Next Profile of the Month: Blake Bashoff

In preparation for our stop in always sunny Phildelphia, our next profile of the month will be BLAKE BASHOFF. Blake was born in the city of brotherly love.

Submit your questions for Blake as a comment below.

Blake might have already answered some of your questions in this interview he did with Christy Altomare last week while the cast was in Louisville, KY. In it, he mentions how he keeps his voice healthy, his pre-show ritual, how he heard about the auditions, the difference between acting in the show and acting on TV, when he might leave (!!), the person who's career he'd like to have (the answer will surprise you), and more. A must read: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2009906050358

By the way, Christy is also from just outside Philadelphia!

Questions for Blake are due by noon on Sunday June 14th.


Hannah said...

I know you've been on many different sets filming for television shows as well as on stage. If you had to choose between TV and movies or the stage, which would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

You've had quite a career! What has been your most favorite part to play, and why? And to follow that, what has been the most challenging part to play, and why?

Anonymous said...

HI! you've preformed on both broadway and on tour. Which have you enjoyed more?

Emily said...

If the tour could go to any city in the world (other than those in the US and Canada), which city would you want to visit the most?

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake. So I read your interview with Christy and it was amazing. Can you give just a little bit more information about backstage lovin'? I understand you are all young and things go on offstage, but are we talking like out of control Hair-the-musical-type-loving? Constant making out? Quick pecks? Holding hands? How comfortable are YOU with the cast? winky wink wink.

Anonymous said...

If you could be any character in the show besides Moritz, who would it be and why?

Ally said...

I recently saw the play version of Spring Awakening and I would say that a lot of the story is pretty different from the musical. Do you wish there were some things that stayed the same in the musical that happened in the play?

Dionne said...

You guys go to a lot of different attractions, museums, etc. in the cities that you visit. What has been your favourite outing so far on the tour? And/or, if you could do a completely different musical (or movie, or TV show) with the current cast, what would it be, and who would play which role?

heytheremeranda said...

Hey Blake!

I was just wondering what made you decide to join the tour cast of Spring Awakening when you were already on with the Broadway Cast?

Thanks so much!

Juliana said...

Hey Blake! You recently turned 28 (happy birthday!!) What is it like being older than the rest of the cast? Do you feel like a peer or more like a big brother?

Carrie said...

Do people ever recognize you when you walk down the street? I did =) But I was too shy to say hello.

Anonymous said...

HI Blake!!!

If you could play any of the female characters in Spring Awakening who would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

Pk heres my question: what is your favorite moment in spring awakenng and why?

Amanda and Moriah said...

Hellooo Blake. :D

What are your top five favorite books and/or movies?

Thank you for being awesome. :D

David from Harlingen, TX said...

Hiya Blake! Saw the show on January 18, 2009 in Houston which was also the last night on Broadway and the last night of the complete orginal tour cast. I was just wondering if last night shows like that hit you emotionally or if its just another night of work?

Mary Therese said...

Hey Blake! Did you always want to be an actor when you were growing up in Philly? and also if you could have gone to college, where and what major?


sarachristine said...

Hi Blake! I was just wondering what steps you took about getting into the entertainment business because I read that you didn't go to school?

Bristol said...

Blake Bashoff! You are quite the wonderful performer! How do you keep the depressing part of Moritz fresh, and perform it every night with the same enthusiasm?

Anonymous said...

Hey Blake!

I just wanted to know: what is your favourite song to perform? Do you prefer a more lively one like The Bitch of Living or a more somber one like Those You've Known? Also, do you wish you could perform in Totally Fucked?

Thanks a lot, Blake. You are my absolute favourite cast member.

Sarra said...

First of all, I will point out the obvious and say that words cannot describe how freakin' amazing you are.

I was wondering if having to be so depressed while playing Mortiz ever brings you down in real life?

Jaimie said...

what is your perfect sandwich?

Chris from Cheyenne, Wyo. said...

Yo Blake,

So you've been in Spring Awakening longer than anyone else currently performing. Do you have any rituals that you do before or after the show to keep you excited to get on stage night after night? If so, were they different in NYC than on tour?

BTW...you've got a fan base in Wyoming.

Travis from Toronto said...

Hey Blake!

I just wanted to know: what is your favourite song to perform? Do you prefer a more lively one like The Bitch of Living or a more somber one like Those You've Known? Also, do you wish you could perform in Totally Fucked?

Thanks a lot, Blake. You are my absolute favourite cast member.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake! You are an amazing performer and are such an inspiration to young people, like myself. I do have a question though.
Of all the places you've visited while on tour, which is your favorite and why?

Jessica said...

Blake -- What is your average day like on the tour? How much coffee does it take to get you guys through each day?

Annette said...

HI Blake!!

Mortiz is my Fav in the show and I can't wait to see you when you come to my city. Here is my question(s): If you could be any animal what would you be and why do you always shy away from the camera?? (I've been watching Totaly Trucked Vids on Youtube and you are hardly on or you always shield your face)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake!
I am in musical theatre and noticed that some people jump up and down and are crazy before a show (I am one of those people), while some people sit by themselves and are quiet. I was wondering which, if either, you do to prepare yourself for a show.

Anonymous said...

Mark from Los Angeles says:

Blake, you are SOOOOOO BOSS!

Here are two questions to pick from:

1) If you were to cast yourself and fellow cast members in movies, past/present or animated/non-animated, which movies or movie characters would you all play in?


2) If you were winning a lifetime achievement award at an awards show, who (it can be more than one person) would be introducing you with the award & what would be the theme song playing in your career movie montage and walk up to stage, and why?


Anonymous said...

Hey Blake,
I love the show and hope to see it when it comes to Connecticut! What is your favorite moment on stage? Why? And is there any part that you're not in that you would love to be in?
<3 Kath

Anonymous said...

Dear Blake,

Coming from one of your biggest fans (I've met you seven times, btw, including you taking me on a backstage tour in New York), and there's a few things I've always wondered. You said recently, either in an interview or online somewhere, that you've been told you'd make a great Emcee in Cabaret, or Mark in RENT (I totally agree, btw), but I'm wondering what your DREAM ROLE is, besides Moritz (because that role is so perfect and amazing for you).

And by dream role, I don't necessarily mean one that's been written already. I mean, a kind of role. Like, how some people dream of playing a president, or a drug addict, just so they can say they've done it, or whatever reason.

To be fair, I'm asking this with an ulterior motive, because I'm trying to write a play/musical/movie/tv show, just for you, so you can go on to win an Oscar/Emmy/Tony, etc. So..keep that in mind when answering the question. Thanks!!

or, if you'd rather answer this one:

I was wondering if you could talk a little about your experience on Judging Amy. I know LOST is huge right now, but I preferred your much more impactful role on Judging Amy. I loved the character of Eric Black, and always wondered why you didn't come back for the finale. I wanted to tell you this once, but I saw a poll online somewhere that out of all the gay characters ever played on TV up to I think 2008, in that poll, you were the favorite. It was voted on by over 2,000 people. I'll have to find it somewhere, otherwise, you'll have to take my word for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Blake!

you're character seems like it would be very emotionally draining. I've noticed that you're able to go out and put so much into the role, including tears everytime! What allows you to keep doing that every night?

Also, I know a huge part of the role is his downward mental state. Have you ever had fan reactions/stories relating to Moritz that have had an effect on you or stood out?

You're amazing and I know you're going to go on to do amazing things!

Irene (from Guam) said...

Hi Blake! I just want to start out that you are AMAZING!

At the stagedoor, does it shock you that there are a lot of fans eager to meet you and get your autograph? or are you used to the fame?

If you didn't get into acting and theater, what other career path would you choose?

Anonymous said...

why are you camera shy?

Anonymous said...

Do you ever wish you could go back to a normal life? Meaning, be treated like a normal person and not a celebrity, and not be chased by fans or anything?

Leah said...

Hey Blake! You are absolutely phenomenal. If you could pick one song not from a Broadway show to perform, what would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

The theatre world seems pretty competitive and hard to get into. Is it really that hard?

Jess said...

Blake, what is the first thing you'll do when you get back home from being on tour?

Anonymous said...

OK-it's just been bothering the snot out of me, I just have to ask-

What happened to the slap in the father/son scene???

I really think it helped the audience to understand Moritz better. What happened there? Where'd it go? Was it you...Was getting smacked 8 times a week just too much for ya?

Anonymous said...

Okay, an edit to my original question.

First off, the name is Michael, from Denton, TX, and I just realized I made a mistake about the poll I mentioned. It wasn't for favorite gay characters, but rather, the favorite story arc in Judging Amy was for Eric Black. Sorry for the confusion. But the questions still stand!!

Googie said...

Of all of your performaces on the Spring Awakening tour, which has been your most memorable? and why?

P.S. You are by far the most talented performer I have ever seen along with the entire Spring Awakaning cast/company

best wishes and good luck on the rest of the tour, :)

Alyssa from Chicago said...

So my family and I are huge fans of LOST(not that we ever actually know what's going on) and I was just wondering what you liked most about LOST and if you ever understood what was going on?
P.S. Do you have any insider information?

Kaimi From Indianapolis said...

Hi Blake! Do you have any funny stories of people trying to interact with you on stage during a performance?

Anonymous said...

You've been working on this show for a while now. How has your portrayal of your character developed over time?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say you're great! and...what is your dream role?

Anonymous said...

are you totally psyched for the harry potter movie this summer!?!?

Anonymous said...

hey interviewer! read this: blake you are soooo effing talented

now for my question:
what tv show would you like to appear on, if you got to choose?

Anonymous said...

who in the cast is the most...

a. fashionable
b. flirtatious
c. shy
d. mean
e. polite

keep up the rockin' =]

g-unit said...

do you miss having long hair?

kristi said...

are there any relationships within the cast? like, is anyone dating?

Blake said...

we have the same name!!!

would you ever date a fan?

alena said...

you have perfect teeth!

my question is:
can you smile for the camera?

lyssa said...

YOU ARE GREAT. sorry about the caps lock.
why are you camera shy after having been on so many tv shows and movies?

SA Fan said...

what is something about yourself that would surprise us?
what is something about yourself that nobody knows?

thanks =]

Anonymous said...

do prefer stage or screen? why?

gracie said...

is backstage as scandalous as on-stage?
think "i believe" and that section right after intermission..


lizaa said...

how do you like to be approached at the stage door?
do fans at the stage door ever freak you out?

Stephanie said...

since you never had a "hot minute" with Steffi....

Do you have an interesting quirk?


What's your favorite animal?

Anonymous said...

can you roll your tongue?

show us!

grace said...

you said in your interview that everybody is making out "in the show and off" ... is that true?

Anonymous said...

this isn't a question but...


Alison said...

You've died on LOST and you die every night in Spring Awakening. Do you ever get sick of dying?

-Alison :)

Anonymous said...

Who is your favorite musical artist?

Meg said...


May I just state, first off, that you are one of my favorite Broadway actors, and I adore your interpretation of Moritz :)

Ok, so if, say...you got "vocal paralysis" (reference: ExtendedRun...lol) or couldn't sing/act ever, ever again, what career would you have and why?

Lexy said...

Blake! I saw you in Cleveland and you were great!

Your character Moritz is so much younger than you, do you/have you ever had a hard time relating to him?

Tiffany said...

Blake! You are the most inspirational actor I have ever seen! You have an amazing talent, never stop acting!!!

Question: What advice would you give to aspring actors? What are you secrets or tips! Please share! haha

Olivia said...

Hi Blake! I want to say that you are a fantastic performer and I loved seeing you in the show! I was so happy to see how much you've grown from Broadway to the Tour! Well done!

Question: What is your fave:


Anonymous said...

Hi Blake!!! You're so awesome! If you had your choice of any show for you to be apart of, what would it be and in what country would want to perform it?

Anonymous said...

I am a Theatre student doubleing in technical and acting. My only problem with acting is the crazy sceduals and keeping up my health, specifically with my throat, any more tips?

I also got a late start with acting, any tips you picked up that you can share about how to learn things or any good things you have learned?

Anonymous said...

I hear you shared a dressing room with Matt Doyle when he came to the tour. Did you guys ask to be put together?

Anonymous said...

If you had the option to do any role in a play/musical .. what would it be? [what are your dream role(s)]

Googie said...

Going back to your first night on Broadway.... can you describe what it felt like when you first walked on to the stage? Is there anything you would go back and change about yuor first performance? Also, whats different about being on tour than being on broadway?

Googie said...

While growing up did you always know that you wanted to be an actor?

Googie said...

Of all the stops on the tour is there any one place that you liked the most? Also, if there was one person in the whole world that could be in the audience to watch you perform who would it be?

Googie said...

What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in high school? do you have any advice for survivng High School?

Googie said...

Whos the worst person from the Spring Awakening family to sit next to on a plane?

P.S. You are by far the most talented performer I have ever seen along with the entire Spring Awakaning cast/company

best wishes and good luck on the rest of the tour, :)

Harry Lang said...

anyways, in extended run, you need Nodesy so you can perform. Is there anything that you ACTUALLY need to help you perform or for inspiration!?

Googie said...

Of both the people you know personally and people you only know of, who had been your biggest role model?

P.S. You are by far the most talented performer I have ever seen along with the entire Spring Awakaning cast/company

best wishes and good luck on the rest of the tour, :)

Anonymous said...

Will you marry me?

P.S: if u say yes i'll reveal myself! :P
love u blake

Samantha said...

Blake :).
I know you were in Lost I was wondering do you watch the show now? And if so do you find the whole time travel thing hard to understand and follow along with? Also you Rock and so does the rest of the Spring awakening tour cast sending you lots of Spring Awakening love<3.

Ariel said...

First of you are a Stunning performer (yes I said Stunning).My question is If you were Stuck on a Island and could only bring 3 things/people what or who would you bring and
( I Thought this would be a kinda silly Question since you were on Lost)

Glenben (from Guam) said...

Hey Blake, first I just wanted to say you're awesome.
First question: Do you think you or anyone else in the tour cast might come to Guam in the near future? :)
and...is there anything that you miss about life before you became a celebrity?

Anonymous said...

Hey Blake your imdb page says you enjoy dancing...lets see your best moves

Googie said...

Is there any celebrity which you hope to work with in the near future?

Anonymous said...

Heyy Blake, whats on your ipod?

Irene from Guam said...

does some of your true personality come out in the ExtendedRun videos?
How much fun do u have making them?

Anonymous said...

if u were really lost like in the show, what would u do? or wat would u do differently from what happened to u in the show?

Googie said...

Is there any object or article of clothing that you bring with you everywhere you go? Does it have any sentimental value to you?

Erin said...

Hi Blake! After Spring Awakening, do you hope to continue with theater or focus more on film and tv work? Also, have you stayed in touch with your former Broadway castmates while on the road with the tour?

Googie said...

Is there any song lyric or wise saying which you truly believe in? Has it helped you at all during your sucessful career?

Sami said...

Your Charcter Mortiz is having a hard time in school and with the changes he is facing in himself do you have anything you would like to say to people who are going through the same thing as your charcter does?

Samantha said...

Hiya Blake <3.There is somthing I want to know.If your life was a T.v show who would you want to play you and what would be the theme song to this t.v show.

Maureen said...

Blake first off you are way to cute!
How come you can go up on Stage infornt of tons of people but you are so camra shy?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Blake! As a huge fan of Spring Awakening and Lost, I want to know which ensemble you enjoy performing with more? And if you were invited back to reprise your role in the final season, would you?

Also, in the Extended Run videos, you have a bear named Nodesy. Is he your real bear or is it just for the show? Any word on when new episodes will come out?

Googie said...

In the show, your spirit appears. If there was one person who has passed on that you would want to talk to their spirit for an hour, who would it be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Blake my question is how did you get to be so cute?

Angelo (from Guam) said...

Hey Blake . . .
Like Gabby, I just wanted to start of you're awesome and I watched you in Broadway and you were phenomenal.

I have to do an essay on Moritz and its a big thesis paper.

Define the character of Moritz with one word.

Can you explain the life story of Moritz and how you had to prepare for the role.

And finally, how was the move from television to theater like?

Thanks Blake :)

Shannon-Rose said...

what is the best part about playing such a deep character like moritiz? what do you find the most awarding about it?

and p.s christy went to my high school theatre company's rival high school (:

thanks blake can't wait to see u guys in philadelphia!!!


Danny said...

First off, I just wanted to say that you're pretty amazing! My question is "How exactly does your hair stay up straight like it does in Act II? How much hairspray does that take??"
-Danny from Cleveland

Anna said...

Hey Blake!!!

My question: What is the weirdest thing a fan has asked you?? (like to sign something for them and whatnot)

Anna from Chicago

allshallknow19 said...

Hey Blake!
First of all, I love you and I think you're extremely talented.
My question is:
When did you first realize that you were into singing as well as acting, and was spring awakening your first experience in musical theater?
Part 2:
What's it like coming from tv and movies and being in a cast of musical theater people?

-Maddy from New York

Cassie C. said...

Hey Blake!
I'm a Philly girl, so I was wondering what some of your favorite places were growing up in Philly?

By the way, you're really awesome and I can't wait to see you guys when you come!

Cassie C.

Googie said...

hey blake,
for an aspriring actor/actress/performer, do you have any advice you could give?

Googie said...

Are you ever in a hotel or walking down the street when people recognize you? What is that like? Does it ever get annoying?

Googie said...

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

Googie said...

Of all the characters you have ever portrayed, do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

Love Googie from Florida

Anonymous said...

can you describe the best experience you've ever had with a fan? meaning, they said something really sweet, and it touched you so deeply that you'll remember it forever, etc.?

also, i've seen on your twitter that you and Hart Hanson (creator of TV Show BONES) follow each other, and talk to each other a lot. Is that an indication that you might be appearing on Bones in the near future? (It's my favorite TV Show, and you would be AWESOME on it!!)

I know Hart wants you to be on the show. Is it a possibility? A likelihood? Or just... undetermined yet?

And last, but not least... from both the Broadway production, and the touring cast, who's your best friend? I hear you're very close with Andy and Gabby, and that you and Blake Daniel and Matt Doyle were all very close, so I'm just curious who you'd consider your BEST friend from the cast. And do you still keep in touch with them? (from the Broadway cast, anyways).

Anonymous said...

who do you hang out with in the cast the most?
are there specific groups or pairings of friends in the cast?

thanks =]

Anonymous said...

you didn't go to school for musical theater...and this is your first show.
what drove you to audition?
did you ever think you'd get a part?

Anonymous said...

if you had to room with someone for a year, who would it be? why?

Anonymous said...

when i first saw the show on broadway, you were the most memorable cast member....how did you learn to sing like that!?!?

Anonymous said...

Is Nodesy really yours? does it really have magical musical theatre powers?

Griffen :) said...

Hey Blake!!!
I was wondering, what is your favorite part of the set? Many of the lovely pieces on the back wall are metaphors, I noticed. Which one is your favorite? The show was beautiful, I LOVED your performance as Moritz, and there aren't nearly enough words to explain how amazing it was!!! Love you, love the show, and good luck on the rest of the tour!!!!! Boston misses you!

Nicole said...

I am, while being a HUGE fan of spring awakening, possibly a HUGE-ER fan of lost. I was wondering who from the cast you'd most enjoy being stuck alone on an island with and why.

Googie said...

If you were stuck in the middle of nowhere for a week, which castmember would you want to be with and what one thing would you want to have with you?

Love, Googie

Googie said...

In your interview with Chirsty you mentioned that you didnt always sing.... when/how did you realize you could?


Googie said...

Did you play any sports growing up? Do you play any instrument?

Googie said...

What has been your most memorable stage door moment?

best wishes,

Googie said...

If you could choose one concert to go to, whose would it be? (from any time period)

Googie said...

You seem like a funny guy, do you have any good jokes you'd like to share? :D

Googie said...

Besides Spring Awakening, what ex-broadway show would you like to see be revived?

Irene from Guam said...

what's your pet peeve?
or biggest turn off?

Anonymous said...

i had a spring awakening related dream a couple nights ago and was wondering:
Do you ever dream about Spring Awakening?
if so please explain your dream :P

Love you Blake! :D

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Twitter? Do you love or fear the fan girls?

Pam from Indianapolis said...

Boxers or Briefs?

Madison said...

Backstage anecdote, if you please.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that you had read the origional version of Spring Awakening, what did you think of the diferences between your character Moritz in the play and in the musical?
p.s. I would love to see the spring awakening boys perform a version of 'the cell block tango' when you reach Chicago :p
London, England

Mary said...

Other than Spring Awakening, what is your favorite musical or play of all time?

Tiffany said...

Hi Blake! Thank you so much for talking to my friend over the phone in Seattle! We appreciated it a lot! You are so kind! My question is:

What can we expect from you in the future? Movies? TV Shows? More Musicals?

Anonymous said...

Hey Blake you're absolutely amazing! My question is....

What do you do in between Don't Do Sadness and Those You've Known? Do wish you were part of Totally Fucked?

Becca said...

Hi Blake,
I recently saw the tour and I saw you with Ben and Gabby before the show, and I pretended I did not see you. What do you say to fans who DO approach you, and what do you have to say to fans who don't have the courage?

griffen (from Boston) said...

Hey Blake,
I read in the interview that you did with Christy back in Kentucky that you read the original play version of Spring Awakening. If you could take any play or book and turn it into a musical, what would you choose? Who would be in it? Love the show and you as Moritz!!!

Anonymous said...


Terrific, of course. Question? Here ya go.

Cast hook ups. Dish. NOW!!

Anonymous said...

How do you achieve such awesomeness? Uh, I mean, how are you so perfect? or rather, HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!?!??!

Mia said...

Is the gun Moritz carries a real gun, and if not, how woould you feel if it were real?

By the way, you were amazing in the show!

Emily from VA said...

If you could spend a day with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it to be, and what would you talk about?

Anonymous said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. and I absolutely ADORE you. So, my question, I think, is very important. I love watching Extended Run and the Totally Trucked stuff on YouTube, and I've watched all the different cast members in the Cabarets, but I've NEVER SEEN YOU except for a group performance of something (like the song that Bitch of Living replaced). Why haven't you done a solo, or a duet, like almost everyone else has? Does this have something to do with your notorious camera shy-ness? Or just because you had the night off? Or...another reason?

Also, on the days you have off (I mean, when someone goes on for Moritz, and you just...relax...) do you ever just sit and watch the show as an audience member? Maybe see it from a different perspective? Or do you just go out and about and be awesome all by yourself? Just wondering...

Also...what's the weirdest/funniest/scariest thing that's ever happened onstage in the middle of the show? Like, a flub, an accident, started singing the wrong song? Anything like that?

Michael, Dallas, TX

Anonymous said...


Why aren't you on Facebook, or MySpace, but you are on Twitter? (That is you, right?)

Is it because you're shy? Wary of fangirls/boys? Don't want TOO much of your privacy invaded? LOL.

Keep staying awesome!!

Liz said...

Blake, what's it like sitting onstage when you're not doing a scene in Spring Awakening? <3

griffen from boston said...

Hi Blake!
Kyle wrote a song for Amanda. What celeb would you write a song for? Sing it for us?
Love you and the show!!!

Googie said...

Hey Blake,
Can you show us some of you best dance moves? Thanks! :D

Gabrielle said...

What songs do you listen to while working out?

Rozzie said...

Hey Blake!!

If you could be in any Broadway show, open or closed, what show would you want to be in, and who would you want to play?

(Note to whoever is interviewing Blake- my name is pronounced like Raw-zee, as opposed to Roh-zee.)

Rozzie said...

I have more-

Did you watch the Tony's? If so, what did you think of the outcomes?

What are some of your favorite movies? TV shows? Songs? Books?

Googie said...

Is there anyone or anything that inspried you growing up? Either inspired you to go into acting or inspried you to pursue your dreams?

Rebecca from Boston said...

I just wanted to start off by saying that I was lucky enough to see the show in Boston and you all gave truly moving performances in such a thought-provoking piece! I loved watching each character go through his or her own journey.

My question for Blake is what is the most challenging part of Spring Awakening for you? It can be a scene in the show or an aspect of being on tour--anything!

Another question for you is, if you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world who have influenced you in some way, either alive or deceased, who would you choose and why?

Thank you so much and break a leg!

Ember said...

Hey Blake!
I was wondering if you've always looked younger than your actual age and if you ever used it to your advantage in your lifetime? I mean,really, you don't look like your in your late twenties,but hey that's not a bad thing AT ALL.

On a side note:you are my favorite Moritz..ever.Your voice is PERFECT for the role.Kudos :D


Jillian said...

First, I wanted to say that you are absolutely amazing, and incredibly sweet and talented, and it was phenomenal to see how much you've grown as Moritz and as an actor since your debut on Broadway. <3

So, even after so much time with this show, I'm sure you still get nervous. How do you cope with the nerves?

Keep on rocking!

Griffen (from Boston) said...

Hi Blake!!!
I was wondering, can you do any accents? Show us?
The show was beautiful, you are fabulous, good luck on the rest of the tour!!!

Anonymous said...

hey chase. your performance in 'spring awakening' is whelming. at times i am overwhelmed. other times i am underwhelmed. overall, it's a not bad kind of decent satisfactory and sufficiently whelming experience. that said, the question begs to be asked: how do you keep such a delicate balance of whelm in your performance every night?

here is a ftw question, though, since i guess you deserve it: the marine corps are "always faithful". the coast guard is "always ready". paris hilton is "always open". what is your personal motto?

Zyking the TURTWIG said...

Do you like your toliet paper to roll over or under? 1-ply or 2-ply? What Brand?

Jamie said...

I've noticed that in every new city ya'll go to the cast does local press.

What is the question you get asked the most? And, what question would you like to put in retirement and never be asked again??

tammy said...

Hey Blake!

You are absolutely amazing!
You [and the rest of the cast] all make each performance unique. I notice something different and new each time. It never ceases to amaze me how you can all improve upon perfection!

OK, enough with the praise and adoration...
onto the questions!

Let's say that a Spring Awakening yearbook is being put together and it's time for you to place your vote. Who from the cast and/or band would be your picks from the following:
[Be sure to include yourself and feel free to add/change any categories.]

Biggest Flirt
Class Clown
Most Athletic
Biggest Nerd/Geek
Nicest Smile
Prettiest Eyes
Funniest Laugh
Best Dressed
Sweet as Candy
Cutest Couple


What was the first concert you ever went to and which concert was your favorite?

-Tammy from San Francisco

p.s. Please, oh please, stay with the tour until at least the end of the year! And I'm not saying that just because the show is returning to California in November. ;)

Georgia said...

What do you prefer, being a character actor in tv shows or doing movies?

Anonymous said...

have you ever smoked pot?

just wundrin...

griffen (from Boston) said...

Hey Blake!!!
The last time I saw the show, I sat onstage. Which got me thinking, do you guys ever people-watch the audience? If so, has there ever been someone particularly interesting? Something they did that stood out to you?
Love the show and you as Moritz!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Blake! You are so great in Spring Awakening and I really loved you in Bushwhacked. When you almost died I was like "Oh no!" but then you were rescued and I was like "Phew!" and then I was like "Aw" at the end of it 'cause I thought the ending was really good. I really related to that movie because I was in Boy Scouts when I was a kid. My question for you is:

How did you feel when you first began performing in this show, having taken over the character of Moritz from John Gallagher Jr.? Was it intimidating replacing a Tony-Award winner, especially one who was so popular and beloved within the fan community? Did you have a warm reception from the fans when you began, or did it take a while before you really felt comfortable with all of it?

googie said...

What made you decide to end your run on broadway and star touring with Spring awakening?

Googie said...

How did you hear about Spring Awakening? What attracted you to the show and what made you decide to try out?

Frankie from the UK said...

There seems to be an ongoing obsession with Urban Outfitters and armwarmers within the Spring Awakening cast. Are there any other current trends that you would like to share?

Nicole said...

If you could stay one age for the rest of your life, what age would that be and why?

What the thing you miss most about being away from home?

Michael said...

Dear Blake-ness,

other than tv and movies and theatre, have you ever done any commercials? i know a lot of child actors start out like that, so i was just curious.

Also...on your imdb, it says you appeared in an episode of Law and Order back in 1994. Well, that episode came on tv on Christmas morning, and i taped it and watched it three times---cause i couldn't find you. i didn't see you at all in the episode. did imdb get it wrong? or am i just blind?

thanks!! you are the absolute best!! (and you're so cute!)

griffen :) said...

hi blake!
So, when my friend and I went to see the show, it was extremely windy out, and we almost had multiple wardrobe malfunctions with our skirts. Has there ever been a wardrobe malfunction during a performance? How did you deal with it?
love you and the show!!!

Booty Nay-Nay said...

What do you do to help the environment?

Are you a vegetarian?

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it a little funny that most of the questions that people are asking you have been answered in interviews you gave or are either personal and therefore extremely disrespectful and out of line?

Nicole said...

Hey Blake!

Pleaaaaase stay in the tour long enough so that I can see Spring Awakening again when it comes back to California! I saw it way back when it was still in San Diego and I've been dying to see it again. I'm dragging my friends along this time because it's a must see.

Take care!

Anonymous said...


What's the ONE question you hope you NEVER get asked? And then...what's the answer to the question?

Hahaha. Thought that one might make you think.



Patti Lupone said...


Alyce Waves said...



Michelle said...

What are some of your favorite things to do in your hometown of Philly?

Anonymous said...

Blake, how did you find the inspiration for the emotional intensity of the character of Moritz. Coming from someone who had similar expereinces as Moritz, it's emotionally drianing for even a short length of time. Is it easier to jump back into your reality or do you have any special things to do to unwind out of that dark corner you have to delve into?

Anonymous said...

We've seen the travel day pictures, and you often have books. Do you have a specific author that you like and buy his/her books as soon as they come out? Any special genre that you prefer (i.e. fiction/nonfiction, subgenres from there)? As an avid reader myself, I'm always interested in seeing what other people are reading and looking for a good book! (Try the Fifth Vile by Michael Palmer!)

Anonymous said...


we've all seen you play a teenager recently in LOST, and of course, Moritz is supposed to be 14 or so. Since you just had your 28th birthday, I was wondering, since you still look so young, would you be opposed to continue playing a teenager or a much younger person than your actual age?

Or would you rather move on from that and start playing adult roles (like 30-ish or so)?

Michael said...


So I realize this is after the deadline, but it's not really a question, so...it kinda still counts.

I just wanted to say that I wish there were words that could aptly describe how I feel when I watch you on stage (or tv, or film) when you're acting, or when you're singing... it truly is remarkable considering that I, who have gone to college for theater, and have a degree in Theater, and have studied acting for almost a decade, that YOU, who, from what I've read, never went to school for acting, have such amazing INNATE TALENT.

You are a true inspiration to me, and I know to many fans out there that if they try, they can do it. You truly are my favorite young actor, and one of my favorite, period. I know that one day you'll be even more famous, and have any role you want, because you are THE most talented actor I've ever met.

Watching you perform gives me goosebumps every time, and when I hear you sing, I imagine that's what an earthquake feels like, because it honestly shakes me to the core.

Anyway...I don't mean to embarrass you, but I just wanted you to know how much you truly have inspired me.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

you are so memorable. i remember everything about the performance i saw of you when the show was still on broadway! i loved dds. that was the most memorable. because you were in it. you rock!

Anonymous said...


Emily S. said...

Why are you so camera shy?! You are the last person in the world that should be camera shy.

Larissa said...

If you were "lost" on a deserted island, what would be the one thing you couldn't surive without.

PS: Sorry for the corny play on words :)

Tori said...

Hey Blake,

I heard somewhere that John Gallagher Jr sometimes wore his Moritz hair on the subway when the show was off-broadway. Do you/have you ever worn your hair out like Moritz? If you have do people ever stare?

Anonymous said...

We saw in the 'San Diego Zoo' video how Kyle was acting all crazy and skipping in circles around you. Out of all the cast members you have met on the Spring Awakening tour, who had the most memorable first impression on you? Can you share some of stories of when you first met your cast members?

Kaitlin said...

many people say that you are very fashion forward (arm warmers!). Where are your favorite places to shop?

Scarlett said...

Are all these questions overwhelming you?

Jessica said...

Hey Blake! I think that you're pretty epic. I saw you in Cleveland and in Louisville, and they were both freaking awesome!

I was wondering, what was it like to work with the Olsen twins? I totally recognized you from that the first time a saw a picture of you!

Anonymous said...

From Bernard Pivot, and eventually James Lipton...

1. What is your favorite word?
2. What is your least favorite word?
3. What turns you on, creatively, emotionally, or spiritually?
4. What turns you off?
5. What is your favorite curse word?
6. What sound or noise do you love?
7. What sound or noise do you hate?
8. What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?
9. What profession would you absolutely not like to attempt?
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you reach the pearly gates?

Tara C. said...

HI Blake! I can't wait to see you play moritz. Anywho, You have been in theatre and tv; which do you enjoy more/

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