDS. Having seen Johnny, Blake, and Gerard, you might have rocked that mic stand the most. :D
Two random things:
1) I'm originally from Florida, too. Do you miss Publix as much as I do? :(
2) You have an awesome sense of fashion/style. Looking in your wardrobe, what would be your favorite outfit/pieces of clothing?

Amber said...

Hi Taylor,
I saw Spring Awakening for the first time in Charlotte,NC and you were my favorite part of the show.

What is your favorite song to perform in Spring Awakening?

What is your favorite song from Spring Awakening and why?

Anonymous said...

Taylor, I saw you in Durham and you freaking ROCKED that mic stand like no other. How long did it take you to become so comfortable with the role of Moritz and channel your inner rock star?


Amanda Coppola from Georgia said...

Hi Taylor! I saw you in Atlanta and you portrayed your character wonderfully! Do you relate to Moritz in any way? What did you have to do get comfortable to play Moritz? Thanks so much, I definitely hope to see more of you in the future.

Irene from Guam said...

What is your take on Mortiz's and Ilse's relationship? And how do you imagine and embody your character?

Any tips on auditioning or acting in a professional show?

What's the funniest/craziest thing that has happened to you while on tour? any crazy fan stories?

Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor! I saw you multiple times in Cincinnati and fell absolutely in love with you. Beyond playing an awesome Moritz in SA, what do you enjoy to do in your spare time? Any summer plans?

Scotty K said...

Hi Taylor! I saw you in Hershey, we had the same sweatshirt going on thing. Well anyway Moritz is such an awesome character and you really portrayed the dude amazingly. But is it intimidating to play a role that has been originated already? Do you feel you have to make it the same as Johnny Gallagher or Blake Bashoff, or did you try to make it your own thing?

Scotty K said...

Wait!!!Hi again. I want to change my question kind of if I can because other people had the same question as me, but here it is. What do you think of the new musical American Idiot which features several Spring Awakening original cast members. What do you think about it's idea of being innovative?

Elaine from California said...

Taylor, you can SERIOUSLY rock! Do you have any aspirations to ever start a rock band or something similar? You'd be so successful!

Madelyn said...

Hi Taylor! You're so, so talented! You have a such a long, successful career ahead of you! Can't wait to see more.

What are three things you absolutely can't live without?

Anonymous said...


How does it feel to know that there are tons and tons of girls (on the internet and, I'm sure, in person) going crazy about you because you are so flippin CUTE and TALENTED and just overall great? We love you.


Rochelle fr Berkeley said...

Hey, Taylor. In comparison to past actors who've taken on your role, you seem to portray Moritz somewhat differently--less conspicuously frazzled and spastic but still deeply distraught and tender/vulnerable at the core. (I love all the various Moritzs I've seen performed, just to clarify ;]) How did you feel taking up such a beloved role? Is your portrayal of Moritz influenced at all by your predecessors? How've you made the role your own?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Taylor.
My question comes in two parts:
1. If you could be friends with any character from Spring Awakening in real life, who would it be and why?
2. Who from the cast most embodies this character?
Thank you! :)
Marissa from Australia

Anonymous said...

TAYLOR! Woo, okay so when I first saw Spring Awakening a couple months ago I couldn't help but think, "Rock star!" throughout the entire show when ever you began to sing. And with that, my question is, would you or have you ever considered becoming a rock star in some hip band, doing real concerts instead of making people feel like they're at an explosive rock concert?

Maria said...

Hullo there, Mr. T.
This has been bugging me for months.
Way back when, you had a Twitter and you put a twitpic of your Moritz shoes with the caption that said something like "From Broadway." Did that mean that they were used in the Broadway production? If so, whose shoes were they?
Thanks! I hope that lots of your family & friends get to see you for the final show in FL.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Taylor!

It's my 17th birthday today! Could you maybe wish me a happy birthday? You're awesome. :)

Haley, Texas

Anonymous said...

heyy taylor!

i saw you in schenectady and your performance was great!

my question is...

when did you decide that being an actor was what you wanted to do in life?

katie from new york ( NOT the city )

Tunny Adriana said...

Hey Taylor :)

I have two questions :)

1. What was the first word you said when you find out that you are playing the role of Moritz Stiefel in Spring Awakening ?
2. How was the first day on tour ?

You are amazing Taylor.<3

Anna-Lena from Germany :)

Anonymous said...

Taylor, first off let me say you are aboslutely and utterly amazing.

Now, for the question.
When you auditioned for Spring Awakening did you know already that you wanted to play Moritz? What's the casting process like?

Also, do you think you would ever consider making music by your self? Like solo-wise?

Annabel,from Woodstock NY

Nicholas. said...

How does it feel to be constantly singled out and praised for your portrayal as Moritz by the critics and how did it feel/what was your reaction to winning you Denver Post Ovation award?

Anonymous said...

I think you are uber cute!! Do you have a boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that there's going to be a Spring Awakening movie? If so, could you see yourself playing Moritz on the big screen? Because I'd love to see you as Moritz in the movie. (if there's going to be one.)

Sydney said...

Hi taylor oh my god your amazing.
so i have four questions one how did you feel knowing that you had such big shoes to fill?
do you have any weird or secret talents?
which song in your show is your favorite (it doesn't have to be one of moritz's songs.
were you a huge fan before you got the role, and if you were what type of fan were you?
thank you!

Anonymous said...

what do you do to get your hair like it is in act two?

Anonymous said...

what is your dream role?

if you were to be in a broadway show with 1 male broadway star and 1 female broadway star, who would it be?
if you were in a movie with 1 male celebrity and 1 female celebrity, who would it be?

Shell said...

No offense or anything, but you were much better than I though you were going to be. I was blown away! Awesome :D

What comes next for you?

What's your family like?

Desert island, three things No airplane / cell / internet / etc. Go.

Nicole said...

What are some things that you just absolutely cannot live without?

Maddie from California said...

Hi Taylor!

If you could "live" in any movie, what would it be and why?

Michael, from Dallas, TX said...

Dearest Taylor,

You are fab fab fabulous! Met you in Dallas three times, and each time, you were absolutely gracious, professional, and very sweet, and adorable. Okay, now for the question.

I don't mean to get to personal, but you have talked about being openly gay in past interviews. As a fellow gay actor, I was curious...did your growing up and dealing with your sexuality have any influence on how you portrayed Moritz?

I know Moritz isn't gay, but I mean, were you able to use your own personal experiences as an inspiration, or even just a stepping stone, as to how hard Moritz struggles with his own puberty? And if so, are there any specific instances in your life (that you'd be willing to talk about, that is), that you can cite that helped with certain scenes/aspects of the character?


A true fan and admirer.

(PS--On a personal note, I've seen JGJ and BB as Moritz, and while they were each amazing in their own way, you achieved what I thought was unthinkable, in that you made me forget there was ever a previous Moritz. Truly, you are magnificent beyond your years. Keep up the good work. :) )


Michael, from Dallas, TX said...

Me Again. I have to ask this, because I am, at heart, a writer, and ever since I saw you perform and met you, I'm wracking my brain to find something to write just for you. Is there any type of role you'd like to play that hasn't been written yet? Would it be a play or a musical? I've already got a couple ideas but I wanted to know what YOU really wanted to do.

Also...it's been said somewhere you're going back to College after the tour is over. How do you think your outlook will be now that you've starred in such a national phenomenon, and what do you plan on doing after college? (Meaning, what kind of theatre/performing are you planning to do?)

Do you eventually want to do tv/movies? Or stick with theatre for a while?

Anonymous said...


I found your video on YouTube with (Missing You Like) Candy, and you're so adorable! How did that come about? And will there be any more parodies in the future? (also, stay away from that nose candy! Don't want you going down like Lindsay Lohan!)

Diego, from Austin, TX said...

Okay, so, first let me say how much I have loved Spring Awakening for three years. And I adored Blake Bashoff's moritz (being a fan of his for YEARS!)

BUT... when I saw your Moritz, I was struck by the thought that even though Blake and JGJ are both older than you, the way you portrayed Moritz was, first and foremost, your own performance, and I think, maybe more mature? Not sure if that's the right word.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Blake and JGJ's Moritzes were excellent in their own way, but I could always kind of see the road that Moritz was traveling down with their performance (not just because I knew the show, either), but with your performance, I honestly felt that I could see Moritz as tortured, and then somehow, bring himself up again, and then come crashing down all over again.

I was just wondering how you prepared for the role? It's not an easy role to play, but you honestly surprised me in that I could see your choices as clear as day, and that made it such a treasure, and an honor to watch.

Can't wait to see and hear more of you in the future.

--Peace, Love, Pride

--Diego, from Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

Didn't you used to have a twitter? What happened to it? I follow your blog, but that's not NEAR as awesome as seeing tweets every day, like, from the whole cast. (Call me obsessed, I don't care!)

Any chance you're gonna get back on twitter? Or join facebook?

PLEEEZEE!!! Come back to the dark side!! Join the Social Networking Society of America!!

Anonymous said...


You're fantabulously amazing.

Okay, so...as an openly gay actor yourself, do you have any advice for other gay actors? I read somewhere that Rupert Everett cautioned gay actors not to come out until they'd made it, or until their sexuality didn't matter, but you were out before you even became such a huge deal (and you totally are, by the way).

Do you have any advice for just regular gay teens/youth?

I'm very proud of the fact that not only are you openly gay, but that you don't shy away from it. It IS an important part of your life, and I'm so happy to see that you realize that.

Also, do you see yourself as a role model? Would you like to be a role model? If not, does it bother you that people might see you as a role model?

And finally, do you mind playing gay characters? Or if people (meaning hollywood producers, casting agents, etc.) remember you just for playing a gay role? Have you played a gay role?

I've always felt that visibility is key, and every person that comes out, no matter their profession, is one more crack in the wall of prejudice. How do you feel about that thought?

Keep up the awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

What if the tour bus exploded and you could only save one person... over or under for your toilet paper orientation?

-Ally and T.J. :)

Shannon said...

What inspired you to pursue a career in theatre arts?
What are your plans for after the end of the tour?
What was your favorite part of being on tour/what will you miss most?
(p.s. I am a huge fan and I think you are remarkable. I will have your back as a fan in whatever you choose to do next.)

Anonymous said...


What's the coolest gift you've ever gotten from a fan?
What was it about the show that inspired you when you saw it?


Anonymous said...

What is the best advice you can give to some one wanting to become an actor in musical theater and how have you overcome the challenges and actor may face in every day life?
-mariah carrillo

mariah carrillo said...

you rock i love you as Moritz

what got u you into theatre? and how has thatre changed you life for good and bad?

being apart of such a powerful show you have touched so many teens lives and helped many young people with your show and your character what is the most memorable thing a fan has said, done or given you to show appreciation for the show?

what is your dream role that has not been written yet? and what book or movie/ TV show would you like to turn into a musical?

mariah carrillo

Anonymous said...

what attracted you to the character of Moritz
and do you see yourself in him at all?
-mariah carrillo

Anonymous said...


Would you ever consider modeling for American Apparel? I only ask this because I don't think I have ever seen you not wearing something from American Apparel.

Travis Grimm

Anonymous said...

HEY! I just wanted to tell you that you are super amazing! I saw you in Orange County and I was blown away!
My question is... Has there been any major mess ups that have happened to you on stage? Have you had to improv to cover it up?

Celeste said...

Taylor! I saw you in Sacramento, and ... wow. I was sort of in love with John Gallagher, Jr., but I now think of you as MY Moritz because you were my first I saw, and you were spectacular. :)
a) What kind of pie would you like to be/eat, and who in the cast would win in a pie-eating contest? ... and
b) If you had to be something OTHER than a *superb* actor, what job do you think you would have?
c) How old do you have to be to audition for Spring Awakening?

Anonymous said...

I used to act alot when i was young and when i got into highschool i stopped with acting but kept singing. Untill this year ( junior year). Is it to late to get back in the game.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herr Trensch - Taylor,
I extremly self conscious of my singing voice. how should i let loose with it and become more confident?

Caroline said...

hey Taylor! first, you should know that i think you are amazing.
i saw you in Cincinnati and my friend and i brought you Swedish fish, and i know we were worried about seeming creepy. so, my question is what is the craziest thing a fan has ever done during/ after the show?

Nicole said...

Since you do so well rocking out on stage every night, ever consider forming a band or having a solo career? Because I'd be the first to buy the debut album!

Anonymous said...

I saw the show in Greenville, South Carolina. I was able to see from the stage. Totally rocked! Your voice is amazing!
I noticed in Greenville the night I went, the audience was very slim. I read some local blogs, that were very negative about the show. I am just curious if you had received negative response in other states?
Love the show!!!! Wish I could have seen it more!

Chris said...

You were amazing! I myself also do musical theatre. How did your career start?
What was Spring Awakening audition experience like?

Anonymous said...

When did you come out as being gay & how has the reception been? Please get a twitter!

Rozzie said...

Okay one more-

Take us through an average day in the life of Taylor Trensch on tour.

Anonymous said...


Did you know that GLEE is having national auditions on myspace?


You should TOTALLY audition to be on GLEE!! That way we could all see you every week be even more fabulous and amazing!! What do you think? Will you try? I'll bet you'll get a lot of votes from us Spring Awakening fans!!

Anonymous said...

Back when you were still updating your blog and twitter, you showed a picture of your chucks from your costume and you said they were from broadway. Who did they originally belong to, Gallagher? Did you all really wear the same size, or did you just have to make do?

Kevin from Boston said...

Hey Taylor,
Moritz is pretty much my dream role and I was wondering. how hard is it to play such a sad, tortured character every night and discover that depression every day? What places do you go to in yourself to play that, assuming you're not actually suicidal.

Shen said...

Hey Taylor! First off, you are an amazing actor!
Secondly, I'd like to ask you a question :)
Where do you find your inspiration to play such an intense and tortured character like Moritz? I've played very sad roles like this before and it's tough! How do you do it?
p.s. by any chance do you know how matt shingledecker got the nickname shishigabor? it baffles me! :O

Shannon said...

During the first school scene, when you are writing on the chalkboards, are you actually writing the "assignment," or are you just writing something random?

Anonymous said...

What is it that you consider makes your portrayal of Moritz unique from actors who have gone before you?
From Tanner in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor,

You are absolutely amazing! You are my favorite Moritz! It was a privilege being able to see you and all of the tour cast perform! You are all absolutely fantastic!

How did you react when you found out you were cast as Moritz?

From The Girl in Sky Blue Stockings

Anonymous said...


Can you do us all a favor, and where your LEGALIZE GAY T-Shirt in your POM video? For one, it's an awesome fashion/activist statement, and for two, it's kinda tight on you. ;)


Anonymous said...


Can you please where your LEGALIZE GAY T shirt in your POM Video? It's a totally awesome fashion/political statement, and you look so cute in it, too!

Thanks, and you're totally awesome!

(PS--Sorry if this is posted twice. Website being weird!)

Anonymous said...

Does the cast ever read the fan fictions that are written about the show and inspired by your acting? How do you get into the role of Moritz? Do you like this Moritz or the Moritz from the play better? Are there certain Characteristics you would take from Wedekind's Moritz's and to your character?

Anonymous said...

Your intensity is amazing! How do you achieve this intense and ultra focused state?

Michael, from Dallas, TX said...

On May 3, 2010...

Happy birthday, Taylor!! Hope your 21st is as awesome as you are!! Get a twitter so we can all wish you a proper happy birthday!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I dont have any of those accounts listed. but my name is alessia and I am from Pittsburgh. I would like to start out by saying that you are INCREDIBLE! I was wondering if you have ever had any moments in the show go terribly wrong. I know that you've made minor mistakes before, such as when I went in Detroit you dropped the essay in the scene before touch me, but has anything terrible ever gone wrong? I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey Taylor,
I saw you in Detroit three times in one week (I couldn't help myself and kept coming back), and you were absolutely FANTASTIC.
Anyway, when I met you, you seemed like a happy, content (and very adorable) person. Moritz is a very intense, tortured character. Is is difficult for you to find that character inside yourself everyday, because it seems so much different form your actual personality.
Love you!
Carolyn Alam, 15, Detroit, MI

Anonymous said...

what's your full name? firt, middle, last, and why were you named as such? (named after someone?)

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March 9-14, 2010
Fabulous Fox Theatre
660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Call Ticketmaster at (404) 817-8700

March 16-21, 2010
The Peace Center
300 S. Main Street Greenville, SC 29601
Ticketing Number: 800-888-7768
Groups: 864-679-9201

March 23 - April 4, 2010
Dallas Center for the Performing Arts
2100 Ross Avenue, Suite 650 Dallas, Texas 75201
Box Office: 214.880.0202

April 20-May 9, 2010
3011 W. Grand Boulevard Detroit, MI 48202
Ticketing number: 800-982-2787
Group Tickets: 313-871-1132

May 11-16, 2010
Arsht Center
Box Office: 305.949.6722

May 18-23, 2010
Carr Performing Arts Center
401 West Livingston Street Orlando, FL 32801

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you just want to send a quick note to all the cast members telling them you appreciate their work, you can email us here at totallytruckedblog (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be happy to forward your email to the cast, but to preserve their privacy, it is unlikely they will email you back (I will, though).

You can also send individual performers fan mail and care packages care of the theatre at which we are currently performing or will be performing. Go to the theatre's website (listed above), find their mailing address, write the actor's name as well as "Spring Awakening" and send c/o the theatre. Remember, we are often at these theatres for only a week so make sure to allow for delivery times. It's a better bet to send it to the theatre we will be going to next as they can always hold packages for us until we arrive. Letters received late will not be forwarded to our next location.

2. How Can I Audition for Spring Awakening?
From time to time, we have open calls in larger cities across the US. We will post any additional open calls here. Subscribe if you havn't already to keep informed. In the meantime, we've made it easy for you to submit yourself singing a folk/alternative rock song on video. Go to: http://www.springawakening.com/videoauditionsubmission/ Make sure your submission is less than 500 MB and is one of the accepted formats. Your screen should change and you should get a confirmation that says your submission has been received. Trust us, people are called in this way. Lucas Wells was cast because of an online submission!

3. How Do I Score On Stage Seats?
That is really up to the individual theatres. Most of them won't release the seats until just before performances because they want to make sure the house is sold first. Some do so online, although the ticketing systems they have in place often can't accommodate our unique seats onstage. Most of them are available only at the box office (though you can purchase them for a performance in the future). The Guilty Ones Street Team members have the rights to purchase these seats before the general public. Any seats left over will be released to the box office and may also be purchased as part of rush tickets (discounted, day-of tickets).

4. How Do I Join The Guilty Ones?

The National Guilty Ones Street Team is a way for fans of the show in each of our tour stops to help us spread the word. You will get access to parties, meet and greets, and other special events while meeting new friends who share your passion for the show, all while gaining some valuable marketing experience. You must be at least 15 yrs old. Email your contact info to nationalguiltyones (at) gmail (dot) com.

5. Can I Get Discounts?

From time to time, a theatre may offer us discounts to send out to our fans. We will post any here on the blog. Subscribe now!

6. Who runs this site? This site was created for fans to stay connected with our touring cast and follow their adventures around North America. Ideally, it would be in the voice of the cast members. Unfortunately, our cast members are often too tired or busy to post lengthy blog posts on a regular basis. Company members will contribute a post from time to time and every month we will have a compiled blog post that most every company member will participate in. The other stuff like updates, etc, will be posted by me. My name is Pun. I work for the production, love this show, its cast, and our fans, and I'm so very glad you're here!

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