Next Profile of the Month: Lucas Wells!

You voted, and watching the poll results come in was as suspenseful as anything we saw on the Winter Olympics (for us, at least LOL). Lucas Wells received a huge surge in the last few days of voting, edging out the competition in a tight race and winning by a margin of only 10 votes. What prompted this surge? Perhaps word spread that when he covered Ernst last week in Rochester, Lucas became the only person in Spring Awakening history to have played ALL the male roles (except, of course, for the Adult Men)!! Or perhaps because Lucas did some smart politicking of his own by posting his and Krystina's sweet performance at the Rochester Cabaret on his YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajt_ZIC0rLU Or perhaps it's just his lovable personality. Whatever the reason, the community has spoken!

Leave your question for Lucas in the comment section below. Questions are due by next Monday, 2/22 at 6 pm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucas! My name is Sarah. First of all, what an amazing acomplishment it is to have gone on for all of the male characters! you must be so proud!

my question is, now that done all of the roles, looking back, was there a favorite part you played, or were they all equally enjoyable? If so, then what made it your favorite part?

again, congrats!

Anonymous said...

as andy mientus pointed out in your "battle of the bros," why do you LOVE the color baby blue?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucas. My name is Morgan. (Cincinnati, OH)

First most, you are AMAZING (In capital letters!), and should be proud of yourself! Congrats on playing all of the male roles (minus the adults obviously!)

My question is, do you have any pre-show rituals that you are willing to share with u?

Mari said...

Congrats, Lucas, on your amazing accomplishment. So, three questions:
1) How did it come about that you would understudy both Moritz and Melchoir? Obviously you're talented but was it always in the cards for someone on tour to do both or was it a decision after you auditioned?
2) You're one of the few members on tour who are continuing their college classes on-line. How are you able to keep up with it especially with all the traveling and the shows?
3) Last question: May is coming quickly [insert sad face]. What are your plans after the tour ends?

Anonymous said...

It's been puzzling to me... is there a special haircut that you have that can pull off all the boy roles? Especially Moritz and Melchi.

Stephanie Neva Kim said...

hey Lucas! You rock and have a beautiful voice!
We saw that you were looking for next to normal tracks on your twitter. Is that a show you would be interested in taking part in? If not are there any shows currently on broadway/going on tour that you would potentially want to join? Best wishes!

Elizabeth said...


I've noticed that you have really familiar facial features. Which celebrities do you think you look like or get confused for the most? BTW you were great in Charlotte and I can't wait to see you all again in Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucas! My name is Hailey, and out of all the Spring Awakening cast members, you're my favorite (you so should have won the Team Mientus vs Team Wells debate-redheads ARE cuter).

My question is, what has being in the cast of Spring Awakening meant to you? Have you enjoyed working with the other cast members? And what has playing each character been like, which one is your favorite?

Don't leave the cast to go to Harvard! (But if you do, tell Ben I said hi)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucas,
Are you excited to come back to Detroit and play your home area of Southeastern michigan [i'm from the metro detroit area myself]?
what are your plans for after the SA Tour?
What is your fav article of clothing you have with on tour?

Peace and Love,

Joanna said...

Hey Lucas!
First off, congrats on going on for all male roles, that's pretty amazing. =]

My questions are:
1. Now that you've played every role, do you have a favorite? (Why?)
2. Semi-related to the last question: If you were to play one role in the show permanently, which role would you choose?
3. If you could add a scene into the show for ANY character, what would it be?
4. If for some reason you were unable to do theater for the rest of your life (that would be terrible and I sincerely hope it never happens. haha) what else could you see yourself doing?
5. Now that the tour is coming to an end, what do you think you'll be taking away from the experience?

Good luck/break a leg for the rest of the tour! I'm beyond excited to see you guys when you come to Hartford. <3 Joanna =]

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
My name is Johanna and I'm from Germany. Altough I am not able to see the show (my swimmingabilitys are not THAT good) I participate over twitter, youtube and the blog.
I go with Sarah/the first Anonymus and would like to know what is your favorite scene to play? And what is your favorite scene to watch?
I also go with the other Joanna and would like to know what scene you would like to add for any character?

Have fun!!! Johanna

Elle from Ohio said...

Once the tour ends, what do you think you will miss most about it?

Elle from Columbus said...

How did you first get involved in theatre and what prompted you to audition for Spring Awakening?

Alyce said...

How long did it take you to learn each track, and which character do you like portraying the most? Congratulations, and much love from Belgium :)

Anonymous said...

If you could base a Broadway musical off of anything--a certain play, TV show, movie, book, song, etc--what would you choose and why?

mariah carrillo said...

first congrats on playing all the male lead that is soo cool my question is what is you most memorable stage moment in you career thus far?-mariah carrillo, CA, in the oc

mariah carrillo said...

You rock having play every character on stage who is your favorite person to play? and why?mariah carrillo, CA, in the oc

mariah carrillo said...

If you had one day to live what would you do and who would you spend it with? and why?mariah carrillo, CA, in the oc

mariah carrillo said...

first congrats on playing all the male leads that is soo cool and shows how talented you are.
my question is we all know having played every male character in the show you have had to do a lot of kissing...so how comfortable was it for you to do stage a kiss with an actor of the opposite and same sex?
Also can you tell the story of you very first kiss? bad or good? and what is your best (or worst) kiss you've had in you life off stage?

mariah carrillo said...

What is the best advice you can give to some one wanting to become an actor in musical theater and how have you overcome the challenges and actor may face in every day life?

Jo Ellen said...

What is your dream role whether it be on stage, on tv, or in a film?

mariah carrillo said...

what got u you into theatre? and how has thatre changed you life for good and bad?

mariah carrillo said...

Hi Lucas you are the best saw the schow in costa mesa,CA you all rock my question is
being apart of such a powerful show you have touched so many teens lives and helped many young people with your show what is the most memorable thing a fan has said, done or given you to show appreciation for the show?

mariah carrillo said...

what is your dream role that has not been written yet? and what book or movie/ TV show would you like to turn into a musical?

Jon From Portland said...

What are your plans post tour?

Jordan said...

Ello, Lucas! Hope you are having an amazing time on tour! I give my blessing to you and Jenna! My question is, if its not too personal, how did you and Jenna meet? Was it love at first sight?

Savanna said...

If, for some reason, you couldn't pursue a career in the performing arts, what else might you like to do?

Chimere said...

How did it feel to lose the Battle of the Bros to Andy?

anna said...

HI LUCAS!!!! I just wanna say you are fantastic!!
My Question: When a cast memeber calls out during or after act one do you have to get your hair done? Say Anthony calls out after act one do you have to get your hair done in the curls for act two??? I have been dieing to know.

Much love
Anna from Poland

Annette said...

Hello!! Congrats on being the first person ever to play all 6 male charactors!
here are my questions: During the song The Guilty Ones all the people in the chairs onstage have hand movements. Mind showing us what they are? When I went to see the show in Chicago I was all the way in the back of the top balcony so I could not see it well.


Dylan and Connor (Cleveland) said...

Hey Lucas! You are incredible in each of the roles we've seen you in. Keep up the great work!

Our question is:
Did you do theatre in high school and college? What shows did you perform in, and as which character? Do you have a dream role you would like to play one day?

JM said...

Lucas, you are a fan-favorite! What is your favorite thing about meeting the fans at the stagedoor? What are your plans for after the SA tour ends? What is your dream role?

Anonymous said...

How much do you love asians?

Sophie said...

Quick! Pretend you just got asked to do a solo cabaret. What are the first 5 songs you would sing?

Anonymous said...

Do you or have you ever played any instruments?

Taylor (from Columbus) said...

Hey Lucas! You are so talented! My questions are:
1) what was your audition process for spring awakening like?
2)what advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue musical theatre?
3)have you had any funny/unexpected mistakes or moments happen onstage?
4)if you had to choose a roomate for a year out of the cast who would you choose and why?

Sarah said...

Hello Lucas! I have two questions for you. If you weren't so invested in the arts what would you be doing instead?

My next question is a game I play on roadtrips. You can only pick one answer and you can't pick 'or'. Would you rather have the ability to translate everything you think into reality or have a squirrel attached to you at all times?

Rozzie said...

Hey Lucas! Get ready, I have a lot of questions for you.

1. If you could marry any fictional character, who would you marry, and why?
2. Are there any musicals that you think everyone (regardless of age, gender, race, etc.) should see?
3. Pretend today is your birthday. What 5 celebrities (or Broadway performers) would make you feel happiest if they wished you a happy birthday?
4. What has been your favorite stop on tour? Why?
5. If you could go anywhere in the world for ONE day, with an unlimited budget, where would you go, and what would you do there?
6. Favorite Broadway performer/show/song/cast album?
7. What are the 25 most played songs on your ipod or itunes?
8. In honor of the recent "doppelganger week" on facebook, what celebrity have people told you you look like, if any?
9. Cast the musical version of your favorite TV show or movie, and cast the movie or TV show version of your favorite musical.

Of course you don't have to use all of those, but I'd be greatly appreciative if you used one! :)

Layla :) said...

Hey Lucas!!!
1. You're really amazing :)
2. Congrats on covering every male role! Which role has been the most challenging? Which was the most fun?
3. What was your audition process like? What made you want to audition for the show?
4. We know you're a huge fan of Glee. If you could cast your castmates as roles in Glee, who would you cast them as? Would there be any characters you would create for them?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucas
Of all your roles you've covered who's been your favorite kiss? Christy, Angie, Andy, or Ben?

Caroline said...

hey lucas! first of all i love you, you're wonderful!
because you all are on the road all the time im sure that you are always going new places to eat and trying new things. but i was wondering if there is one thing that you eat all the time? or maybe when your family sends you a care package if they always put one type of food that you love in it.
thanks lucas! youre the best!

Sydney said...

my name is sydney

hi lucas your amazing!
okay after intermission when the audience members find out you are in the ensemble do the ask any weird questions or any funny comments?

Joanna said...

Hey Lucas! =]
Have you ever had an extremely awkward fan encounter?

mariah carrillo said...

hi lucas i love you as a performer my questions are:
1. What is the craziest thing that has ever happen to you on tour?
2. how did it fee to lose to andy in the battle of the bros?
3. if there was a SA tour cast yearbook what you be voted in the most like catogories and what do you think you fellow castmates would be voted?
4. what is the best advice you can give someone who want to be come an actor in musical theatre?
5. favorite food?
and moment pn tour?
--you fan mariah

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucas
Of all your roles you've covered who's been your favorite kiss? Christy, Angie, Andy, or Ben? and why?

Emily and Nick (Rochester, NY) said...

Hey Lucas
First off we saw you the sunday night in Rochester when you made history and covered the last male role that you could. Great job and congrats!! Alright so we are wondering out of all the places you have been on tour which city was your favorite? And why?

Anonymous said...

Greetings Lucas.

If a biopic of your life is made, which song would you put on the soundtrack to represent this point in your life?

Meg said...

First off, I think you are amazing and adorable :)

What is your favorite moment in the show on or offstage? (scene/song/etc.)

Also, congrats on being the first to cover all the male roles!

Anonymous said...

1. Who and when was your first kiss?
2. Was your first stage kiss from being in Spring Awakening? or have u done this before?
3. What is your pet-peeve?

Irene from Guam said...

Hey lucas, remember me? :)
ok, i have a few questions for you:

What was it like auditioning for Spring Awakening online? how did that whole process go?

Do you think that after this show, you will stay in musical theater and on broadway? or will you branch out to film/tv? or maybe go to a different career?

what have you learned from playing all the male roles in spring awakening? any deeper insight on the characters that may have influenced you?

if you could go back in time to any tour stop, which moment would you like to relive?

if you could add a tour stop, where would it be?

are there any goals you want to accomplish within the 3 months left on tour? (im getting sad just thinking that the show is gonna end soon...)

Anonymous said...

whats the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
whats the nicest thing a fan has ever done for you?

if you were leaving right now, what would be your last words to the cast, crew, and fans?

Marianna said...

Hi Lucas! My friend and I have been wondering about a few questions:
What exactly is the difference between the terms swing, ensemble, and understudy?

Also, how do they decide which understudy goes on for each part when someone calls out?

And finally, is it difficult to mentally prepare to play all the different roles? Like, what do you do to get ready to play a certain role? Also, have you ever been tempted to say someone else's line from another character you sometimes play?

mariah carrillo said...

hi lucus i love you in the show
ok my question is if you couod relieve any moment that happened on tour what would it be and why?

also what are your plans after sa?

Bradey said...

Who was your favorite role in Spring Awakening to play?
Can you give us a quick fun experience from each one?
P.S. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Kudos on playing all of the male roles! You're incredibly talented, and attractive to boot! So question time!

1) Imagine you now have the opportunity to play any or all of the female roles in the show. Which one would you go for first? Would you play them all? Also, if you had the opportunity, would you play the adult roles?

2) What is your favorite treat or baked good? (Is there a general cast favorite? Like chocolate, brownies, cookies, cake, marshmallow crispy bars, cupcakes, etc?)

3) Imagine you're a fan and not a member of the cast. Think of something you would do as a crazy fan to one of the cast members and something sweet and loving you would do for another cast member. (And no using crazy or sweet things actual fans have done for you or others in the past! Be creative!)

:) Thanks so much for being a part of this. I hope I get to see you perform. (But I don't wish sickness upon any of the cast!)

PS: I second any love/romance/kissing questions from above. Bring on the juicy stuff!

XOXO Natalia

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucas! Congrats on playing all male roles! I was fortunate enough to see your Melchi and thougt you were brilliant! Now that you have played all the MALE roles, if you were a girl, which female role in Spring Awakening would you most like to play? Best of luck! See you in May!

Anonymous said...


With so many SA alum either on or joining Glee, if you were to create a role for yourself on that show, what would it be and what song would you want to perform?


Anonymous said...

I only chose anonymous because i do not have any of the other accounts listed, but my name is Alessia. First of all, I would like to say that you are incredible! My question is: I know that you auditioned for the show online, and I was wondering what song you sang. Also, If you could place any spring awakening character (moritz, ilse, melchior, etc..) in another musical, where would you place them? Love you and good luck on the rest of the tour!

Anonymous said...

My question is, have you read the original Frank Wedekind play? and if so what do you think of the differences? In what ways do you find the new musical version to be better for modern audiences?

mariah carrillo said...

hi lucus you rock love you in the show saw you in costa mesa my questions are
What is the most important thing a young actor in your oppinion should know?
if tonight was oyur last night on earth what would you do and whay and who would you wanna spend it with?
word to live by in 6 word or less and favorite quote and why?

Cassidy Lynn said...

Congrats, Lucas on playing every male role! You are really great. What was your favorite character to play and why?

Sarah said...

Lucas I am so glad you were chosen as the POM.
I sat next to you on stage in Hershey, you were amazing. I noticed that you and Kayla shared chapstick. My question is how do you and the cast keep from getting eachother sick seeing as you are all so close and spead so much time together?

Also If you had to choose one city on the tour to live in for the rest of your life which one would you choose and why?

Riley Moriarty said...

Hey Lucas! First let me say, that you are so talented and congratulations on being the first male to play all the young male parts! That is truly amazing!

For my question: In some of the totallyTrucked videos it has been mentioned that you and Andy Mientus typically room together... What is the most outrageous/hilarious thing that has happened while you have been rooming with each other.

Anna from Wisconsin said...

hi lucas!!! i'm a huge fan. you were an amazing chair of rocker when i saw you!!
so here are my questions:
1: if you could be on any tv show or movie, what would it be/who would you be and why?
2:what is your favorite animal?
and finally, 3: what was your favorite city on tour?

Alex said...

Hey Lucas!

If you were on Glee and your character had a solo, what song would it be and why? (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Ezmarelda said...


Congratulations on playing all male roles! You should feel very proud. What was your favorite role to play and why? What was the most nerve-racking role for you to play?

Anonymous said...

in addition to Alex's question above. if you were to create a character for yourself in Glee, who would you be?

Claire said...

Hello. I saw you as Otto in Denver and you were really great. Anyway, how does the Spring Awakening Tour compare to other theatrical experiences you've had and what is your favorite role you've played?
Also, I think someone else has probably asked this but since you've played all the S.A. guys, who is your favorite and why? Thats all.

Rozzie said...

Okay, one more question...

Top ten most beautiful Broadway songs?

Maddie said...

What characters from Broadway shows (including Spring Awakening) would you use to describe yourself and your castmates?

Anonymous said...

if you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, which would u pick and why?

what's your favorite food that you can't get enough of?

what are you doing to do after the SA tour?

Anonymous said...

kind of a different version of the anonymous before me...but my question is

if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

favorite song to sing anytime?

Irene from Guam said...

any tips on how to keep your voice and body healthy? or advice about acting?

Nicole said...

If you could write yourself into any tv show or movie, which one would it be and what kind of character would you play?

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