Next Profile of the Month: Ben Moss

Our next Profile of the Month is our lovable Ernst-- Ben Kennedy Moss. As you know, Ben will be leaving us after the Chicago engagement to go to Harvard University (looks, talent AND brains!). For many of you, this is your last chance to have him answer your question. Leave it as a comment to this post below. Cut off date is Monday Aug 3rd.


Michaela said...

Ben, what is your favorite thing about playing Ernst?
If you could be a different role in SA, which would it be?

Thanks! =)

Cristina said...

Why does it take you so long to do your hair before a show?

You're awesome by the way. :]

Anonymous said...

What has been your favourite moment in Spring Awakening so far?

- Caitlin from Toronto

Bradley said...

Ben you're amazing :)
Has anything ever gone weird with the word of your body reprise scene?
& What has been the weirdest reaction you've observed from the audience during that part?

Michelle said...

As a man of many talents, what do you want to focus most on in your future? (Acting, composing, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Ben you're fantastic!!

What is your best memory or experience from the tour/show that you will take with you will never forget? And, if you could play any other role in the show who would it be and why?

~ Brittany from Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ben!
What are you going to be studying at Harvard? And what will you miss most about being on tour?
You'll be missed!
-Nate from Philly

Lina said...

Hi Ben,
What did Spring Awakening changed in your life, except not being home?

You're gonna be missed by everyone, but all the best for the future!

Meg said...


First off, I completely adore you, and you are my favorite Ernst EVER!

Second, if you could be any animal in the world, real or imaginary, what would you be, and why?

We'll miss you! :-)

Victoria said...

Hey Ben!
You are extremely talented and amazing, and I know I, along with my fellow guilty ones, will miss you terribly when you leave.

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with 3 people (famous or not), who would you choose and why would you pick them?

-Victoria, from Ohio

Ember said...

How old were you when you composed "Fantasia on a Theme for Piano and Orchestra?" Which also leads to the question...how long have you been playing the piano? and do you play any other intruments?

You're brilliant!
Have fun at Harvard :)

BenMossFan said...

Hey Ben!
I was wondering what other productions you've been in in your high school career and such? and do you plan on following through with acting or just music in college?
Love Kathleen from Massachusetts

Antonio said...

Hi Ben, just a quick question, I know that getting accepted into Harvard is really hard. What do you think set you apart from all of the other applicants to Harvard, which led to your acceptance? Also, do you have any advice for people like me who are applying to Harvard and other colleges? Thanks!
PS you will be missed.

Angela said...

Ben! Can I just say that you are one of my favorite people in the cast and that I am going to miss you in the leg of the tour?

What was it about SA that made you want to audition for it? Did you try out for Ernst originally? What was your audition/call back process like? How did you react when you found out you were going to be in SA?\

Thanks Ben! You're awesome, good luck at Harvard!
Love, Angela!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

You are wonderful as Ernst, and I can not wait to see you perform in Chicago.

How are you feeling about the transition from SA to Harvard? What will you miss most, and what are you most excited about? Do you have a favorite piano piece or composer?

Thanks, enjoy the conclusion of the tour and start at Harvard.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel like the cast is very cliquey or do you all get along really well all together?

Alyce said...

If you could describe yourself as a color, what color do you think you would be? Also, what is your favorite song right now?

Enjoy Harvard!

Lee said...

If you were president, what laws would you enact/repeal?


Anonymous said...

How do you think French Woods prepared you for the challenging musical theater industry? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben! So sad you're leaving the tour! I will miss you playing Ernst!

I believe that life is made up of special moments. Moments that change one's life forever. It could be getting a part, meeting that "special someone", or even something as silly as going to the store for a Coke, but it's a moment in your life that changes you forever.

Do you have any speical moments in your life? What is a moment in your life that changed you as a person forever?

Lily from Brookline said...

1) Do you plan to give tours at Harvard?
2) Who has been your favorite Ernst (besides yourself, of course) and why?
3) There should be a Mad Minute with Ben. I'm appalled that there hasn't already been one.
4) Is it true that you were in a Goooze commercial?
5) Who is your favorite male character and why? Female?

That's all I can think of at the moment, so good luck at Harvard this fall, and I'll look for you on the T. Not creepily or anything, though; I'll just keep my eye out for you when I take the Red Line.

Lily from Brookline said...

P.S. You are beautiful and should have played teenage Tom Riddle in the most recent Harry Potter movie.

Anonymous said...

If you were stuck on a deserted island with the whole cast and you had to devour someone to stay alive, who would you eat first?

Jaimie said...

You are in a burrito of happiness. Who is in there with you? (people in your life.)

Favorite childhood TV show?

PS. I think you're pretty tight.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,
What would your ideal care package include?
And, inspired by Blake Bashoff's Profile of the Month, what happened in your most recent dream/a recent dream that was notable in some way?

Anonymous said...

We all love Ben so much, that I think I speak for us all when I say that there should be many more than just ten questions for his Profile of the Month. If not many, then there should still be more than ten.

Anonymous said...

If you were somehow elected to rule the entire world, who would you choose to help rule it with you? It can be more than one person, because let's face it, it'd be difficult to choose just one.

Hope you kick ass at Harvard! While I highly doubt it's the party Transformers made it out to be, you could totally change that. Nerds can be crazy, let me tell you. Don't judge a geek by its cover.

Colleen said...

Does shaving so frequently take a toll on your lovely complextion? Are there any special products you like to use?

Have fun composing at Harvard!

Lara said...

Do you play any other instruments? How long have you been playing the piano?

If you could play any other character in SA, who would you be and why?

What do you think you will miss the most about the tour when you leave? What about the least?

Anonymous said...

As a soon to be Harvardian, how do you feel about the recent Henry Louis Gates, Jr. fiasco?

Anonymous said...

If you were the musical composer/producer/director for your life story on film, what would the movie be called? what genre would it be? and what songs/bands would you add to your soundtrack?

(If you want to add details as to what song would match what movie scene for kicks, that would be awesome!)

BTW, the TGOs will miss you, and break a leg on your new adventures in college!

Alexandra said...

Hey Ben,

You will be going to school a block away from me in the fall! hope to see you in harvard square sometime.

So do you plan on being in any plays or musicals at harvard?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben.

Has there ever been a really embaressing moment that accidentally happened in the vineyard scene with andy? do tell.

Anonymous said...

If you could make one of your cast-mates your servant for the day, who would it be and why?

Olivia M. said...

Ben Moss, i love your light!! :)

With the first leg of the SA tour coming to end comes (and I'm very sad to say) your last performance on the tour as well :( How are you prepping for you that? (or are you not thinking about it at all?) And what are you looking forward to or what plans do you have after Spring?

Ally said...

What is your favorite:




City so far

Leah from Louisville said...

as a rising college freshman fresh from the horrors of application, i'm curious how your application/acceptance/etc. process was affected by being on tour. could you talk about that a bit?

thanks, and enjoy harvard!

Anonymous said...

you will be missed so much. i am so sad that i wont be able to see you as ernst!
My question is: if you could be in a scene (as Ersnt) that you are not in, what would it be and what would you be doing in the scene?

Annie said...

I saw you in Into the Woods as the Granny, you were great! Is that the craziest role you've ever played? If not, then what is?

Lauren Helen said...

Hey Ben, you're my favorite! :) I was just wondering what your favorite city has been to visit and what places you would recommend going to if traveling across the country.

Lauren said...

What is your favorite old school disney movie? you can only pick one!

Good luck at Harvard. You will be greatly missed!!

Julia said...

You're pretty much made of amazing, as evidenced by all the people who have posted above :)

Define music (for you personally) - the all-encompassing emotions, the stories - how has it affected your life? Can you imagine your world without music?

Wishing you luck and boundless springs of creativity in the future, though you probably don't need it :D

Angelo from Guam said...

Hey Ben,

Hi, first of all I just want to say you're amazingly talented vocally and instrumentally :)

I'm a pianist myself for about 13 years now, and I was wondering before you go out to do a show or do a recital or what not, do you have any pre "ritual" routines?

As for the role of Ernst, do you realize everynight that you are actually kissing a guy? or has it become subconcious?

Thank you so much and I wish you luck before you leave the cast for Harvard :)


Anonymous said...

Which fans stick out the most to you? or are the most memorable when meeting them at the stagedoor?

Which fans have traveled great distances to come watch the show?

Little Debbie said...

In ten years, at the Spring Awakening cast reunion, what will your response be to the question, "So Ben what are you up to these days?"

Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

If you had to pick just one fan that remains memorable, who would it be and why?
Also, are you allergic to anything, wear glasses, etc?

heytheremeranda said...

Hey Ben!

First of all I want to say congrats to getting into Harvard!

I was just wondering what made you want to audition for Spring Awakening and what was the audition process like for you?

Best of luck with everything!

Irene from Guam said...

Hey Ben! You're absolutely amazing and talented in every way, and I'm really going to miss you when you leave. :'(

Do you consider yourself a celebrity? How does it feel to be greeted by fans at the stagedoor every night?

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

How long have you been playing the piano? :)

Will you join the Harvard theater program once school starts and be in college plays and performances?

Kaimi from Indianapolis said...

Do you have any funny stories of people trying to interact with you onstage during a performance?

Christina said...

first, ben you are one of my favourite spring awakening cast members ever! you have the most beautiful voice, so although you're on your way to becoming a fancy composer and all, please don't ever stop singing. :)

as a fellow incoming freshman, i'd like to know how you're feeling about starting university next year - nervous? excited? either way, good luck! :D

wishing i could play hanschen to your ernst,
christina from toronto

Anonymous said...

My family is going on vacation in DC and were wondering what some of your/the cast's favorite places to visit and eat at in DC?

What is something funny/memorable that happened to you or a SA cast member recently? I know there has to be lots of them since you all seem to get along so well!

Good luck at Harvard, college is awesome!
-Lauren S.

Rozzie said...

Hey Ben!

1. What was your favorite thing that you and/or the cast visited during the tour?
2. If you could see one Broadway show that's playing today, what would you see?
3. Were you able to watch the Tony's? If so, what did you think of the results?

Carole said...

hi ben! :)

i really admire and respect you as both a musician and a thespian. my question to you is who or what inspires you when you write music? also, if you weren't an actor or a musician/composer, what do you think you would be?

good luck at harvard, and (when the time comes), congrats on a successful run in spring awakening. :D

Anonymous said...

If you didnt have to kiss Andy everynight, what cast member WOULD you like to kiss?

-Priscilla from Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Ben, you're a music comp major obviously. But why Harvard out of all the music convservatories in the country (and out while we're at it lol)? Do you plan on adding an extra major or doing a minor unrelated to music composition?

Anonymous said...

What is the most entertaining memory on or off stage that has happened involving either fans OR cast?

Anonymous said...

Can you answer the basic Hot Minute questions?
1. Fave color
2. Fave food
3. Quirk
interesting fact about you. ;D
i forget the other questions in the hot minute... haha

Love you Ben! :D

Irene from Guam said...


Will you PLEASE come to Guam?!?
Love you, Ben.

Irene from Guam said...

oh yeah...and forgot to ask one more thing
Did you get a Guam keychain? :D

Anonymous said...

I must say, you will be sorely missed. I'm just glad I got to see you in Boston and won't have anything to do with this Ben Fankhauser riffraff.

Annette said...

Hey Ben!! First off I wanna say that you are an amazing performer and everyone will miss you when you leave and go to Harvard!!
My Questions:

What is the craziest/most memerable/creepy/cooliest thing you have ever gotten from a fan??

What is the craziest/ most memerable time you have had with a fan??

What are your pre-show rituals?? What about the rest of the cast??

(last one I swear) If you could play any part in any musical male or female who would you play??

Best of luck to you as you go into college and I hope to see you on the stage again.

Annette from Chicago

Anna said...

Hiya Ben!

It is well known that you and the cast are really close friends. So you guys must pull pranks on each other all the time. What is the best prank that has been done to you or by you to another person? What is the best prank done to anybody by anyone else?

We are going to really miss you! You will never be forgotten by TGOs.

Love Anna from Poland

Anonymous said...

Would you date a fan?

Anonymous said...

Marry me? Please?

Anonymous said...

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If you could, what city or location would you add to the tour stops?

Angela said...

Hi Ben!

Its a sad thing to see you leave the show, but I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors! Anyways, I was wondering:

1) What is the creepiest/disturbing thing a fan has done for or to you?

2) What is your favorite movie?

3) What is your most memorable or favorite memory while you were on tour?

Good luck with Harvard!

Sincerely Angela from California.

Jillian said...

Ben, you are awesome :D!

First, are you completely nervous about leaving the cast and the start of Harvard and a new chapter in your life?

And second, what was your favorite book as a child?

Lily from Brookline said...

Do you remember your first (musical, theatrical, etc.) rejection?

Grace said...

1) Why Harvard/Boston?
2) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'm going to school next year near Boston, too! (Wellesley College)

Have fun the rest of the tour and at Harvard! You're amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey Ben!
this is a 2 part question...
1. how did you balance the whole college search/applying/all that jazz while on tour for spring awakening?
2. what are you studying at harvard and where do you hope it will lead you?

thanks :D

Anonymous said...

what is the funniest thing that has happened during a SA show?

cant believe you're leaving your amazing

Emily said...

who is your celebrity crush?

and what is your favorite dessert?

Emily said...

What was your audition like for SA? What song did you sing, what did you do, etc..

Anonymous said...

Spock or Kirk?

What is your favorite quote from you favorite TV show?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a favorite blooper or a mistake that happened while performing? If so, what was it? Thanks!
P.S. You're amazing!

Anonymous said...


what is your favorite thing to do on your day off?

Anna said...

When was the first time you realised you had musical talent?

Who is your favorite artist/composer/musician?

And what is your favorite song at the moment?

Anna in Mount Prospect

Nettle said...

Hey Ben!!!!!! I just wanna say that you are one of my favorite cast members!! We will all miss you when you leave for College.

Who is the cast's Go-To person? The best shoulder to cry on.

Nettle from Sydney Australia!!

Emily said...

Hey Ben, you are so amazing.
I was just wondering what you do when you have a bad day, but still have to go perform one or two shows?

Georgia said...

What is your favorite song from the Spring Awakening score that you sing (or don't sing)?

mike from boston said...

dear ben, saw u in boston, nd u were awsome

i have a question for u,
if u were in the circus, what uhhh...evet wud u llike to perform,
Do you have a crush on any of ur cast mates
what did u get on ur SAT's, cause u got into harvard
u must be a genious
thnks bro, mike

mike from boston said...

sorry i cant spell

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about kissing Andy Mientus every day in the show?

What is it like performing as Ernst?

TheBobbyHall said...

Can we just pause for a moment while I say that:

1. I would love to marry you once that is considered legal. Hit me up. Rochester February 14th(?); more than likely.

2. You are currently playing my dream role and I hope you appreciate it as much as I know I would if I ever was Ernst.

3. I just hope one day I can meet you; hit me up on twitter!

griffen said...

Hey Ben!
My question has two parts. What are you looking forward to the most about starting college in the fall?
What's the one thing you think that you think you'll miss most about being on tour with Spring Awakening?

You are a fabulous Ernst! Good luck at school!

griffen said...

Hi Ben!
Blake answered this question for me on his Profile of the Month, and I'm curious to hear your response to it as well, especially since you're going to school to be a composer. If you could take any play or book and turn it into a musical, what would it be and why?
Love you and the show!

Michelle said...

How long did it take you to learn the choreography for Bitch of Living? The movements that you do while sitting in your chair, facing the back of the stage, look like they require a "rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time" type of coordination.

Anonymous said...

I saw you in Des Moines and you were awesome!! I was wondering though how the entire cast travels from place to place? Do you all fly or drive or can you choose what you want to do??

Mary said...

Hi Ben!

What was your favorite Tour location so far?

Emily said...

I was just wondering if the handheld microphones are really on when you sing, or do you just use the ones hidden on your head?
has a microphone ever gone dies when you were performing?

Caroline said...

hey ben! i saw you in louisville and you were my favorite actor in the show (even though i love them all).

im a big musical theatre geek and i was wondering what they best show you've ever seen was (mines SA... of course)

love you and the show! Good luck with school!
i would write "marry me" but that might be a little bit creepy.

Maya said...

Ben, congrats HUGELY on your Harvard acceptance! You are amazingly talented and I only hope I can touch the lives of so many with such brilliant art someday as you have!

As someone who's endured and enjoyed my share of stage kisses, I wonder: have you ever gone on after eating something super gross (anchovies, garlic, etc.) just to freak Andy out? Or vice-versa, anything super delicious or strange (Pop Rocks?)?

Maya from Arizona :)

griffen said...

Hi Ben!
The word on TGO is that you have a thing for the movie "Mean Girls". If you were one of The Plastics, who would you be and why?
Love you and the show!

PinsAbigail said...

Hey Ben!
You are a fantastic performer. So if you could cast yourself in any role what would you pick and how would you cast some of your fellow Spring Awakening cast members?
PS you will be missed and good luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

What is Bobby Mahler doing the whole show? Besides looking nasty in his kahkis?

caroline said...

hey ben! i loved you in the show and i love your Touch me solo...its been stuck in my head forever.
so on tour, you probably dont get any home cooking, so i was wondering if there are any trashy foods that you eat all the time, or if your family sends you care packages, if there is anything that they always put in it?

also, what is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

next time i see the show i will miss you. your were my favorite.

Alex said...

Hey Ben! I loved the show in DC and especially you as Ernst. So I have a two part question:

1a) If you could choose one song, either SA-related or not, to describe you and your life now, what would it be and why?
1b) Which SA song do you relate to the most and why?

Thanks, Ben! You'll be missed! :D

Anonymous said...

Ben! :D

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, real or fiction, who would it be and what would you want to talk about?

From, Anonymous.....Yes, I am being VERY mysterious!

A Florida Guilty One said...

Hey, Ben:

What was the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while onstage?

Good luck at Harvard! :)

Ryan & Maria said...

Hello Benjamin (if that's your name)
We have 2 questions yaa :)

1. What is your favorite candle scent?
2. What are you plans after Harvard?

Thanks!! :D
ps- pick our questions. haha. we love you.

Anonymous said...

I heard from an interview with Blake and Christy that there are indeed people in the band/cast/crew who are conservative. While surprised at this, I was indeed excited that there are more theatrical people with whom I share the same political beliefs. Are you at liberty to divulge the names of said people?

Griffen said...

Hey Ben,
If one of the Jonas Brothers was really replacing you as Ernst, which one do you think would be the best fit for the role? Why?

Love you and the show!

Irene from Guam said...

What is your favorite musical other than Spring Awakening? If you could cast yourself as any role in any other musical, which role would u choose?

What qualities do you want your dream spouse to have? :P i'm sure everyone wants to know.

What clubs, sports or other activities are you hoping to participate in at Harvard?

Marly said...

Hey ben!

1. if you could have anyone's solo song from the show, which would it be and why? boy or girl.

2. How do you feel now that you are done with your run of Spring Awakening? Do you think you will make a return to musical theatre any time soon or will Harvard keep you too busy!

3. Who is your celebrity/Broadway star crush?

4. Spring Awakening is full of controversial topics, what is like being able to perform such a powerful and intense show, do you ever get sucked in too much emotionally? Acting wise how do you take yourself to that place each night?

thanks so much Ben, you will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, love you and the show!!! questions,

- in extended run, you say that the guilty ones know everything: Honestly are you guys ever weirded out by the guilty ones and how much they know about your personal lives? what is your weirdest/creepiest experience with a fan?

-What has your transformation from the first show to now been like? do you think your last performance will be your best?

-random questions:
favorite ice cream flavor?
favorite color?
dream role?
celebrity crush?

Mallory said...

Hey Ben,
you are so musically talented! So I'm sure this is one everyone wants to know, what are your favorite bands and your favorite musicals?

Also, I have to know; are you a Harry Potter fan?

Thanks and good luck at Harvard in the fall! :)
Love, Mallory

Anonymous said...

When did you decide that theater was what you wanted to do? at what age? and at what moment in your life?

DCBlonde said...

Hey Ben!
You were phenominal the three times I saw you between Baltimore and DC. I was wondering if you could share your favorite..
A) Starbucks drink
B) Athelete/team or musician/band or a mix of them all!
c) movie(s)
d) DC memory

Thanks and good luck in the fall!

Desiree said...

Hey Ben! You are amazing and I was wondering what inspired you to join/audition for the show, what do you love about the show, did you learn anything from being in Spring Awakening and what, and what will you miss after leaving?

Anonymous said...

You are amazingly talented and so lovable in every way. I'm going to cry when you leave.
Is there any drama between the cast members? Or does everyone always get along?

Anonymous said...

fave color, music, movie, tv show, food.
etc. ?

Anonymous said...

do you have a crush on anyone in the cast?

Lucinda said...

Hi Ben!
During the show, you share quite a passionate kiss with Mr. Mientus ;)

What was your first kiss like? Your first stage kiss?

The show is beautiful! you are a wonderful actor and you will be missed dearly <3

Harry Lang said...

How many years of vocal/dance/acting trainging have you had?

So much luck at Harvard! I'm sorry i didn't get to see ( i saw chase!) but break legs in upcoming performances!

Paul said...


What were your earliest experiences with Spring Awakening? For example, the first time you saw it live or when you discovered the music.

Brewster, NY

An from San Jose, CA. said...

Hello, hello Ben Moss!

I was browsing a fanfiction website and came across the Spring Awakening category. After a bit of searching, it looks like Ernst is the most popular character to write about with 51 out of 171 stories, and Ernst and Hanschen's celebrity couple name is Hernst. Any thoughts or musings on the subject?

If you were a flavor of ice cream, which would you be and why? (I'd be mint chocolate chip--cool exterior but ultimately sweet. =])

Did you ever see the 90210 rendition of Spring Awakening on tv? If so, what did you think about it?

Hope life is treating you spectacularly. Best and brightest wishes for your future!

Adam said...

What has your favourite memory been while on tour?

ATUgirl said...

(There's over 100 questions. Okay, so my odds aren't so great, but here goes)

Are you intending on pursuing acting/singing after you graduate? In conjunction with that, what are you planning on making your major in college?

Leah said...

Hey Ben!
I just wanted to say that you were absolutely incredible the two times that I saw you in Boston! Your voice moves me to tears!

As an actress and piano player myself, I was just wondering when and why you first got involved with theatre and music?

Also, who is your favorite musician/ musical group?

Best of luck at Harvard and with everything else that you do in the future!!
-Leah :)

Ethan said...

I'm not sure if this was asked yet because it would take an hour to go through all these comments. Anyways here's my question:

What are you planning to study at Harvard? (theater, music composition, etc.?)


Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Anonymous said...

Did you always want to be an actor/composer/musician? If not, what else did you want to be when you were younger?

You'll be missed terribly! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

When you first heard that your replacement's name was also Ben, did you find it as hilarious as a great number of us did? Also, what do you think of him taking over after you leave?

Emily S. said...

Can I have a hug?

Griffen said...

Hey Ben!
Knowing how talented of an actor you are, I'm sure you could play any role you wanted :) But if you had to choose, what would you say is your "dream role"? What song would you use to audition for it with?

Love you and the show! You are a fabulous Ernst, and a delight to watch on stage :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ben!
First of all I'd just like to say that you are so amazing and talented and I've thoroughly enjoyed watching you play ernst especially when I got to sit next to you on stage for most of the show!
anyways on to my question, do you have a particular quote you like or live by? I need a senior quote and all the ones I like are from Spring Awakening lol any ideas?
also good luck at harvard and any of your other endeavors!
Love, Brigid

Frankie said...

Are there any habits, tips or tricks that you have picked up while in Spring Awakening that you will continue to use?

Mel said...

Hey Ben :) you are great in the show!

what will you miss the most about being on tour with Spring Awakening, and what will you mis the least?

Spring Awakening must be such a demanding show, how do you (and the rest of the cast) maintain such a high level of energy each night? What do you do when you are sick, have you ever gone on when you felt kind of sick? and if so what did you do to work through that?

Thanks, sorry for the cluster of questions in one :) love you Ben!

What are your favorite books to read?

Are you a superstitious person, do you have any rituals before, during intermission, after, etc. the show that you do?

Can you please please do a hot minute with Ben Moss :)
full name:
favorite color:
favorite food:
favorite song to perform/ listen to from the show:
favorite musical:
dream role:

love, Mel

Ariel said...

-Where you a big Spring Awakening fan before you auditioned?

-What really got you started into musical theatre?

-Do you have plans to continue in musical theatre and audition for more things after you finish your Spring Awakening run, or is Harvard too time consuming?

-Who have you roomed with the most on the tour?

-The last performance for you, Blake, Julie, and Henry Stram will probably be very emotional for you guys and the whole cast! What do you hope your last performance to be like and what do you hope to get from it?

-What's it like being one fo the youngest cast members? Does it make anything different?

-whose your celebrity crush?

-Do you think once you leave you will find yourself stalking thing Totally Trucked videos or the blogs just for good times sake?
love ya Ben!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, you are amazing, so sad that you are leaving the tour soon!

If you could have anyone else's solo song from the show, male or female which would it be?

Okay and I'm sure that everyone wants to know, so please share, what qualities or charecteristics would your dream spouse have?

What is your favorite old school disney movie/charecter?

thanks Ben love you!

Stephanie said...

Hi Ben. You're wonderful. I'm curious to know, if someone were to bake you, what would the ingredients be?

Nicole said...

Say a big time hollywood director wants to make a movie about your lives on tour with Spring Awakening. Which actor would play Ben Moss and anyone else in the cast?

Kyle said...

What was like to be cast in SA at such a young age? What made you have the initiative to go audition? Were you scared because you were just out of high school?

Charlie said...

dearest ben -
how do you feel about your thousands of fan girls that you are obviously not interested in? and when i say you arent interested in them, i mean AT ALL, if you catch ma drift

-thanks botch

Katarina and Brianne said...

Hey Ben!
First off, you are the perfect Ernst and we're so sad to hear that you'll be leaving. We saw you in toronto and you were absolutely amazing.

Anyways, what is your favourite role you've ever been?
What is your favourite youtube video?
Who is your musical theatre crush?

Katarina and Brianne from Ontario, Canada

Meredith said...

marry me ben moss?

is it weird having so many fans who know everything about you and the rest of the cast and does it ever geting annoying or just too weird not to have as much privacy any more?

if you were an animal what animal would you be and why?

If the Spring Awakening Tour cas members were disney charecters, what would they be? For example I see you as Chip from Beauty & the Beast or as Peter Pan :)

love ya, Meredith :)

Kenzie H. said...

Dear Ben, I adore you! love you and the show!

I've really been wanting to ask this and to know how the cast feels about this, so please pick this one :)

What is it like performing Spring Awakening in small towns, or say towns that will most likely not be as supportive as San Francisco. For instance, when people leave during intermission (or even during!) how do you and the rest of the cast feel!? Does it ever make you guys loose your stride or energy?

thanks, i hope you answer this. you will be missed so much, don't go! but since you are :(, good luck in the fall! xoxo

Sun said...

BEN! I LOVE YOU. i saw you in the last performance in D.C. and you were fantasmic :)

Anyways, I was wondering how you balance your work as Hanschen with focusing on school and preparing for college? If anyone can teach us a lesson on time management, its you!

Also, what is your biggest pet peeve, and what is the worst relationship you have ever been in?

Thanks for being incredibly hott, a great performer, and an unbelievable singer! haha. I hope you will answer my questions and good luck in the future!


Anonymous said...

Do you still feel strange when people recognize you or ask for your autograph? Has your life changed due to the fact that you have tons of fans that love you? :)

Suzanne said...

What was your audition experience like? Was it a long/stressful process or did they love you from the start?!

Meghan said...

Hi Ben!
My question is..During high school, how did you balance music, performing etc, and school, so well that you got into harvard? If you werent going to harvard, what other schools would you consider?


Meghan, a fellow incoming college freshman

p.s. Will you marry me?

Alex B. said...

Hey Ben!

You're my favorite Ernst ever! I have two questions for you though.

1.) What is going to be your major at Harvard University? (A fellow Bostonian welcoming you to Boston!)
2.) If you could swap roles with someone in the cast, who would you swap with? (For male AND female parts)

Good luck at Harvard! Hope to see you around Boston!

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