What Would You Do? WASHINGTON DC

Our next extended stay on the tour is a four week stint in our nation's capital, Washington DC July 7-Aug 2nd.

The cast loves being in a city for a longer period of time. They get the rare opportunity to explore a city in depth.

Do you live in DC? Or know it well? Give the cast some advice. Where do the locals hang that tourists don't know about? What fun things and good food can't we miss?

We're also open to suggestions for fun video ideas specific to DC.

Please submit your suggestions as a comment below before end of day on Friday June 19th.

Do you have special access to get us in somewhere unique and special? If so, email us privately: totallytruckedblog at gmail dot com.

Your suggestions will be compiled into The "Fan's Guide to DC" for the cast. Thank you!


Richelle said...

The Smithsonians are a must, even if you don't like museums. I used to live in DC but that was when I was like a 3 year old...

All of the National Monument type things are fun for a short amount of time, one time, if you haven't seen them before.

.. and all of that sounds really dumb. Of course, if you wanted to know where to take a good dance class in DC, I could totally be of decent help, butother than ^, I'm out on fun normal things to do.

Anonymous said...

You guys could always walk around Georgetown...

Anonymous said...

The deli just off from china town does the most amazing breakfast i've ever had in my life :D

Derek said...

There's this great Moroccan restaurant called "Marrakesh." They serve a multi-course meal which consists of very healthy foods. There are plenty of vegetarian options, as well. You're in the restaurant for approximately 3 hours, but it goes so quickly. It's a very relaxed, conversational setting, and there is a belly dancer. What more could you want? :)

617 New York Avenue N.W.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to DC, so maybe I'm not the person to ask, but a friend told me that there's a cool frozen yogurt place called Mr. Yogato. Haha. That's all I can offer, really. Sorry! heh.

Anonymous said...

Blake Bashoff for prez!

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust Museum is a really moving place to spend a couple hours, and I'm pretty sure they just reopened their exhibit about more recent and ongoing genocides...

Anonymous said...

Bus Boys and Poets is a MUST! There are two locataions(DC and Shirlington). It is a really cool resuraunt that is laid back and has AMAZING food. Another place is the Spy Museum. I haven't been yet but my friends say its really entertaining. 5 guys burgers and fries is also a MUST for those that love cheeseburgers. Of course the monuments and Smithsonian is something to do on a "tourist" day.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you guys do a segment in Madame Tussaud's!!!! If not, my aunt works at the newest Smithsonian museum called the Newseum... She said it is definitely a must although I haven't yet been there. I think there are exhibits there where you like film your own news story as if you're broadcasting live in the field. Might be fun for you guys. If not one of those, you could always go around and do a segment on the monuments. I don't remember a lot of resteraunts there, although ESPNZone is always fun.

Jessface said...

Must walk the National Mall - all the Museums, Federal Buildings, and Monuments a person could ask for.

Anonymous said...

The FDR monument is pretty cool because it's right on the water and it's all statues and fountains.

Emily said...

Things to do:
-Visit The International Spy Museum
-See the monuments (The Tourmobile is a good option if you don't want to walk everywhere.)
-Visit some (or all) of the Smithsonian museums on the mall (The American History museum has the 1995-97 Gypsy Robe!)
-Visit the National Zoo (They have pandas!)

Places to eat: Potbelly, there are a bunch of them all over the city. They have great sandwiches and shakes.

ATUgirl said...

The Capital is so much fun and real big. There's outdoor monuments like FDR memorial, Washington Monument, Lincoln, Reflecting pool, World War 2, Vietnam War, and Korean War. The problem with all those is that because they're outside in the summer it'll get hot. The museums are also really cool like Air and Space, Natural History, National History, Art Museum, Portrait gallery. The spy museum was really cool to go to, because you can look at a lot of the stuff and they have a cool restaurant and shop. I've never been to the Holocaust museum (even though I'm jewish) but I've heard its really emotional.

Also walking around the city's cool like Chinatown, there's a ton of cool restaurants.

If you want to get away from the city you could go to the Air and Space in Dulles (Udvar Hazy) or go one of the nice malls. Tyson's is great because its real big and has a movie theater and stuff.

Hope that helps and maybe I'll run into you!

L said...

I recently watched a Samantha Brown special on the travel channel about DC. She went to this Ethiopian restaurant called Etete that looked really interesting. DC apparently has the largest Ethiopian population aside from Ethiopia itself. So the cast should definitely try that out. And I'm not sure if the cast is into this stuff, but there's a drag show at Perry's every Sunday brunch that looked quite entertaining.

Nora said...

I am a college student in DC. I love this city dearly! There are always free and interesting events and activities going on. And there is WAY more to DC than politics! (Believe me...)

For food:

I HIGHLY recommend (I bring all my visitors to it) Crepes-A-Go-Go, walking distance from the Dupont Circle metro stop.
Also, a secret gem the locals love is Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan! Inexpensive, quick, open until about 3am, and DELICIOUS.

For sightseeing:

Don't miss the Newseum!!! It's a museum unlike any other and they always have really neat events going on like interviews and movies accompanied by panel discussions, or even tapings of George Stephanopoulous' show "This Week".

Of the memorials, the FDR memorial is my favorite. It's hidden and lesser known, but it's down-to-earth and unique.

The National Portrait Gallery often has some very unique photography exhibits, and you can see the official presidential portraits and the like.

Paddleboating on the Tidal Basin is beautiful AND inexpensive. How nifty :)

Other secrets of the locals :) =

Kramer's Books in DuPont Circle is a famous DC locale. You can puruse books, enjoy desserts and hear live music nightly.

"Screen on the Green" (free movie screenings on the National Mall) takes place in the summer.

EASTERN MARKET is wonderful. A farmer's market on weekdays and Saturdays, and an enormous, lively flea market every Sunday. Don't miss it!

Enjoy DC during your stay. It's a richly interesting city with much to be discovered!

Anonymous said...

National Zoo! Except Anthony, who hates zoos. ;)

Taymor said...

I did a summer program in DC two years ago. The one place I absolutely loved was Georgetown. It's really pretty and they have amazing restaurants from around the world.

Anonymous said...

SERENADE THE OBAMAS!! Give a performance of Spring Awakening at THE WHITE HOUSE!! Do it on the front lawn so we can see it on CNN!!!!

Other than that, pretty much any national monument, but I presonally would kill to go to the Washington Mall and just do a whole day or two of walking around. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery (visit JFK's tomb), but I'm a freak about presidents.

Ford's Theater, Smithsonian, The Capitol, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

--Michael, from Denton, TX

Katie B. said...

Walk around Old Town, Alexandria--it's really pretty, especially by the harbor. They also have a nice farmer's market. Bethesda can also be fun to wander around. Of course, it's always fun to walk around M Street in Georgetown.

For food, Zaytinya (in NW) and Tony Chiang's Mongolian Barbeque (it's the bottom floor of its building, in Chinatown) are good. For really good burgers and AMAZING fries, try Elevation Burger. There are two in Virginia and one in Maryland. http://www.elevationburger.com/#locations

Echoing the above statements, the International Spy Museum and the American History (Smithsonian) are my personal favorites. The Air & Space in DC (not the Udvar-Hazy, that one's kind of boring) is fun, too. The Newseum is also interesting.

In terms of the memorials, there are all the standards, but my favorite is WWII--it's really pretty. It's conveniently located between the Washington and Lincoln monuments.

I've lived in the DC area for 12 years now, so hopefully I know what I'm talking about. :)

Anonymous said...

The International Spy Museum is so cool!!
even if you arent all that into spies its wicked cool!!

its one of my favorite places ever!

Grace said...

hahahahha "serenade the Obamas"

I second/third the Holocaust Museum - very moving experience

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest the international spy museum as well!

Also, there monuments all around DC, you might do a scavenger hunt around the monuments for a film. Like, leave a cast member at every monument, and make someone (maybe Perry?) navigate the city and find them. (If we don't find them, the show can't go on!!) That might be a good video idea for Extended Run???

Buca Di Beppo's is a fun place in DC. Lots of lewd pictures on the wall. If you've never been, it's a good place to go. (I think it's a chain, so you might have been there before).

There's a place right in front of the White House where there is a doorbell. You should go press it and see what happens ;)

You also might go to the WWII Memorial, and take pictures of each of the cast members in front of their home state. There's a monument for each state in the round. They also have choirs sing there, my choir actually did the National Dedication ceremony. If you want to do a cabaret of patriotic songs, that might be good :)

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

hi guys!

the national spy museum is really fun!

Jaimie said...

THE SPY MUSEUM. I can't say enough things about it, it's well done, fun and everyone who works there is nicer than Jesus.

They also have this stimulation thing called OPERATION SPY, and YOU NEED to check it out. It's where your spies in a group, and you get to sneak around, hide from bad guys and crack codes. it's AMAZING.

The dupont circle area is also filled with cool shops, great resteraunts and a younger, (tour cast age) vibe.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam war memorial. simple, but twice as moving as any of the others.

Anonymous said...

going to have to agree with the "serenading the Obamas" crowd.
i like it.

Anonymous said...

ok so i know it is in dc...but come over to arlington and go the pentagon mall or tysons mall for some fun shopping... you should also go to Cassatt's kiwi cafe for new zealand food... it is in arlington wich is right out side of dc...

Anonymous said...

i actually have lived overseas my entire life but i've got family in dc so i go every summer.

however dorky it may be, the spy museum is AMAZING.

theres a really funky vintage store in georgetown that has really unique things called Annie Creamcheese (3279 M Street, just down the road from Georgetown Park mall)

i'm a vegetarian now, but as a former meat eater Martins Tavern and 5 Guys have the best burgers in town (both are in Georgetown)

and lastly, they offer segway tours of "The Mall." a cool way to learn about dc....

hope i could help :) see you on-stage on july 22nd!


Anonymous said...

go meet Obama! :P

guamfan said...

hang out with your Guam fans!
We'll be there opening night! :P

Glenben (from Guam) said...

Yes, I'd have to say you should hang out with your Guam fans (of course, I am biased...) :)

Other than that, if you want tourist-y things to do, the Smithsonians are always fun to explore. Then there are the various memorials, but I'd have to say that the FDR memorial is the best place to wind down.

Rozzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rozzie said...

There are a few pretty memorials that you can go to to look or to relax. You can also take good tours of the capitol.

Rozzie said...

In addition to my last comment, the Air and Space Museum is also very interesting.

Joeyoeyo said...

I lived in DC for almost twelve years and one of my favorite things to do on a sunny day during the summer was to grab a few friends, pack a picnic lunch, and head across the Potomac River to the park right next to the runway at National Airport. It's so cool to be right under the planes as they are coming in for a landing or have just taken off. Also, I know it might seem like a really geeky idea, but the National Postal Museum next to Union Station is really interesting. You'll learn some really cool stuff about the U.S. mail system.

Irene (from Guam) said...

i agree with rozzie. air and space is always fun. i've been there a couple of times. plus u can buy space food at the gift shop. those are good.

tour the white house too. that's pretty cool.

and although i've never been there, i heard holocaust museum is a good place to go.

P.S: It's always fun to try to catch fireflies at night. :D It's so much fun!

claudia said...

Be sure to stop by Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street, now even more famous due to President Obama's recent visit!


Also, the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington is worth a visit...if the weather agrees, pack a picnic- sit closer to the Netherlands Carillon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netherlands_Carillon) and take in the beautiful monument view across the Potomac.

I also recommend a visit to Arlington Cemetery- the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a unique experience. This is obviously not a "fun stop", but it is a beautiful tribute to those who have fallen while defending the U.S.A.

Lastly, a walk or run through Rock Creek Park is always fun...http://www.nps.gov/rocr/....try not to go alone, just to be paranoid! ;)

claudia said...

It's me again....

If you do make it across the bridge to Arlington and are in a sushi mood (or Asian cuisine in general), don't miss Cafe Asia...it's about a 10-15 minute walk from Iwo Jima. http://www.cafeasia.com/

Sarah said...

Definitely check out the Spy Museum! It's a fun way to spend an afternoon. DC has some amazing war memorials, and they're not to be missed. I think it's also nice to go to the Lincoln Memorial and walk around the National Mall on a sunny day. The National Zoo is also fun, but I suggest going early in the day to avoid the crowds of parents, screaming children, and strollers-- they can be frustrating.

Foodwise, Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan is amazing and a favorite among us locals. Busboys & Poets is also worth checking out, if not just to browse through the leftist bookstore.

For those who are of drinking age, my friends and I like hanging out at Toledo Lounge in Adams Morgan and the Brickskeller by Dupont Circle. The nightlife in DC can get a little frat-boy at times, but I think those two places are good if you want to just hang out and have a beer with friends, no frills.

There's so much to do here! You can't go wrong just hitting up the major sights. I don't know what neighborhood you'll be staying in, so I can't give a tailored suggestion list, but the comments on here look good so far (though personally, I think Georgetown is too crowded-- awesome shopping, though!!). Check out the Washingtonian (www.washingtonian.com) for more restaurant & bar reviews. There are lots of summer activities, like Jazz in the Sculpture Garden and outdoor 80s movies, but I imagine your performances will limit how much of those you can do.

I'll be seeing you all perform on July 7, and hopefully again later in the month! Have fun exploring! Feel free to reply if you want suggestion for particular neighborhoods. :)

Sarah said...

Oooh, also, check out Hello Cupcake off of Dupont Circle-- they're amazingly delicious!

Missa said...

My only suggestion would me that they don't try to walk everywhere... because things look a lot closer on the map then they really are. haha. Experience.

Caroline said...

Georgetown cupcakes has the best cupcakes ever! You have to get their early though because there can be huge lines.

Also, the Newseum was the most amazing museum ever, it is beautiful on the inside, and there is even a balcony if you would like to see the capitol building from up high.

I personally wasn't a huge fan of the International Spy Museum but I think that my expectations were too high, if you just go expecting a fun time then you should have fun.

Lastly, the National Gallery is very neat and they have a great museum shop if you would like to pick up stationary or postcards. Check out the gardens too because they are beautiful.

Have fun!

p.s. Holocaust museum, it is amazing but also very, very, very sad. You have to get mentally prepared for that one because of the magnitude of emotion that will go through you as you walk through the exhibition.

Katherine said...

I just got back from a school trip to Washington. We went to the Smithonians and did a night tour of all the monuments. It was really pretty at night and our tour guide let us off the bus to take pics. I suggest that, unless you have hours to kill, do all the monuments on a bus tour or drive yourself. It is a lot of walking to get from the downtown core to where they all are. We went to the Holocaust museum too and if you go, I suggest at least three hours because it is HUGE. Also very moving.

The capitol building is cool too but I think you have to book a tour ahead of time.

Katherine said...

oh and I liked the International Spy museum when we went

Cassie C. said...

I've been to DC tons of times, living only an hour and a half away (in Philly). The Spy Museum is really cool, especially the James Bond car. If you can handle it, check out the Holocuast Musuem. It's really sad, but there are some amazing stories of survival.

The Smithsonian is also really cool, one of my favorite exhibits is the clothes of the First Ladies.

Also, just take time to walk around the mall, there are just a lot of cool things out there.

Good Luck and I hope you guys have an amazing time!

Ricky said...

Cake Love's "Love Cafe" on U Street has the BEST cupcakes and cakes ever :) That business was featured on Food Network a few years ago so that's how I found out about it - and the owner was/is a host of a food network show "Sugar Rush".

...A very tasty selection of sandwiches too, like 3 grilled cheese with bacon, and chicken salad sandwich. You could always order a whole cake for the cast but I think the "Cake Love" bakery itself requires some advance notice.

Wow thanks for sharing Amsterdam Falafel...I just had a falafel wrap for the first time ever this weekend from a vendor at Baltimore's HonFest and that was like HEAVEN in a wrap. I must have more and will definitely check out that place in DC sometime!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you guys will want to get out of the theatre during your down time, but I'd suggest visiting Ford's Theatre. It's a beautiful building and a neat place to see (for obvious historical reasons). If you're up to sitting through a play and the one-act 'One Destiny' is scheduled, I'd highly recommend it.
Have fun in DC!:)

autitania said...

I moved to the DC area last August for graduate school in arts mgmt. - it's a great city and i can't wait to see the show!

Places to visit, first if you're in town for the Fourth def. do the fireworks and other things - it's fabulous!

Shirlington is a great spot to hang out. There is Signature theatre in their new home (gorgeous and modern), tons of great places to eat, and a great art house movie place.

I also recomend the Smithsonian and other museums...they are free after all!

If you have time make it to the Chesapeake Bay...some great views and a great way to relax after a long week of shows!

Have fun in the city and I look forward to your show on the 12th!

Anonymous said...

-The museums listed above are all great and all of the ones in the Smithsonian system (American History, Natural History, Air & Space, Holocaust, etc.) are all free, which makes them even better

-The National Zoo is a lot of fun, and we have pandas!

-For a non-touristy view of a historic neighborhood, walk around U St - lots of great hidden shops & restaurants - and you can stop at Ben's Chili Bowl.

-Go see a Nationals Baseball game - the new stadium is beautiful and who doesn't love baseball?!

-For restaurants, my favorites continue to be Zaytinya, Founding Farmers, Rice, and Lauriol Plaza. The suggestion for Marrakesh was a really fun idea too. For something quick, try Nando's Peri-Peri in Chinatown. You should also try to do a Sunday morning brunch at Eastern Market & enjoy their farmers market and try out Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill (Spike from Top Chef's burger joint and a favorite of the First Lady).

-For those over 21, try Cork, Bar Pilar, and Marvin.

Anonymous said...

I realize I'm a little too late in responding, but I figured I would anyway. D.C. is so rich in history that you could do pretty much anything and have it be worthwhile. Sometimes I forget that I live in such an interesting and historical city. If you want to get an overview of the monuments, there is a fantastic Monuments by Moonlight tour, though I'm not entirely sure how possible that would be with your show schedule. Regardless, if you get a chance to venture out at night - monuments like the Lincoln memorial and the Jefferson are amazing in the moonlight.

There are some awesome restaurants throughout the city - you should try Ray's Hell burgers in Arlington, VA. Obama just recently came to check it out.

I just saw your show in Baltimore today. Amazing job. I was at the stage door with my sister (we couldn't find pens so were just standing there feeling like idiots) and will be in the 4th row center for your July 15th performance. If I manage to find the Kennedy Center stage door and you all are up for it, I'd love to buy you guys a drink. Your performances are inspiring and I feel like I owe you for bringing such beaufiful music into my life.

PS - if you're of age, try the Big Hunt in Dupont. Dive bar with a fun atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

blah blah "museums" blah blah.

SURE there are great museums, many of which were already reccomended, but if you really wanna feel the pulse of DC ya gotta get out of capitol hill!

If you're looking for some nights out on the town:
- the U street area is SUPER hip right now and very edgey. Great music, great jazz clubs, good food. Black Cat and the 9:30 club always have a good band!

If you're looking for the best food:
-Penn quarter! Right near chinatown, lots of new posh places to eat. Georgetown also has a lot but it depends on if you like the mood there.

If your looking for some 'wilderness'
-Rock creek park is LARGE and great for picnics, Great Falls (right outside the city) has, well, waterfalls (and is very beautiful!).

If you're looking for shopping
-Obviously Georgetown is great for boutiques and such. Eastern market is a FAVORITE for local art/jewelry/food.

Hope that helps!

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